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Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 Absynthe AbsyntheGMod Workshop: 218,433 Not the Forgiving Kind in PAYDAY 2
2 SeedofPower SeedofPower 147,157 Marching as one in Cossacks 3
3 AllisonUnderland AllisonUnderland 141,528 Park In Autumn Complete! in Pixel Puzzles Ultimate
4 SpankyPie SpankyPieWaiting for my score... 100,549 Game, Settler, Match in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI
5 Pitupatu71 Pitupatu71 95,735 Starry Night in True or False
6 RodLima RodLima 95,481 Rush hour in MISSING: An Interactive Thriller - Episode One
7 azraeldestiny azraeldestiny 89,130 Lightning Assassin in Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II
8 markusfenix75 markusfenix75find me at 88,427 ...And the Dust Settles in Dust: An Elysian Tail
9 Onkel Henni Onkel HenniHanging around 77,359 Level 15 in Heroes Legends: Conquerors of Kolhar
10 Novelistic NovelisticWould Thou Kindly? 74,716 Thomas Edison in 7 Days to Die
11 L4DANathan L4DANathanThat RDR2 trailer was shit. And the Nintendo Switch trailer was fantastic. What alternate universe have I stumbled into? 73,794 Pass The Torch in Viscera Cleanup Detail
12 strunps strunps 72,073 Path to Nowhere in Insanity Clicker
13 KuWanTum KuWanTumIf you haven't picked up Candice DeBébé's Incredibly Trick Lifestyle this sale, shame on you! 65,345 Cast Member in BattleBlock Theater
14 daysocks daysocksCreeping upwards 62,322 Erty Explosed in Delicious! Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire
15 DeejBruce DeejBruceNew idea: Discord Server for the site. 59,706 Dust Map Veteran in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
16 TheShazbot TheShazbotI'm going to try and start all my games. Oh boy. 59,368 We Shape Our Tools in Warframe
17 EINSOF EINSOF 58,862 Magic Baby in 9th Dawn II
18 dAyKiLLeR dAyKiLLeR 57,879 Covenant: Mound-makers in DARK SOULS III
19 Lewa Lewa 54,645 Revengineering in Team Fortress 2
20 Brujeira Brujeira 52,547 Acceptable Losses in Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander
21 txster txster 52,241 Brushing Off The Dust in The Ball
22 akmgmer akmgmer 42,755 Far, Far Away... in Rocket League
23 Silverblade SilverbladeClick... click... click 42,612 The Hero Thomas Needs in Thomas Was Alone
24 sandypantscufc sandypantscufcTFW you don't realise big picture mode crashed and steam's not counting all the achievements you just picked up. Fingers crossed they'll pop later! =/ 40,121 Run Away in Elisa: The Innkeeper - Prequel
25 shadowbow7458 shadowbow7458 38,886 The beach in PERFECT ANGLE: The puzzle game based on optical illusions
26 Joshy JoshyGlad they added linking accounts on TSA. 35,669 Trifecta in Rocket League
27 the_bad_son the_bad_sonXbox & PSN I'm Badson42. Looking for some friends to play with on Steam and TrueSteamAchievements. 34,436 Brainiac in Highrise Heroes: Word Challenge
28 paulxx62 paulxx62 33,702 Reading is fundamental in Quest for Infamy
29 Goldfire64 Goldfire64 32,842 World's Best Kept Secret! in Dragon Ball XenoVerse
30 brathorst brathorst 32,174 A Case for War in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI
31 Veilor Veilor 31,024 Wonderwall in Sniper Elite 3
32 Ergo Me Smart Ergo Me SmartShoot-a Story has been Greenlit on Steam and I'll be at Insomnia 58 at the end of August showing off Grow in the Hole in the Indie Zone! 29,480 Lost Souls in Betrayer
