Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Walkthrough

10. Chapter 2: Race (S Ranks)

Much like before, you'll want to keep D-Dog as your buddy unless stated otherwise since he's far superior at locating enemies, vehicles, and weapons. Many of the tougher versions of earlier missions use the same or similar strategies.

Main Ops 32: To Know Too Much

This should be a simple S Rank, being the first mission of Chapter 2. Just run along the sand towards the dotted path leading up to the main path of Lamar Khaate Palace to find the prisoner, preferably before the Soviets do, and extract him. Then just leave the mission area.

Main Ops 33: [Subsistence] C2W

Instead of doing anything that you're supposed to, just select the LZ directly above the Eastern Communications Outpost and use the minigun to take out the three pieces of comms equipment. Destroying all of them while still in the helicopter will result in the chopper just flying around for a bit and taking off again with you in it, giving you an incredibly short play time.

Main Ops 34: [Extreme] Backup, Back Down

This is going to be the same strategy as before.

Bring D-Horse and some phantom cigars with you and start off at the northern LZ. You'll want to look on the map for an intersection north of the Yakho Oboo Supply Outpost and park D-Horse a bit north of a large rock near the road. This rock should be big enough for you to crouch behind. Wait here a little while and eventually one of the targets will come up the road, stopping to make D-Horse move off the road. When this happens, extract the vehicle and return to the LZ. Use the phantom cigar to make time run out completely, then call a chopper in to leave the area.

For whatever reason, not being spotted and not leaving a trace will automatically give you an S Rank.

Main Ops 35: Cursed Legacy

Use the southern LZ and interrogate a soldier as soon as you can. This should give you the locations of both containers, which should be pretty close by. Try to knock out/hold up all the soldiers by both containers, then Fulton yourself on top of the second container back to the ACC. This should be a quick and easy S Rank compared to most others in Chapter 2.

Main Ops 36: [Total Stealth] Footprints of Phantoms

This S Rank is easy, at least compared to the usual tougher missions. Just focus on extracting everyone in the area that gets in your way, and then make sure you Fulton both prisoners and the Walker Gears at the village for more points. Once they're all gone, leave the mission area however you feel is easiest for your situation and you'll be done. Remember that you can run out to a checkpoint to make the game save your progress on removing soldiers.

Main Ops 37: [Extreme] Traitor's Caravan

The easiest way to finish the mission is to run straight to Nova Braga Airport, then head to the northwest area and approach the truck, which will be parked and unmanned. Just run straight up to it to trigger the Skulls to attack. After they show up, Fulton the truck as soon as possible and then run to a material container in the area, which you'll use to return to the ACC.

Main Ops 38: Extraordinary

This S Rank coincides with one of the Mission Tasks, where you retrieve the film canister before reinforcements arrive. Sprint to Spugmay Keep and use the intel in the pause menu to get a sense of where the canister is, then use your fully charged stun to neutralize the ruins. Grab the film before the reinforcements show up, then leave by chopper or land to finish the mission.

To make things easier, find the canister and then restart the mission entirely; the canister should be in the same place, so you can easily fix your run of the mission.

Main Ops 39: [Total Stealth] Over the Fence

If you didn't get an S Rank on your original run of the mission, at least you'll have a better idea of what you're doing this time. Make your first target the crack in the wall just to the left of the barracks itself; it'll have another crack on its left side. Climb up this crack and you'll be able to enter the backside of the building that the engineer is being held hostage in. Once there, hold up any other soldiers inside and get them to lay flat on the ground so they can't pose a threat any longer. Then go for the engineer and pick him up to Fulton him from a safer distance (Fultoning makes noise, of course) or Fulton him through the hole in the roof of this very building. Whichever way you go about it, you'll want to locate a material container while remaining undetected and Fulton it to get yourself out of there.

Main Ops 40: [Extreme] Cloaked in Silence

Getting an S Rank here should be almost as easy as it was in Main Ops 11. However, this time Quiet is aware of your supply drop trick, and you can only use the trick on her if you stand out of cover when the supplies are less than 10m above her head. This will force her to shoot, preventing her from having enough time to move out of the way. Keep dropping supplies on her like this without being hit at all (one shot will kill you) until you finish the mission.

Main Ops 41: Proxy War Without End

Pack some EMN mines and your favorite missile launcher with you for this mission. If you choose the middle LZ, two tanks should be approaching from about 600m away. Place some EMN mines on the road and wait for them to pass, then extract the two vehicles. Then work your way to the other two vehicles and extract them as well. After this, your last target will be the attack chopper; shoot it down to finish the objective. If you want to, follow the chopper as it falls and look for some blueprints that it drops. This will eliminate a Mission Task that you won't have to worry about later.

Main Ops 42: [Extreme] Metallic Archaea

If you're following the weapon suggestions from the tips on the story page for Chapter 2, you should have no issue earning an S Rank unless you have to retry dozens of times. However, since this is the second version of Main Ops 29, you should be well familiar with this mission already and it's highly unlikely that this will occur.

