15. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Angola-Zaire Border Region

You'll be able to freely touch down in Africa after finishing Main Ops 13. You should only do so after you do more main missions, because doing some more work will make traversing Africa a bit easier, like extracting more interpreters, for example. You should also try to put capture cages down so you can work on finding some rare animals while you're working through these areas.

Bampeve Plantation

It can be very hard to sneak into the plantation from the eastern road, but that's where you'll find the anti-air radar. You can find blueprints for the Uragan-5 inside a tent at the northern end of the plantation, and there's a music tape in a building a bit north of that. The delivery point's location is a bit odd, because on the map it looks like the middle of the plantation; guards stop moving past the middle as it progresses down the road to the southwest, so it may or may not be at the edge of the plantation's actual location. Either way, look for it around the halfway point on the map to find it.

Mission Unlocks
Music Tape: Midnight Mirage (Soundtrack)Radio
Blueprint: Uragan-5Northern Tent
Emblem Part [Word: Drebin]Clear Outpost
Delivery PointMiddle of Plantation
Anti-Air RadarEastern Road Entrance

Ditadi Abandoned Village

Move upwards to the top of the hill one way or another until you get to the top, where you'll find a music tape and some blueprints. There's a delivery point on the road as it bends to the north as well, and the anti-air radar is nearby and within sight.

Mission Unlocks
Music Tape: Dancing With Tears in My Eyes (Ultravox)Radio
Blueprint: G44Top of Hill (Tent)
Emblem Part [Word: Old]Clear Outpost
Delivery PointRoad Leading North
Anti-Air RadarNear Delivery Point

Kiziba Camp

Despite the camp's large size, there aren't as many soldiers as you'd expect there to be while free roaming. The southwest end of the camp is where you'll find the anti-air radar and a music tape. Inside of a wooden building a bit north of these are some blueprints to pick up. The delivery point for this outpost is also nearby, but it's more southeast than southwest.

Mission Unlocks
Music Tape: Too Shy (KajaGooGoo)Radio
Blueprint: Stun GrenadeWooden Building in Southwest
Emblem Part [Word: Guns of]Clear Outpost
Delivery PointSoutheast Corner
Anti-Air RadarSouthwest Corner

Kungenga Mine

Kungenga Mine is a very large place with lots of buildings to search. If you get caught at all, you'll find it very hard to continue through the mine. Fortunately, most of the buildings around the crater contain only resources. You can find a delivery point at the northern edge of the crater, and on the eastern edge is the anti-air radar and a music tape. Walk down the wooden path to the right of the entrance to the mine and then look in a tent for some unique blueprints. It should be the first tent you come across.

Mission Unlocks
Music Tape: True (Spandau Ballet)Radio
Blueprint: Macht 37Southern Tent
Emblem Part [Word: Dwarf]Clear Outpost
Delivery PointNorthern Edge of Crater
Anti-Air RadarEastern Edge of Crater

Lufwa Valley

The location here refers to the mansion, which has a cassette tape and set of blueprints inside. All you have to do outside is find the delivery invoice. That's all there really is to say; it's just a big mansion.

Mission Unlocks
Music Tape: Friday I'm In Love (The Cure)Radio
Blueprint: Brennan LRS-46Inside Mansion
Emblem Part [Word: Patriots]Clear Outpost
Delivery PointNorthwest of Mansion

Masa Village (Bwala ya Masa)

The delivery point is at the southern tip of the village, which is probably where you'll be starting from when you come here to raid the place. There's a radio with a music tape in it at the northern end of the village as well.

Mission Unlocks
Music Tape: How 'bout them zombies ey? (Soundtrack)Radio
Key Item: First Aid ManualSouthern House
Emblem Part [Word: Paradise]Clear Outpost
Delivery PointSouth Road

Mfinda Oilfield

You can find some material containers around the eastern entrance. You can get an invoice there as well, and a music tape is inside of the nearby buildings; blueprints are in the other of the two buildings here. The anti-air radar is more to the west, and is inside the oilfield's walls.