33 mcnichoj mcnichoj 27,960 Jade, Go! in SMITE
34 MysticalShadow86 MysticalShadow86Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary WT is really, pretty darn good. 27,829 Bad Boy in Hard Reset Extended Edition
35 DJJohnDouglas DJJohnDouglasGRIND 26,907 Pride and Purpose in Game of Thrones - A Telltale Games Series
36 piperprinx piperprinx 23,768 Yes, master in The Book of Unwritten Tales 2
37 Infamous Geezer Infamous GeezerMultiplayer achieves? Check my to do list. 22,751 Up Close and Personal in DOOM
38 Bobbitto Bobbitto 22,287 For Old Time's Sake in Mafia III
39 taku_torch taku_torchI beat the true last boss of Crimzon Clover: World Ignition WOOO!! 21,366 No Tumbler Fumbler in Fallout: New Vegas
40 MissTaxi MissTaxi 21,157 One Flew Over... in The Darkness II
41 Adamavich Adamavich 20,660 Gray Goo in Crusaders of the Lost Idols
42 NitrousX NitrousXIn the middle of finishing Criminal Mastermind GTAV 19,512 Gotta Get Me One of These in DiRT Rally
43 kylzemol kylzemol 19,414 Challenger in WRC 6
44 _sling_ _sling_ 19,394 Breaking Free in Path of Exile
45 Kunzite508 Kunzite508 18,544 First Gold in 12 Labours of Hercules II: The Cretan Bull
46 Greenguy81 Greenguy81Lets see what the weekend brings ...... 18,303 Yuuki Just Friends in Summer Fling
47 Vince989 Vince989Super glad that this also exists now! :) 18,025 Powered Up in Marvel Heroes 2016
48 Guitarwolf Guitarwolf 17,339 Checking Inn in Tales of Zestiria
49 kwynn kwynn 16,703 Pachyphytum oviferum in Viridi
50 deutschZuid deutschZuiddeutschZuid won 223 Achievements in 12 games, for a total of 3,710 TrueSteamAchievement points. 16,288 Explorer in Lost Lands: A Hidden Object Adventure
51 Iron Fist of Snuff Iron Fist of SnuffOnly person on TSA to have unlocked an achievement in Niffelheim XD 15,547 It´s Over in Clustertruck
52 Dimmock DimmockRocket league is as fun as people told me it would be, I should have bought it sooner. 15,521 Pegasus Attack (Scout) in Warhammer 40000 : Eternal Crusade
53 teh real weasel teh real weasel 15,239 Discovered The Scrapyard in Borderlands
54 major_a_2015 major_a_2015 14,955 Mars Attacks in AdVenture Capitalist
55 werewolf8711 werewolf8711First to finish Emily Is Away. Oh boy? 14,549 Electro Time in Geometry Dash
56 CJRD CJRDGetting them (SA's?) on Halloween! 14,067 Game, Settler, Match in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI
57 GAMEAPP13 GAMEAPP13 14,024 Maid Of Honor in Crush Crush
58 Beachsushi Beachsushi 13,853 Perfectionist in Rise of the Tomb Raider
59 Volgore Volgore 13,712 Cold Pizza Eater in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
60 Fubl Fubl 13,264 Captain Lo-Gan in Shadow Warrior 2
61 Arkhane Arkhane 10,786 Freeholder in Plantera
62 gamerjet gamerjetIf anyone wants to play Age of Cavemen with me, my refferal code is: KSZKMPPPF 10,533 Chain Reactors V in Galaxy Control: 3D Strategy
63 Dan Dan 10,300 You've Made Your Points in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
64 dijonketchup dijonketchup 10,262 Written in the Clouds in BioShock Infinite
65 nifkinn nifkinnTime to crank up my steam completion percentage cause it's to cry for :p 9,890 First Step into Darkness in The Evil Within
66 Rhesileth Rhesileth 9,660 New Threads in Ultra Street Fighter® IV
67 countstex countstex 9,621 The Straight Dope in L.A. Noire
