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Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 Absynthe AbsyntheGMod Workshop: 284,371 Drive-by in Call of Juarez: The Cartel
2 RodLima RodLima 199,198 Downward Spiral in The 39 Steps
3 antonuuu antonuuuPlaying Indie games! 165,236 Failed the Interview in Love in the Glen
4 SeedofPower SeedofPower 158,648 Hero of the Indians in Age of Empires II HD
5 AllisonUnderland AllisonUnderland 152,881 Astronaut Complete! in Pixel Puzzles Ultimate
6 Lewa Lewa~ 148,834 Gone Spelunking in Paladins
7 SpankyPie SpankyPieWaiting for my score... 131,084 Around the World in Renowned Explorers: International Society
8 Pitupatu71 Pitupatu71 127,049 Panda Master in ANIMALITY
9 strunps strunps 121,409 100 Kills in Motor Rock
10 ch0colatemilk ch0colatemilk6,000 achievement streak and going on 135 days... #winning 100,957 Growth of Thunder Girl_4 in Hell Girls
11 daysocks daysocksBack to the grind... 96,240 Mission Accomplished in Orion Trail
12 markusfenix75 markusfenix75find me at 86,925 ...And the Dust Settles in Dust: An Elysian Tail
13 KuWanTum KuWanTumIf you haven't picked up Candice DeBébé's Incredibly Trick Lifestyle this sale, shame on you! 78,892 in Zup! 3
14 Novelistic NovelisticWould Thou Kindly? 76,365 Reach Level 15 Gunslinger in Killing Floor 2
15 Onkel Henni Onkel HenniHanging around 75,831 Carder in Faerie Solitaire
16 L4DANathan L4DANathanThat RDR2 trailer was shit. And the Nintendo Switch trailer was fantastic. What alternate universe have I stumbled into? 74,054 Seriously Good at This in BioShock Remastered
17 EINSOF EINSOF 73,159 Cannon Skeet: Small Prize! in NVIDIA VR Funhouse
18 dAyKiLLeR dAyKiLLeR 66,970 Solo Mission in Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition
19 Karson178 Karson178 61,654 Opportunist in Time Clickers
20 TheShazbot TheShazbotin GTASC at TA - probably won't be scoring many points here. :( 61,607 Investment Banking in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI
21 DeejBruce DeejBruceNew idea: Discord Server for the site. 61,394 Killing in SUPERHOT
22 Volgore Volgore 59,614 Wearing a sombrero on the podium in Sébastien Loeb Rally EVO
23 Brujeira Brujeira 56,326 Chapter One Complete! in MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY
24 gtrmp gtrmp 56,262 Contract Assassin in HITMAN
25 txster txster 54,888 Recruit an Epic Mercenary in Clicker Heroes
26 Mataeus MataeusMostly gaming on the Xbox, and have given up on TF2 long ago - So that completion isn't going anywhere! 54,846 Kill 164 Infected in Pain Train
27 Silverblade SilverbladeClick... click... click 50,935 2,000 Levels For All in Crusaders of the Lost Idols
28 paulxx62 paulxx62Memo Don't play Clicker Heroes whilst on a 145 day achievement streak. Time to play some non cheevo games. 46,568 Mercenary Champion in Clicker Heroes
29 shadowbow7458 shadowbow7458 46,483 Saved as a Slave in Beauty Bounce
30 sandypantscufc sandypantscufcMan, I should've moved the PC into the living room earlier. Look at all the cheesemints I'm getting! 44,995 Boss destroyer VI in Shonen Idle Z
31 akmgmer akmgmer 42,154 Peak of my Popularity in RollerCoaster Tycoon World
32 Joshy JoshyGlad they added linking accounts on TSA. 37,686 Day Ruiner in Enter the Gungeon
33 Goldfire64 Goldfire64 36,304 The Nobel Prize in PAYDAY 2
34 Ergo Me Smart Ergo Me SmartShoot-a Story has been Greenlit on Steam and I'll be at Insomnia 58 at the end of August showing off Grow in the Hole in the Indie Zone! 34,347 Top of the Heap in SteamWorld Heist
35 the_bad_son the_bad_sonXbox & PSN I'm Badson42. Looking for some friends to play with on Steam and TrueSteamAchievements. 34,105 Cha-ching in American Truck Simulator
36 DJJohnDouglas DJJohnDouglasGRIND 33,726 Mind on the Money in Mount Blade: Warband
37 brathorst brathorst 33,114 Tablet Collector in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
38 Veilor VeilorHappy New Year everyone! Let's make TSA awesome in 2017! 31,104 Scrub in Clicker Guild
39 MysticalShadow86 MysticalShadow86So disappointed with RE7 and Capcom. 29,638 It's Not Just a Typewriter Brand in Alan Wake
40 mcnichoj mcnichoj 29,008 Bounty Hunter in Paladins
41 Death_and_Glory Death_and_GloryNow I have more incentive to get back into Counter Strike with buddies! 28,879 in Zup! 3
42 Kunzite508 Kunzite508 27,701 No Sweat in HOARD
43 Jack Jack 27,515 in Zup! 3
44 PuRe Pretzel PuRe PretzelCan't put Steam in the name but tell everyone to join 27,017 ^ in Zup! 3
45 piperprinx piperprinx 26,262 My Rifle is My Best Friend in Sniper Elite 4
46 Infamous Geezer Infamous GeezerMultiplayer achieves? Check my to do list. 25,217 From whence you came... in Magicka
47 Bobbitto Bobbitto 24,808 Locomancer in Path of Exile
48 kylzemol kylzemol 21,971 So much fun. in Survive in Space
49 taku_torch taku_torchDoge Game has been completed 21,801 Smashing! in Puzzle Quest 2