Mission Unlocks
Music Tape: Quiet Life (Japan)Radio
Blueprint: Kabarga-83Eastern Side (Building)
Emblem Part [Word: Snatcher]Clear Outpost
Delivery PointEastern Entrance
Anti-Air RadarWestern Entrance

Munoko ya Nioka Station

The delivery point, anti-air radar, and music tape are all in the center of this outpost. The blueprints for a D-Walker flamethrower are here too, but they're in a building.

Mission Unlocks
Music Tape: All the Sun Touches (Soundtrack)Radio
Blueprint: FlamethrowerBuilding (Middle of Station)
Emblem Part [Word: Eater]Clear Outpost
Delivery PointMiddle of Station
Anti-Air RadarMiddle of Station

Ngumba Industrial Zone

The Ngumba Industrial Zone is specific to one of the main missions and lacks any collectibles.

Nova Braga Airport

The anti-air radar, delivery point, AND blueprint are all on the western side of the airport. The delivery point is in the southwest corner, while the other two are near and inside the largest building on the left. There are lots of materials containers at the southwest and northeast corners, so be sure to take those before leaving. On the east side of the airport are some buildings that only have open doors on their second floors, which are always reached by walking up a staircase. Inside one of the rooms in these buildings is a radio with a song playing in it.

Mission Unlocks
Cassette Tape: Enemy EliminatedLargest Building (West)
Music Tape: Gloria (Laura Branigan)Radio
Blueprint: UN-AAMLargest Building (West)
Emblem Part [Word: 893]Clear Outpost
Delivery PointSouthwest Corner
Anti-Air RadarOutside Largest Building (West)

01 Kiziba Camp, NW Guard Post

There usually isn't much of interest at guard posts. This one actually has some blueprints, but you can find these exact same blueprints in other specific locations in Africa.

Mission Unlocks
Blueprint: UN-AAMNorthwest Building
Emblem Part [Word: Tengu]Clear Outpost

02 Kungenga Mine, NE Guard Post

Nothing of particular interest here. Just tranq the soldiers, get the emblem part, and continue onwards.

Mission Unlocks
Emblem Part [Word: Commandos]Clear Outpost

03 Bampeve Plantation, SE Guard Post

Not much to do here but clear the place at least once. Doing so will give you the only noteworthy reward you can earn from this guard post.

Mission Unlocks
Emblem Part [Word: Shell]Clear Outpost

04 Bampeve Plantation, SW Guard Post

There are a fair amount of soldiers and two resource containers here. You can find blueprints for the UN-AAM in a tent, but these blueprints exist in a lot of other places as well.

Mission Unlocks
Blueprint: UN-AAMWithin Outpost
Emblem Part [Word: Adam]Clear Outpost

05 Ditadi Abandoned Village, NE Guard Post

You can find about five soldiers here, and all there is to do here is to wipe the place out for the emblem word.

Mission Unlocks
Emblem Part [Word: EVA]Clear Outpost

06 Masa Village, North Guard Post

Nothing here but some soldiers and loose change resources. You won't have to stay here for very long.

Mission Unlocks
Emblem Part [Word: Mama]Clear Outpost

07 Kungenga Mine, West Guard Post

When entering from the south, the first major item you'll come across will be the blueprint in one of the first buildings up the hill. You may have gotten this one before, however. The other significant things here are material containers, all of which are processed.

Mission Unlocks
Blueprint: Isando RGL-220Southern Hill Building
Emblem Part [Word: Gecko]Clear Outpost

08 Lufwa Valley, NW Guard Post

You'll be able to find a music tape here, and you'll definitely be able to find it when you get close. The radio is on a table.

Mission Unlocks
Music Tape: You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) (Dead or Alive)Radio
Emblem Part [Word: Rat]Clear Outpost

09 Ditadi Abandoned Village, North Guard Post

Nothing here but a few resources and soldiers. You'll be able to get through this place quickly, especially at night.

