Legends of IdleOn - Idle MMO Achievements

Here is the full list of all 61 Legends of IdleOn - there are Idle MMO achievements.

  • The Sculpture Within

    Buy the Sculpting Tools so you can craft the town table

  • Down by the Desert

    Reach the 2nd world, where there's lots of sand... I hate sand...

  • Snowy Wonderland

    Reach world 3, the coolest world in the game!

  • Rookie Player

    You've done better than people who ditch after a few hours!

  • Average Player

    You're easily in the top 50% of players now!

  • Elite Player

    You've done better than most of my IRL friends who totally exist and aren't made up!

  • Veteran Gamer

    You're easily in the top 5% now, that's something to be proud of maybe kind of!

  • Legendary Gamer

    Your level is so massive it needs three digits! Just 4 more and you'll have a phone number!

  • Small Savings

    10,000 copper coins worth, that's enough to buy 1400 nomwiches!

  • Retirement Fund

    1,000,000 copper coins worth, that's enough to buy almost 91,000 rolls of Cue Tape!

  • Large Fortune

    100,000,000 copper coins worth, that's enough to buy 3.8 million hot dogs!

  • Guild Member

    Contribute 500 GP to your guild, proving you aren't that kid in the school project who lets others do everything!

  • Guild Higher-Up

    Contribute 3000 GP to your guild, putting yourself above fellow members who only have the 500 GP achievement!

  • Guild Top Dawg

    Contribute 20000 GP to your guild, which means your probably the best bow-wow in your guild!

  • Another Me!

    Create your 2nd character, who will probably never be as good as your 1st character.

  • More and More Me!

    Create your 4th character, who will never appreciate the struggle the earlier characters went through from having no family bonus stats.

  • A Family of Me!

    Create your 8th character, who will never get the love and affection you gave your first few characters when making new characters was still special

  • Do What You're Told

    Complete 25 Quests on a single character. They're called Quests but they're more like chores tbh

  • Bending over Backward to Help

    Complete 75 Quests on a single character. Seriously these are just errands the NPC's didn't wanna do.

  • Simpin' for NPC's

    Comlete 150 Quests on a single character. The name speaks for itself.

  • Card Collector

    Collect 10 unique cards. Who knows you may even get a Baba Yaga Rookie Card!

  • Card Enthusiast

    Collect 30 unique cards. If u wanna trade I got some spare Amarok cards!

  • Card Dude

    Collect 120 unique cards. This basically makes you like, THE guy who does the card stuff!

  • Anvil Expansion

    Craft the Anvil II expander. More things to craft, yay!

  • Anvil Expansion Again

    Craft the Anvil III expander. More things to craft, again, yay!

  • Boss Buster

    Defeat the big poop and the giant house with legs!

  • Demon Demolisher

    Defeat the big hourglass and the toilet paper guy!

  • Spike Minigame Master

    If u love me let me go... erm, I mean get a score of 13 in the Spike Minigame

  • Tree Top Dropout

    Reach the top of the Giant Tree, then jump off... wait no don't do that last part.

  • Minecart Master

    Get a score of 103+ in the Mining Minigame, beating the Developer's score!

  • Choppin' to the Beat

    Get a score of 141+ in the Choppin' Minigame, beating the Developer's score!

  • Fishing Finesse

    Get a score of 67+ in the Fishing Minigame, beating the Developer's score!

  • Catching Coronation

    Get a score of 128+ in the Catching minigame, beating the Developer's score!

  • Crystal Beatdown

    Defeat your first Crystal Monster! These have a 1 in 2000 chance to spawn each time you defeat a normal monster.

  • Crystal S-S-S-Suuuper Slam

    Defeat 100 Crystal Monsters! This could go a couple rounds...

  • Crystal Championship Bout

    Defeat 2000 Crystal Monsters to become the Heavyweight Champion of IdleOn!

  • Bad Doggy!

    Defeat Amarok on Chaotic Difficulty. He's all bark and... well, all bite too honestly.

  • Dumbo the Destroyer

    Defeat Efaunt on Chaotic Difficulty. Watch out for his new kick attack, and for all his old attacks since they're still deadly!

  • Pro Gamer Move

    You kept the tutorial oil you get from the goblin?? You sneaker little gamer you!

  • Peanut Pioneer

    You gave up all those peanuts just for a secret class... was it really worth it?

  • Meel Time!

    Shake it! To the left, to the left! Oh yea!!!

  • Meet the Dev

    Hey, it was super cool to meet you gamer! Well, unless you called me LavaLame2, then it wasn't and I hate u :3 (Note - This achievement will also complete itself if you complete all other achievements)

  • Part 1: Learn to Forge

    Complete Glumlee's part of the Main Questline

  • Part 2: Learn to Entertain

    Complete the Picnic Stowaway's part of the Main Questline

  • Part 3: Learn to Translate

    Complete Stiltzcho's part of the Main Questline

  • Classy!

    Choose one of the 3 starting classes, since like there are only 3 starting classes and not 4.

  • Sleepy Gamer

    Claim 100 hours of AFK Gains. That's like 4 days and a side of fries.

  • Slumbering Gamer

    Claim 2000 hours of AFK Gains. That's like 3 months but not really cuz u have multiple characters.

  • Comatose Gamer

    Claim 30,000 hours of AFK gains. That's like 2 years, but again it's really more like 2 months cuz you have so many peeps in ur squad.

  • Hibernating Gamer

    Claim 111,000 hours of AFK gains. Jeez, ok that's like an entire year, even with all your character idling to the max lol

  • My First Trophy!

    Equip any trophy. Well, almost any trophy, limited-time trophies don't count.

  • Mythical Gamer

    Your level has reached a point where people debate whether or not it is possible!

  • Big Mobs, eek!

    Defeat 5 Giant Monsters. You'll learn about these at the Prayer Rock in the Frostbite Tundra town.

  • Powdered Neutronium

    Rank up the Explosive Combustion refinery chamber to rank 2.

  • There Can Be Only One

    Beat wave 50 of Wakawaka War without using more than 1 of any specific tower type. So just 1 boulder, 1 freeze, etc...

  • Blurple Skull

    Get a Dementia Skull or higher on every mob within World 3 in the Deathnote feature. I probably don't have to specify "or higher" here lol

  • A Most Nice Sale

  • Mutant Massacrer

    Defeat both mutant Minibosses: The Dilapidated Slush of World 3, and the Mutated Mush of World 4.

  • Lv.5 Nothing..?

  • Petless

    Trash 2500 pets. How could you be so heartless, so cold...

  • Milky Wayfarer

    Reach World 4, the purple world with all the space stuff and things!

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