Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Walkthrough

13. Side Ops

There are 157 Side Ops in the game, most of which come from a similar set of Side Ops. You need to complete all of them to get the related achievements, but that's fortunately not going to be very hard, as almost all of these missions are a cakewalk. If you're finding that a mission you're looking for isn't available, try completing other missions until it appears.

Some Side Ops will be repeatable once all other available and incomplete Side Ops in that area of the map are done. Other Side Ops that haven't been completed may not show up if another incomplete one is already active and takes place in the same general region of the same map. If you want to finish a specific set of Side Ops, then the best thing to do is just to go for everything you haven't done, which will eventually unlock them all.

You can quickly return to the ACC by pausing and doing it that way. Doing this is much faster than having to leave the area by chopper every single time you finish a mission.

Side Ops 001-004: Extract Interpreter

These are missions that you'll want to do as soon as you get them. Extracting these interpreters will allow you to interrogate soldiers who speak the language. D-Dog is especially useful for locating just about anyone, so bring him along if you want to get these done faster. You should be able to interrogate everyone once you've got all four interpreters.

Side Ops 005-010: Secure the Blueprint

Blueprints are necessary for developing certain weapons and items, and you need all of them for an achievement. When you approach the mission area, interrogate a soldier and hopefully he'll tell you where the blueprint is. Just securing it will complete the mission.

Side Ops 011-026: Extract the Highly-Skilled Soldier

Some soldiers marked as being better than most others can be found through these missions. Simply extract them and bring them back to Mother Base.

Side Ops 027-046: Prisoner Extraction

Highly skilled prisoners are located in different places around the two maps, with skills that make them important enough for you to rescue. These are just like the Side Ops where you extract soldiers, but prisoners obviously don't fight back.

Side Ops 047-050: Capture the Animals

There are some animals that the Animal Platform could use. Just knock them out and Fulton them to bring them there. The sonar on your mechanical hand should help you find them, but D-Dog is far better at sniffing out animals. Finishing Side Ops 050 will allow for the development of the Fulton Wormhole, which allows for un-interruptable extractions, even indoors.

Side Ops 051-060: Extract the Wandering Mother Base Soldiers

These soldiers used to work for Big Boss in the 70's as a part of Militaires Sans Frontières, or MSF. Being alone in the world for ten years has made these men go crazy, which you'll see when you try to approach one. You'll have to pacify them from a distance or get inside a box and play Love Deterrence near them to get their attention. When they get close to the box, grab them and knock them out so they can return to the new Mother Base. If you have Mobility +3 for your Stun Arm, then you should be able to outrun even these guys. It might not be too useful, though.

Every soldier you rescue has a photo from the old days, which you can show Paz on the Medical Platform.

Side Ops 061-065: Unlucky Dog

One of the Diamond Dogs was captured as he was rescuing a prisoner. Reach their last point of contact and save both them and the prisoner they were after.

Side Ops 066-081: Eliminate the Heavy Infantry

Soldiers decked out in some seriously sturdy body armor are positioned at the locations marked for these Side Ops. The calmest way to get rid of them all would be to hold them all up (there are never a lot of them) so you can Fulton them out. You can alternatively just blast them with bullets, but that's not as safe, of course.

Side Ops 082: Make Contact with Emmerich

A mission required to progress the story. Travel to Serak Power Plant and reach the back of the base, where you'll find a large gate with a locked door to the right of it. Try to pick the lock to finish the mission and enter one of the Main Ops.

Side Ops 083-092: Mine Clearing

A bunch of claymores are deployed in some areas on the map. D-Dog can sniff them out pretty quickly, but you can also just airstrike the place and get rid of them like that.


Complete all "Mine Clearing" SIDE OPS.


Side Ops 093-106: Eliminate the Armored Vehicle Unit

The units you need to get rid of for these missions consist of at least one tank or gunship and a squad of infantry escorts. Everyone in these units should be spread out enough for you to hold up and Fulton the soldiers, which will allow you to Fulton any tanks that may be present. You'll have to shoot down gunships.

