American Truck Simulator Achievements

Full list of all 70 American Truck Simulator achievements. It takes around 30-35 hours to unlock all of the achievements in the base game on Windows.

The base game contains 17 achievements, and there are 10 DLC packs containing 53 achievements.

  • Cheers!

    Deliver cargo from all 3 vineyards in California

    1 guide
  • Warming Up

    Drive 10,000 miles during deliveries

  • Rig Master

    Buy your own truck

  • Company Collector

    Perform deliveries for at least 15 different companies

  • High Five

    Complete a perfect delivery (no damage, no fines, in-time) for a job that is at least 600 miles

    1 guide
  • Cha-Ching

    Earn $100,000 delivering cargos

  • Final Makeover

    Fully upgrade one of your garages

  • Not a Problem

    Successfully park a trailer at a delivery point

    1 guide


4.83905336 (37%)

Heavy Cargo Pack

4.83967189 (20%)
Heavy Cargo Pack
  • Time for Big Hauling

    Deliver first Heavy Cargo Pack job (requires Heavy Cargo Pack DLC)

  • How Heavy Am I?!

    Use truck scale or weigh station with gross vehicle weight of at least 175,000 lbs (requires Heavy Cargo Pack DLC)

    1 guide
  • Heavy, but Not Bull in a China Shop!

    Complete a perfect delivery (no damage, no fine, in-time) of a cargo from the Heavy Cargo Pack which is at least 1,000 miles long (requires Heavy Cargo Pack DLC)

  • Bigger Cargo, Bigger Profit

    Earn $100,000 on 5 consecutive Heavy Cargo Pack deliveries (requires Heavy Cargo Pack DLC)

  • I Thought This Should Be Heavy?!

    Complete a delivery of all heavy cargoes in American Truck Simulator (requires Heavy Cargo Pack DLC)


New Mexico

4.70536172 (32%)20-25 h
New Mexico
  • The Land of Enchantment

    Discover every city in New Mexico (requires New Mexico DLC)

  • Truck Stop Tour

    Visit all large truck stops and rest stops in New Mexico (requires New Mexico DLC)

  • Forest Shortcut

    Discover shortcut through the forest (requires New Mexico DLC)

  • 1881

    Drive by the Billy The Kid Museum (requires New Mexico DLC)

    1 guide
  • Sky Delivery

    Deliver cargo to An-124 depot (requires New Mexico DLC)

    1 guide

Special Transport

4.80524122 (23%)
Special Transport
  • Size Matters

    Successfully deliver a Special Transport DLC mission with no damage and on time (requires Special Transport DLC)

  • Go Big or Go Home

    Complete deliveries on all oversize routes in current map (requires Special Transport DLC)

    1 guide
  • Get (to) the Chopper!

    Successfully deliver a Helicopter Special Transport DLC mission with no damage and on time (requires Special Transport DLC)

  • One, Two, Three - Breathe!

    Successfully deliver an Air Conditioning Complex Special Transport DLC mission with no damage and on time (requires Special Transport DLC)

  • Big in America!

    Deliver all Special Transport DLC cargoes (requires Special Transport DLC)

  • Your Dumper Has Arrived!

    Deliver all three parts of a disassembled dumper: Haul Truck Hull, Huge Tyres, Haul Truck Chassis (requires Special Transport DLC)

  • Home Sweet Home

    Successfully deliver a Turnkey House Special Transport DLC mission with no damage and on time (requires Special Transport DLC)



4.83332130 (39%)20-25 h
  • The Beaver State

    Discover every city in Oregon (requires Oregon DLC)

  • Uplifting

    Travel across the New Youngs Bay Bridge (requires Oregon DLC)

    1 guide
  • Lumberjack

    Deliver cargo from all timber harvest sites in Oregon (requires Oregon DLC)

    1 guide
  • Travel Oregon

    Discover following landmarks of Oregon: Crater Lake, Crooked River Gorge, Thor's Well and Yaquina Head Lighthouse (requires Oregon DLC)

    1 guide
  • Cabbage to Cabbage

    Complete a delivery of vegetables over Cabbage Hill (requires Oregon DLC)

    1 guide


4.50384124 (32%)
  • The Evergreen State

    Discover every city in Washington (requires Washington DLC)

  • Steel Wings

    Deliver a cargo to an aerospace company in Washington (requires Washington DLC)

    2 guides
  • Keep Sailing

    Deliver a boat to a marina in Washington (requires Washington DLC)

  • Terminal Terminus

    Deliver a cargo to both port terminals in Washington (requires Washington DLC)

  • Seattle Mole

    Drive through both Seattle tunnels (requires Washington DLC)

  • Ferry Tales

    Use a ferry to cross the water (requires Washington DLC)

  • Over the Top

    Drive through the forest road to timber harvest in Bellingham (requires Washington DLC)

  • Travel Washington

    Visit Mount St. Helens, Grand Coulee Dam, Mount Rainier (requires Washington DLC)


Forest Machinery

4.67194127 (65%)
Forest Machinery
  • Logged-In

    Complete delivery of all Forest Machinery DLC cargoes (requires Forest Machinery DLC)

  • Leave No Branch Behind!

    Complete a perfect delivery (no damage, no fines, in-time) of at least 3 Forest Machinery DLC jobs (requires Forest Machinery DLC)



4.6718382 (45%)
  • Beehive State

    Discover every city in Utah (requires Utah DLC)

  • This One Is Mine!

    Visit all mines & quarries in Utah (requires Utah DLC)

  • It's Something

    Find a sign that says "nothing" (requires Utah DLC)

  • Some Like It Salty

    Take a job from each company located in Salt Lake City (requires Utah DLC)

  • Pump It Up

    Deliver 5 frac tank trailers to any oil drilling site in Utah (requires Utah DLC)



4.7525566 (26%)8-10 h
  • Gem State

    Discover every city in Idaho (requires Idaho DLC)

  • Grown in Idaho

    Complete five deliveries of potatoes from Idaho farms (requires Idaho DLC)

  • Along the Snake River

    Complete perfect deliveries (no damage, no fines, on time) between the following cities: Kennewick - Lewiston; Boise - Twin Falls; Twin Falls - Pocatello; Pocatello - Idaho Falls. Any order or direction counts (requires Washington and Idaho DLCs)

  • The Director

    View cutscenes of all the sightseeing spots in Idaho (requires Idaho DLC)

  • 45th Parallel

    Visit 45th parallel in Idaho - a halfway between the Equator and the North Pole (requires Idaho DLC)



4.5011718 (15%)
  • The Centennial State

    Discover every city in Colorado (requires Colorado DLC)

  • Million Dollar Highway

    Drive along this famously scenic and thrilling section of the U.S. 550 in Colorado (requires Colorado DLC)

  • Cruising High Below

    Drive through the Eisenhower-Johnson Memorial Tunnel, the highest point on the US Interstate Highway System, in both directions (requires Colorado DLC)

  • Energy From Above

    Deliver a Tower and Nacelle to both Vitas Power wind turbine construction sites in Colorado (requires Colorado DLC)

  • Gold Rush

    Deliver 10 loads to or from the NAMIQ company at the gold mine in Colorado (requires Colorado DLC)

  • Up and Away

    Complete 10 deliveries to Denver Airport (requires Colorado DLC)

  • Four Corners

    Visit the famous Four Corners Monument that marks where the states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah meet (requires Colorado DLC)