Main Ops 43: Shining Lights, Even in Death

You don't need to play this mission, as it has no ranking associated with it.

Main Ops 44: [Total Stealth] Pitch Dark

A suppressed lethal weapon is good to bring, just so you can shoot out lights.

Since this is a total stealth mission, you want to be completely undetected; as such, you may find it easier to run along the side of the large rock formation east of Masa Village to avoid everyone there. When you approach the village, focus on Fultoning as many soldiers as you can, leaving the area far enough to trigger a checkpoint to save your extraction progress. Try to clear out the eastern half of the oilfield so you can use the east gate to cause more checkpoints, and put a lot of focus into shooting out as many lights that you think might be a problem for you. Lights remain broken after a checkpoint reload, so doing this early is extremely useful.

When you're satisfied with your takeover of the south end, try to reach the oily separator tank and place some C4 on it. Then head to the control room and shut off the pumps, but don't blow the C4 just yet. Return to the west entrance and stand on top of a resource container before blowing the tank, then use the container to extract yourself back to the ACC.

Main Ops 45: A Quiet Exit

Bring your best Battle Dress and two most powerful primary weapons. To save yourself the time later, you'll want to make sure Quiet is never hit in the entire skirmish. If this is your second run of the mission (the first being the story run), then you should be more familiar with the mission and will perform better. Even if you die several times, you may very well get an S Rank; the amount of points you get is very high. Hopefully you can manage to keep Quiet entirely intact for the related Mission Task.

Main Ops 46: Truth: The Man Who Sold the World

As with the prologue, you're going to be skipping a lot of cutscenes and crawling very slowly for most of the mission. The difference here is that most of the end of the mission is cut out, what with the Man on Fire and all. Skipping everything should easily get you the S Rank, but you may as well go for the Mission Tasks too. Kill all six enemies at the hospital entrance and pick up their weapons and ammo. When the Man on Fire is in the building after you try to leave, blast him with at least 20 shots. You'll get another chance outside the hospital if necessary, as long as you don't skip the upcoming cutscene.

Main Ops 47: [Total Stealth] The War Economy

The fastest way to earn an S Rank is to not worry about any of the Mission Tasks whatsoever, unless you can manage to Fulton out both the commander and the arms dealer. Instead of entering through the main gate protected by a watchtower and a security camera, pick the lock on a gate south down the same wall and run along the southern wall until you can make it to the airstrip. Just make sure that you keep an eye on where nearby enemies are so you can get there without being caught. Additionally, any lights you shoot out will remain broken if you do have to restart from a checkpoint, so keep that in mind as well.

When you get to the airstrip in the middle of the area, crawl or crouch-walk even more to the south than you were before so that the snipers atop the main building won't be able to spot you as well. You may encounter a Walker Gear on the way to the west side of the airport; hold him up from behind if you can and extract both the soldier and the machine. Try to slip onto the roof of the main building to find the commander, but wait until the arms dealer joins him so you can extract him for more points. If you can wait long enough, the two of them will walk outside with their skin exposed, providing you a perfect time to tranquilize and extract them.

There are some material containers that you can use to extract yourself out of the area in the southwest corner of the airport. This will help in finishing the mission faster.

Main Ops 48: [Extreme] Code Talker

Bring D-Horse for this mission. You'll want to ride straight up the shallow river, past the Skull cutscene, up until you can slip right underneath the ledge they're sitting on. Keep riding to the end of the cliffside and hug the left side of the area until you're out of reach and can get to the mansion. This may take a couple of tries. Scale the cliffs left of the mansion and get to the back door. Toss a magazine or shoot a suppressed weapon to distract the soldiers outside the back door and then either tranquilize them or sneak past them into the mansion. Once inside, sprint down the stairs all the way to Code Talker and skip his cutscenes.

You'll have to do the slow walk up the stairs as Code Talker provides story information. Once you can run again, call your chopper to land on the LZ to the north and sprint to it to finish the mission. You should be able to get by the Skulls on the way to the chopper just fine, just make sure the puppet soldiers don't overwhelm you and Code Talker.

Main Ops 49: [Subsistence] Occupation Forces

The easiest way to complete the mission is also the best way to get an S Rank, so you've likely gotten it already. If not, here are the directions again.

Sprint straight towards Guard Post 06 as fast as you can in order to reach the convoy before they go too close to the middle of the mission area. Hide behind something when they get close, then intentionally jump out ahead of the tank in front so it spots you. This will stop the entire convoy, which should allow you to simply Fulton all three vehicles, but you have to do so from their sides so they don't drive into you. A good spot to wait is behind a rock south of a small building on the road. It may take a few attempts if the tanks feel like being able to hit you with their bullets from any position you're in.

Main Ops 50: [Exteme] Sahelanthropus

If you're following the weapon suggestions from the tips on the story page for Chapter 2, you should have no issue earning an S Rank unless you have to retry dozens of times. However, since this is the second version of Main Ops 31, you should be well familiar with this mission already and it's highly unlikely that this will occur.


Complete all missions with an S rank.

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