Side Ops 107-109: Extract the Legendary Gunsmith

These three missions are all aimed to extract one gunsmith; you'll just happen to extract two of his apprentices instead before you finally pin down his location. It's very important that you find this gunsmith as soon as you can, because he'll be able to open up the possibility of using attachments for some weapons on others, if they're similar enough. The latter two missions may not appear until you finish Side Ops 006-010 and Side Ops 143-144, which are story-related.

Side Ops 110: Extract Materials Containers

All you have to do here is get some materials containers, which requires a Fulton upgrade that you very likely have by the time you get this mission.

Side Ops 111: Visit Quiet

A mission required to advance the story. Simply visit Quiet's cell on the Medical Platform to make her available for deployment as a buddy.

Side Ops 112: Intel Agent Extraction

A crucially important Intel Team staff member has been taken prisoner. Rescue him at Da Ghwandai Khar and bring him home.

Side Ops 113: Eli's Challenge

After his defeat in Africa as the White Mamba, Eli wants to challenge you back at the R&D Platform. Take whatever strong non-lethal weapons you can develop with you to make things easier. A shotgun made to stun can take him down in five hits or so. You'll get his conch shell as a reward.

Side Ops 114-127: Eliminate the Tank Unit

Similar to Side Ops 093-106, you just need to get rid of an armored vehicle unit that always consists of tanks and soldiers, and occasionally a gunship. Fultoning them out is almost always the best thing to do, but you can't Fulton a gunship, so you'll have to shoot it down.

Side Ops 128-142: Eliminate the Wandering Puppets

The wandering puppets are soldiers that have been influenced by the Skulls. They cannot be knocked out by a combat takedown, so either kill them, tranquilize them, or grab them and choke them out until they're unconscious. You can Fulton sleeping puppets back to base without consequence.

Side Ops 143: Extract the AI Pod

Return to the Afghanistan Central Base camp and reclaim Huey's AI pod that remained in his lab. Activating it will cause it to skyrocket back to Mother Base.

Side Ops 144: Secure the Remains of the Man on Fire

The Soviets have recovered the body of the Man on Fire and have brought him to Yakho Oboo Supply Outpost. His body is laying out in the open on the helipad in the yard of the main building. Get close to it to put the man to rest for good.

Side Ops 145-149: Search for the Escaped Children

To continue the story, you'll need to eventually bring all five children back to Mother Base. They're spread out in multiple areas, and the only way you can Fulton them (as this is far faster to do than extracting by chopper) is to defeat Eli in Side Ops 113 for the upgrade blueprints. Finding the children isn't hard if you have D-Dog with you. Bring an air shotgun or a similar weapon for the third child, because there are two bears walking around the area where he's hiding.

Side Ops 150: Secure Quiet

Deep into Chapter 2, after fulfilling some requirements on the page for Chapter 2, you'll be asked to bring Quiet back to base; she's been captured by the Soviets. Bring the Hail MGR-4 grenade launcher, the FB MR R-Launcher, the Uragan-5 pistol if you have it (if not, then just bring the Wu S.Pistol like usual), and the best Battle Dress you have as a uniform. For headgear, put the standard bandana on if you have it. You should be able to get an S Rank your first time through Main Ops 45, so don't put the Infinity Bandana on. It'd also be handy if you have your bionic arm upgraded to the most potential it could possibly have. If you couldn't tell, you'll be pushed immediately into Main Ops 45, and it's going to be a pretty big fight.

Sneak into the building surrounded by the most soldiers when you reach the guard post, where you'll find some intel on Quiet's location.

Side Ops 151-157: Target Practice

There are target practice sites on each main platform of Mother Base. Bring something with a fair magazine size, like the Riot-SMG, and break all the targets at each of these locations.


Complete a SIDE OP.



Complete all SIDE OPS.


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