68 hellhoundsin hellhoundsin 9,574 Level 10 completed in Dungeon Escape
69 PBnJ PBnJ 9,308 Special Item: Strong Bad in Poker Night at the Inventory
70 lunatuna77 lunatuna77 9,259 Millionaire in Stardew Valley
71 Joe da Immortal Joe da ImmortalI haven't been an achievement whore in a while, but I still enjoy getting them. If you're up for multiplayer, send me an invite! :) 9,256 Optimal Run in Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages
72 Duke DukeGamerscore on PC? Yassss bitch 8,770 Digital Love in Crush Crush
73 duskhorrors duskhorrorsBioshock remastered is great 8,755 Sedum morganianum in Viridi
74 Snarf2934 Snarf2934Snarf2934 earned 1,232 achievements/trophies in 2015 for 22,133 GS/TXP/SA worth 31,732 TA/TT/TSA 8,711 Miku end in Everlasting Summer
75 TheSwords57 TheSwords57 8,651 Mourner in Clicker Heroes
76 chrisie81 chrisie81 8,538 Artistic Largesse in Project Highrise
77 Koding KodingLEGO completion #29 was done this morning! 8,479 Only the truth in One Thousand Lies
78 OvelhaOP OvelhaOP 7,958 Armed to the Teeth in PAYDAY 2
79 Death_and_Glory Death_and_GloryNow I have more incentive to get back into Counter Strike with buddies! 7,815 Diplomatic in PAYDAY The Heist
80 Jack Jack 7,659 Achievement for One in Thomas Was Alone
81 cormyre cormyrecormyre won 99 Achievements in 11 games, for a total of 1,425 TrueSteamAchievement points in 2015 7,532 Have Spacesuit - Will Travel in No Man's Sky
82 darkdemonia89 darkdemonia89 7,360 We need larger Glyptodon! in Age of Cavemen
83 Adusu AdusuSeems TSA gave up scanning me :'( 7,217 MP7 Expert in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
84 sencil83 sencil83 7,040 Benefits! in Empire TV Tycoon
85 Nognir Nognir 6,610 Short Memory in Insanity Clicker
86 TheIcemanSteameth TheIcemanSteamethDoubling down on PC gaming in 2016 6,551 Master Architect in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
87 wilsypoo wilsypooGoing to have to start playing for completions on here as well! 6,409 Inferno Map Veteran in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
88 ZackrSt ZackrSt 5,825 Aqualung in Subnautica
89 GR1N REAP3R GR1N REAP3RTrueAchievements REAP3R.htm 5,523 Monstros Tooth in The Binding of Isaac
90 DLC_Gamer DLC_Gamer 5,338 Virtual Reality in Knights of Pen and Paper 2
91 Thewowgang Thewowgang 5,296 Full House in Game Dev Tycoon
92 GrimmLAN13 GrimmLAN13The Mutants in Rage make some of the freakiest noises. 5,285 Dishonored in Dishonored
93 Mystic Typh00n Mystic Typh00nGreed Mode with The Lost....done? shock 5,078 GB Bug in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
94 silverstorm55 silverstorm55 4,963 Screamin' Sasquatch in Haunt the House: Terrortown
95 J_Pinder J_Pinder 4,910 Journeyman Fisher in Torchlight II
96 Presariofu PresariofuWhy are there not enough gaming hours in any one day? 4,738 Hope's Light in The Park
97 Jaffa_Cake_King Jaffa_Cake_King 4,239 Mixed Grill in DiRT Showdown
98 StancyBoy StancyBoy 4,086 We Trust You in Football Manager 2016
99 Sephirum SephirumAnd now I have a True reason to start playing my Steam games! ;) 3,892 Can See My House From Here in Borderlands 2
100 speedygamers901 speedygamers901BTD5 reset my rank from 70 to 52 just because I didn't finish the round... Stupid BTD5, just give me the rank... took me 3 hours to get their as well. 3,854 Winner in Bloons TD Battles