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    Are you ready for an over the top adventure?
    American Truck Simulator (ATS) is the new title of the simulation created by SCS Software, which makes us live an adventure with our truck all around breath-taking landscapes and well-known places in USA. While you are travelling you will see the most famous architecture, for example The Golden Gate in San Francisco or the famous casino or hotel in Las Vegas. ATS is expanding more and more and this shows how SCS Software cares about making its product dynamic.
    The Golden Gate is really awesome!The Golden Gate is really awesome!
    We will play the part of a truck driver and we will travel on roads and highways with different sceneries in the background, such as desert, little populated areas or very busy metropolis. The unpublished system of event available for everybody and everywhere, thanks to the 1.29 upgrade, makes our adventure more interesting. It randomly creates accidents, parked cars and construction by the roadside or in the highway, reducing available lanes and blocking in cars, including out truck. Be careful when you are travelling because the police are always around the corner!
    The eighteen star-spangled trucks distinguish themselves from European trucks thanks to longer semi-trailer.The eighteen star-spangled trucks distinguish themselves from European trucks thanks to longer semi-trailer.
    Moreover, the fine collection system has become stricter than it was in the past, both because of the increase of the amount of money you have to pay if you exceed speed limitations, if you go right through red lights or if you cause accidents, and above all because patrol cars, which could normally drive through traffic or be hidden behind buildings or billboards, can give you a ticket at any stage; this makes the player pay attention to speed limitations, which vary according to each state.
    Respect road traffic rules.
    Downloading different mods of ATS makes the game limitless. It is better carrying the cargo of a real company than that of whatchamacallit, am I right?Downloading different mods of ATS makes the game limitless. It is better carrying the cargo of a real company than that of whatchamacallit, am I right?
    ATS natively supports mods and communities, considering that the game engine is the same as Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS 2) and this has made many changes be able to replace the lack of official trucks and has made the game more realistic and longer-living. In ATS you will also find a managerial section in which you can purchase your truck (getting into debts with a bank, if it is necessary), customizing it according to your tastes and you can also choose among a list of several interesting jobs dedicated to those who have decided to freelance.

    But that’s not all… you can also hire drivers, purchase other trucks and create a big machine which can make you earn a lot of money. At this stage you could also purchase warehouses and expand your business in other cities. Moreover, your driver can increase his level and get experience scores which you could use in different sectors, such as fragile or luxury goods, trafficking length, special transports (e.g. explosive) and rush deliveries.

    The degree of difficulty has been raised thanks to more sophisticated roads, above all those which have 2 lanes and where coaster-like rolling or turns make the player change gear, speed up and slow down very often. This happens above all when you meet longer trailers than they were before, so that also a veteran of this saga needs some time to get used to the driving of these new means and to park them. Actually, it is possible to choose the difficulty of this latter: normal or expert. In the normal version the maneuvers which are necessary are on the same level of ETS 2, in the expert version it becomes more and more difficult because you are required to park your trailer in little areas and overcome obstacles.
    Parking your trailer in restricted area will not be easy!Parking your trailer in restricted area will not be easy!
    ATS is a title in which developers have focused more on quality than on quantity of contents. For those who have experienced ETS 2 this could be a negative point, however the realism takes advantage of it and shows places and situations which are always different. I suggest that both those who experienced its predecessor and those who are neophytes buy this game.

    - World of Trucks
    - TruckersMP
    - ATS mods

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    02 May 2017
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    Short review?

    I wasn't very interested in Euro Truck Simulator at all, but so far with a skinned version Euro Truck to make American Truck Simulator, I have to say it's pretty fun and I'm loving it. It brings out the inner kid out of you when playing this because it feels like your playing on one of those mat floor city maps.

    Workshop support; cab skins, trailer skins and other add-ons.

    Red light stop bars? If you pass the stop bar by accident, you get fined.

    Police? If a police car is on the other side of the highway and your speeding, you get fined.

    AI? The car AI are stupid. They randomly press their brakes when they don't need to like old people in real life. Why?

    World of Trucks? Online support, statistics and get custom missions.

    Note: If you want to play with friends or go Online. You need to download 'Truckers MP.'

    I would say, I'd love to support this game further long. But someone stated that all future states will cost money individually? Why? Why not have a State Pass so you can pay a one time fee for all the states? Paying for each one is pretty ridiculous. I can easily pay $20 for the State Pass and nothing more at this time.

    TL;TR - Workshop support, red light stop bars are stupid, car AI are stupid, police are stupid, it has World of Trucks support and it needs a State Pass, but overall, it's a fun game for the 3 States it currently has.