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Thread Boosting And Matchmaking
Forum for organising boosting sessions or online tournaments
278 440 Re: Boosting Gaming Session for Valentino Rossi The Game
by TrueSteam today at 02:47
Thread Game Discussion
Forum to discuss specific games - ALL threads MUST be associated with a game This forum has 718 sub-forums
811 833 Getting the achievements...
by Isaactehsuck today at 06:33
Thread The Bargain Bin
Forum for discussing where to pick up cheap deals This forum has 1 sub-forum
28 63 Re: Free Game/DLC/apparel codes to GIVE away!...That means NO requesting, SRSLY
by Mataeus on 25 Mar at 20:30

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Thread Bug Reports
Found something that doesn't work right? Let us know and we'll fix it
260 277 Re: Post here to request a Full ReScan
by TiCyrillou yesterday at 07:42
Thread Game Info Submission
Board where Game Info Submissions are auto-posted. You cannot start threads in this board - please use the Game Info submission button under the Game Image on the Game Page This forum has 132 sub-forums
333 478 Missing Translation - Achievement Flag submissions
by TrueSteam on 24 Mar at 00:21
Thread Game Information
Forum for discussion and submission of game information
4 31 Re: Games with missing achievements
by Flippol today at 04:38
Thread Investigations Questions
Question for the Investigations Team? Please remember to keep posts civil, abusive posts can result in loss of posting privileges. Posts in this forum can be read by anyone on the site. Please do not attempt to hijack a thread by posting information not relevant to the original post, start a new thread instead.
13 22 Re: Account set to Tracking removal
by on 26 Feb at 09:02
Thread Pro Account Holders
Forum for Pro Account holders to give feedback on early access features.
1 3 Re: Redirected to true trophies after payment
by Craphex on 06 Jan at 14:48
Thread Site Help
Got something you don't understand? Need to know how something works? Ask here and we'll do our best to help you
85 87 Re: Easy Achievements Question?
by TiCyrillou on 24 Mar at 13:48
Thread Site Wishlist
Got some ideas about how to make the site better? Post them here
71 89 Re: Add some possibilities in 'Easy achievements' Filters
by TiCyrillou on 20 Mar at 10:29
Thread Site Wishlist Archive
Site Wishlist Archive
17 17 Re: Achievement Tags
by DaveKinetic on 17 Jan at 05:20
Thread The TrueSteamAchievements Podcast
Forum for discussing the TrueSteamAchievements Podcast - show feedback and new ideas
1 3 Re: TSA podcast?
by FearItself on 21 Jan at 22:48
Thread Walkthroughs
Forum for discussing game walkthroughs
2 8 Re: Are we able to post Walkthroughs yet?
by M0j0s_d0j0 on 29 Jan at 11:10

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Thread Community News
News for and about the community. Only TSA Newshounds can start threads here.
2 27 Re: TrueSteam Achievement Flags and Submissions
by Milouze on 25 Jan at 19:37
Thread Contests
Forum for contests run on TrueSteamAchievements
15 108 Re: Winner: Two Tickets for PC Gamer Weekender in London
by Neuman81 on 10 Feb at 16:05
Thread Editorials and Features
Forum for Editorials and other News Features
1 1 TGN First Impression: Feist
by Eurydace on 20 Dec 16 at 12:56
Thread Gaming News
All the latest Steam and gaming news. Only TSA Newshounds can post in this forum.
1,389 1,603 Double Civilization Scenario Pack Coming Soon to Sid Meier’s Civilization VI
by Jambonium on 22 Mar at 12:30
Thread Industry News
News about the Industry itself, as opposed to a specific game. Only TSA Newshounds can start threads here.
0 0
Thread Site News
Forum to discuss TSA news items. Only TrueSteamAchievement can post here
13 67 Re: Related Achievements and Trophies Panel
by TheLurkingWriter on 08 Feb at 14:31
Thread TrueSteamAchievements Polls
Forum for our TrueSteamAchievement Polls Only TSA Staff can create polls here.
1 2 Re: How should we handle disabled achievements?
by TiCyrillou on 13 Dec 16 at 13:32

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Thread The Debating Chamber
Forum for intelligent debate on possibly controversial topics related to gaming
3 6 Fix for offline achievements not unlocking
by Morningstar42 on 23 Jan at 02:18

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