Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Walkthrough

6. Collectibles

There are lots of collectibles throughout the game that are earned for completing a variety of objectives. The important collectibles can be sorted down to music tapes, blueprints, key items, posters, and memento photos. All of these serve a purpose, so you should aim to collect as many as you can. Some are tied to achievements, but those that aren't are still useful to have around. Intel tapes are covered here as well, since those are also somewhat of a collectible. Key Items can be spoiler-y, so avoid looking at them if you wish to avoid spoilers.

Intel Tapes

Most intel tapes are earned by completing Main Ops and serve to expand on the story that otherwise cannot be shown properly through cutscenes. This is sort of a replacement for the series' iconic codec calls, as there are no ways to have codec calls in 1984 the way that those in the 2000's are able to have. Some intel tapes are marked yellow, which means that the game will ask you to listen to them in order to advance the story. You should really listen to all of the tapes anyway, regardless of their marking.

Music Tapes

Music tapes can be found out in the open and can be played in Snake's ear like a radio would. These can be found playing in various locations all around the two main maps, so if you're looking for a specific song then you'll have to hunt it down. Music Tape 1 covers most non-familiar tracks, whereas Music Tape 2 has all the jams from that era.

Scouting Barren LandsLudvig ForssellDefault
Journey to Point C-5Ludvig ForssellDefault
Dreamt of an Eclipse???Default
Afghanistan's a Big PlaceLudvig ForssellDefault
MGO Trailer MusicDaniel JamesDefault
Richard Wagner: "Ride of the Valkyries" from The Valkyrie -ACT III- (excerpt)Richard WagnerDefault
Heavens DivideDonna BurkeRadio (Main Ops 30)
Koi no Yokushiryoku (Love Deterrence)Nana MizukiDa Ghwandai Kahr (Afghanistan)
NitrogenSteve HenifinSerak Power Plant (Afghanistan)
Ride A White HorseLaid Back12 Lamar Khaate Palace, North Guard Post (Afghanistan)
A Phantom PainLudvig ForssellWakh Sind Barracks (Afghanistan)
Behind the DraperyLudvig ForssellWialo Village (Da Wialo Kallai) (Afghanistan)
All the Sun TouchesLudvig ForssellMunoko ya Nioka Station (Africa)
Take the D.W.???Smasei Fort (Da Smasei Laman) (Afghanistan)
Midnight Mirage???Bampeve Plantation (Africa)
The Tangerine???25 Shago Village, East Guard Post (Afghanistan)
Planet ScapeSteve Henifin13 Sakhra Ee Village, South Guard Post (Afghanistan)
How 'bout them zombies ey?Ludvig ForssellMasa Village (Bwala ya Masa) (Africa)
Snake EaterCynthia Harrell21 Munoko ya Nioka Station, West Guard Post (Africa)
204863Ludvig Forssell13 Kungenga Mine, SW Guard Post (Africa)
Dormant StreamLudvig Forssell14 Smasei Fort, West Guard Post (Afghanistan)
METAL GEAR SOLID PEACE WALKER Main ThemeAkihiro HondaRadio (Main Ops 43)
Sins of the FatherDonna BurkeComplete Main Ops 31
Quiet's ThemeStefanie JoostenComplete Main Ops 45
GloriaLaura BraniganNova Braga Airport (Africa)
Kids in AmericaKim WildeShago Village (Da Shago Kallai) (Afghanistan)
Rebel Yell - 1999 Digital RemasterBilly IdolMountain Relay Base (Afghanistan)
The Final CountdownEuropeSakhra Ee Village (Qarya Sakhre Ee) (Afghanistan)
Take On MeA-HaYakho Oboo Supply Outpost (Afghanistan)
ManeaterHall & OatesLamar Khaate Palace (Afghanistan)
Only Time Will TellAsiaEastern Communications Outpost (Afghanistan)
Love Will Tear Us ApartJoy DivisionAfghanistan Central Base Camp (Afghanistan)
TrueSpandau BalletKungenga Mine (Africa)
Friday I'm in LoveThe CureLufwa Valley (Africa)
Dancing With Tears In My EyesUltravoxDitadi Abandoned Village (Africa)
You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)Dead or Alive08 Lufwa Valley, NW Guard Post (Africa)
Quiet LifeJapanMfinda Oilfield (Africa)
She Blinded Me With ScienceThomas Dolby18 Wialo Village, NE Guard Post (Afghanistan)
Too ShyKajagoogooKiziba Camp (Africa)
The Man Who Sold the WorldMidge UreComplete Main Ops 00


Like music tapes, there are blueprints scattered all around Afghanistan and Africa that allow you to build specific weapons and items. You'll want to collect all of these to improve your arsenal, gear, and Mother Base in general, regardless of whether you use them or not. Dispatch missions noted here are only the essential ones.