50 Vince989 Vince989Super glad that this also exists now! :) 21,448 Clotherer VIII in Shonen Idle Z
51 Adamavich Adamavich 20,918 Collect all Artifacts in Midas Gold Plus
52 NitrousX NitrousXIn the middle of finishing Criminal Mastermind GTAV 20,855 Still A Show-Off in Rocket League
53 Dan Dan 19,864 Spoils of War in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
54 _sling_ _sling_ 19,353 No burned village in Titan Quest Anniversary Edition
55 Greenguy81 Greenguy81Lets see what the weekend brings ...... 19,011 Complete your buildings in Midas Gold Plus
56 Iron Fist of Snuff Iron Fist of SnuffOnly person on TSA to have unlocked an achievement in Niffelheim XD 18,717 Company in Phoning Home
57 kwynn kwynn 18,661 Fenestraria aurantiaca in Viridi
58 GAMEAPP13 GAMEAPP13 18,063 Arcane Spoils in Total War: WARHAMMER
59 emcanedo emcanedo 18,014 Gladiator in Soda Dungeon
60 Guitarwolf Guitarwolf 17,442 <3 in Cave Story+
61 teh real weasel teh real weasel 16,145 Green Thumb in Shantae and the Pirate's Curse
62 deutschZuid deutschZuiddeutschZuid won 223 Achievements in 12 games, for a total of 3,710 TrueSteamAchievement points. 16,070 Rise from the dirt in The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav
63 werewolf8711 werewolf8711First to finish Emily Is Away. Oh boy? 15,954 Tabletop traveller in Drop Alive
64 Fubl Fubl 15,501 Big Smiles All Around in Sleeping Dogs
65 Dimmock DimmockRocket league is as fun as people told me it would be, I should have bought it sooner. 15,385 Crusher of Genestealer's assault strain in Space Hulk: Deathwing
66 major_a_2015 major_a_2015 14,543 Nightlife in Youtubers Life
67 gamerjet gamerjetIf anyone wants to play Age of Cavemen with me, my refferal code is: KSZKMPPPF 14,463 Enemy of the Turks in Age of Empires II HD
68 CJRD CJRDGetting them (SA's?) on Halloween! 14,224 Emperor's New Groove in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI
69 darkdemonia89 darkdemonia89.... 13,721 Last Hope in Medieval Defenders
70 Beachsushi Beachsushi 13,508 Prepare to Die! in DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2
71 Rhesileth Rhesileth 13,186 First Serious Task in Insanity Clicker
72 Arkhane Arkhane 12,386 Mars Attacks in AdVenture Capitalist
73 Joe da Immortal Joe da ImmortalI haven't been an achievement whore in a while, but I still enjoy getting them. If you're up for multiplayer, send me an invite! :) 12,107 Venom Fist in One Finger Death Punch
74 Duke DukeGamerscore on PC? Yassss bitch 11,681 Ophthalmologist in Serious Sam 3: BFE
75 hellhoundsin hellhoundsin 11,245 SHOW OFF in Redout
76 nifkinn nifkinnTime to crank up my steam completion percentage cause it's to cry for :p 10,622 Polarized in Life Is Strange
77 PBnJ PBnJ 10,448 The Main Man in Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure
78 dijonketchup dijonketchup 10,049 Written in the Clouds in BioShock Infinite
79 lunatuna77 lunatuna77 9,941 End of Game in Final Fantasy VII
80 countstex countstex 9,812 Builder in Banished
81 chrisie81 chrisie81 9,400 Champion in Gems of War
82 duskhorrors duskhorrorsBioshock remastered is great 9,162 Maid Of Honor in Crush Crush
83 TheIcemanSteameth TheIcemanSteamethBoy, oh boy. Just not sure I'm liking the Fallout 4 Nuka World DLC at all. 8,922 Raiding for a Living in Fallout 4
84 Tynaeve Tynaeve 8,689 The Bright Master in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
85 TheSwords57 TheSwords57 8,555 Mercenary Champion in Clicker Heroes
86 Snarf2934 Snarf2934Snarf2934 earned 1,232 achievements/trophies in 2015 for 22,133 GS/TXP/SA worth 31,732 TA/TT/TSA 8,445 Dragonslayer in Dragon Quest Heroes Slime Edition
87 OvelhaOP OvelhaOP 7,925 Defender Initiate in Dungeon Defenders II
88 cormyre cormyrecormyre won 99 Achievements in 11 games, for a total of 1,425 TrueSteamAchievement points in 2015 7,544 Feels Like The First Time in Borderlands 2
89 sencil83 sencil83 7,430 Triumph! in AdVenture Capitalist
90 nascimentosousa nascimentosousaRock and Game! 7,390 Bola Expert in Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna)
91 Adusu AdusuSeems TSA gave up scanning me :'( 7,219 MP9 Expert in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
92 Nognir Nognir 7,055 The Great AdVenture! in AdVenture Capitalist
93 TrueSteam TrueSteamGoogle image search "King of Sweden" smile 6,957 in Zup! 3
94 Thewowgang Thewowgang 6,523 Trying something new in Wallpaper Engine
95 wilsypoo wilsypooGoing to have to start playing for completions on here as well! 6,406 Knife Expert in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
96 ZackrSt ZackrSt 6,223 Zone Explorer in Clicker Heroes
97 GrimmLAN13 GrimmLAN13The Mutants in Rage make some of the freakiest noises. 5,654 Muerte la robo-lución in Borderlands
98 GR1N REAP3R GR1N REAP3RTrueAchievements REAP3R.htm 5,410 Monstros Tooth in The Binding of Isaac
99 DLC_Gamer DLC_Gamer 5,193 Bunfortunate in I am Bread
100 MineralSpirit MineralSpirit 5,142 Clicking Sensei in Clicker Guild