Mission Unlocks
Emblem Part [Word: Patrol]Clear Outpost

10 Kiziba Camp, SE Guard Post

Again, more scraps are the only things you'll find at this guard post. On the bright side, you will clear this place very quickly.

Mission Unlocks
Emblem Part [Word: Team]Clear Outpost

11 Masa Village, East Guard Post

There are about five soldiers on the ground, with one likely being in the guard tower and two more on the hills acting as snipers. You can only find a blueprint here as part of a Side Ops mission, so there isn't anything here normally.

Mission Unlocks
Emblem Part [Word: Lost]Clear Outpost

12 Kiziba Camp, South Guard Post

There should be approximately five or so soldiers here, with a sixth on the hillside to the west in a sniper position. Underneath a tent outside, you'll find blueprints for the UN-AAM. That's just about all there is here.

Mission Unlocks
Blueprint: UN-AAMUnder Tent
Emblem Part [Word: Army]Clear Outpost

13 Kungenga Mine, SW Guard Post

You can find the standard amount of enemies here. A strange buzzing in a tent might lead you to a music tape simply titled 204863, and that'll be among your highest priorities for this place. There should be some material containers here as well.

Mission Unlocks
Music Tape: 204863 (Soundtrack)Radio
Emblem Part [Word: Clawing]Clear Outpost

14 Nova Braga Airport, NE Guard Post

Five or six soldiers should be walking around. There's literally nothing here except for them and some of the smaller resource boxes.

Mission Unlocks
Emblem Part [Word: Alive]Clear Outpost

15 Ditadi Abandoned Village, South Guard Post

There isn't a whole lot here to discover. You can get a set of blueprints, which is nice, but that's all you'll be getting here.

Mission Unlocks
Blueprint: Isando RGL-220Inside Tent
Emblem Part [Word: Area]Clear Outpost

16 Munoko ya Nioka Station, NE Guard Post

There's not much to do here aside from clearing the post, much like most of the other posts, but you can find some blueprints here as a reward.

Mission Unlocks
Blueprint: Isando RGL-220Western Building
Emblem Part [Word: Hot]Clear Outpost

17 Ngumba Industrial Zone, West Guard Post

This guard post only loosely exists through the heavy mist outside of the Ngumba Industrial Zone. All you have to do here is capture the place.

Mission Unlocks
Emblem Part [Word: Phantom]Clear Outpost

18 Nova Braga Airport, East Guard Post

There are seven soldiers here, and they tend to be looking at each other, which makes it hard to take them all out undetected. Like many other outposts, all you have to do is clear the area, so get to it so you can go somewhere else.

Mission Unlocks
Emblem Part [Word: Cold]Clear Outpost

19 Munoko ya Nioka Station, NW Guard Post

The majority of the soldiers at this guard post are on the northern side of the area, but there is one way to the south (at least at night) that you shouldn't forget about. You can also find some large material containers to the north, so bring them back to base and use one to lift yourself back there as well if you need to.

Mission Unlocks
Emblem Part [Word: Militaires]Clear Outpost

20 Ngumba Industrial Zone, SW Guard Post

The only thing you need to do here is clear the guard post.

Mission Unlocks
Emblem Part [Word: Sentinel]Clear Outpost

21 Munoko ya Nioka Station, West Guard Post

There is an item of great importance here, and that is the music tape for the main theme of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. It doesn't have any special benefits or anything, but you're going to enjoy the song if you haven't heard it before. The tape is in a building.

Mission Unlocks
Music Tape: Snake Eater (Soundtrack)Radio
Emblem Part [Word: Hell]Clear Outpost

22 Nova Braga Airport, South Guard Post

You can find some blueprints for the Isando on a table here, but you'll very likely have gotten these blueprints somewhere else if you're aiming to take over every outpost. At least there are a few material containers here.

Mission Unlocks
Blueprint: Isando RGL-220Table
Emblem Part [Word: Small]Clear Outpost

23 Munoko ya Nioka Station, SW Guard Post

Nothing but soldiers and material containers here.

Mission Unlocks
Emblem Part [Word: Little]Clear Outpost
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