[GEIST P3] BlueprintDispatch: Break Through the Blockade Force---
[WU S333] BlueprintDispatch: Restore the DMZ---
[URAGAN-5] Blueprint---Bampeve Plantation (Africa)
[ZORN-KP] BlueprintDispatch: Defend the Pipeline---
[RIOT SMG] BlueprintSide Ops 005---
[ZE'EV] BlueprintDispatch: Search and Destroy Remaining Forces---
[MACHT 37] Blueprint---Kungenga Mine
[UN-ARC] Blueprint---Yakho Oboo Supply Outpost (Afghanistan)
[G44] Blueprint---Ditadi Abandoned Village (Africa)
[KABARGA-83] Blueprint---Mfinda Oilfield (Africa)
[BULLHORN SG] BlueprintDispatch: Prevent the Coup d'etat---
[ISANDO RGL-220] Blueprint---

Several Locations in Africa

[HAIL MGR-4] BlueprintDispatch: Destroy the Uranium Centrifuges---
[BAMBETOV SV] Blueprint---Lamar Khaate Palace (Afghanistan)
AM MRS-71 RIFLE] BlueprintDispatch: Destroy the New Fighter Aircraft---
[BRENNAN LRS-46] Blueprint---Lufwa Valley (Africa)
[UN-AAM] Blueprint---Several Locations in Africa
[LPG-61] BlueprintDispatch: Recapture the Port Facilities---
[FB MR R-LAUNCHER] BlueprintDispatch: Liberate the Tanker---
[PB SHIELD] Blueprint---Several Locations in Afghanistan
[STUN GRENADE] Blueprint---Kiziba Camp (Africa)
[STUN ARM] BlueprintSide Ops 006---
[FLAMETHROWER] Blueprint---Munoko ya Nioka Station (Africa)
[IR-SENSOR] BlueprintSide Ops 007---
[ANTITHEFT DEVICE] BlueprintSide Ops 008---
[GUN-CAM DEFENDER] BlueprintSide Ops 009---
[UA-DRONE] BlueprintSide Ops 010---

Key Items

Key Items vary entirely in terms of what they actually are, but they all are very beneficial, as you can see below. Do not look at this if you want to avoid as many spoilers as possible.

Key ItemEffectUnlock
Children's RewardAllows development of Water Pistol.Main Ops 18
First Aid ManualAllows development of gear to teach D-Dog to Fulton things.Masa Village
Master Certificate (Marking)Distinguish between decoys and soldiers.Mark 1000 Soldiers
Master Certificate (Box)Allows development of C.Box (WR), which is water-resistant.All Invoices (Afghanistan OR Africa)
Grand Master Certificate (Box)Allows development of C.Box (SMK), which deploys a smokescreen when destroyed.All Invoices (Afghanistan AND Africa)
Master Certificate (Fulton)Allows development of a stronger Fulton Recovery Device.500 Fulton Recoveries (People)
Grand Master Certificate (Fulton)Allows development of the Fulton Ballista for D-Walker.1000 Fulton Recoveries (People)
Conch ShellAllows development of Petrol Bomb and a modification for the Fulton Device that allows recovery of children.Side Ops 113
Skulls MacheteAllows development of Task-Arm SM for D-Walker.Main Ops 29
Strangelove's MementoAllows development of Bandana.Side Ops 114
Man on Fire (Corpse)Allows development of Furicorn D-Horse equipment.Side Ops 144
HandkerchiefAllows development of Sniper Wolf uniform for Quiet.Main Ops 40
Emmerich's Research NotesAllows development of Stealth Camo.Mother Base Cutscene (Chapter 2)
Quiet's Examination ReportAllows development of Gray XOF uniform for Quiet.Mother Base Cutscene (Chapter 2)
The Codename: Big BossAllows development of the Leather Jacket.Main Ops 46
Master Certificate (Standard)Allows development of the Cyborg Ninja uniform.Clear All Non-[Special] Missions
Grand Master Certificate (Standard)Allows development of Raiden uniform.S Rank All Non-[Special] Missions
Master Certificate (Elite)Allows development of Naked (Silver) and Bionic Arm (Silver) uniforms.Clear All [Special] Missions
Grand Master Certificate (Elite)Allows development of Naked (Gold) uniform.S Rank All [Special] Missions
Star of BethlehemAllows development of the Infinity Bandana.Main Ops 46


Obtain all blueprints and key items.



Posters are the least useful collectible, but you get a bit of GMP when you collect them and you can attach them to cardboard boxes. They can be hard to spot if you're not looking for them, but its' not like you need to get them.

Memento Photos

Memento photos are given to you by Militaires Sans Frontières members after you rescue them during the "Extract the Wandering Mother Base Soldiers" Extra Ops. There's a specific room on the medical platform that you can take them to; look for a blue light above a doorway. Hand the person inside a photo every time you get one to try to jog their memory. After giving them all ten, the last photo will appear in the hall leading to their room. Picking it up will give you an achievement.


Obtain all memento photos.


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