Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Walkthrough

14. Northern Kabul, Afghanistan

It's highly suggested that you completely explore all of Afghanistan once you unlock the Combat Unit, as doing so properly will greatly open up movement opportunities and provide you with loads of resources in the early game which will benefit you later. The main objectives of these free roam pages are to open up fast travel points and landing zones, as well as capture every possible outpost for emblem parts. If you want to get every emblem part, then you'll want to be very careful about where you go and need to make sure you're keeping track of yourself due to the sheer amount of outposts in Afghanistan alone.

Collectibles found at every location are listed here as well, since so many of them are out on the field somewhere.

  • Radios: Contain music tapes. Songs from this era are nice to have.
  • Delivery Points: Fast travel points that require you to have the invoice from the delivery points in order to work. Very useful, as it's faster than using the chopper to leave and come back.
  • Anti-Air Radars: Destroying these allows your chopper to land at the base you're at. It might not be a good idea if enemies are nearby, but if you're clearing the place out then it'll be fine.

Afghanistan Central Base Camp

Try to come for this place at night, as that will give you plenty of time to stay in the dark. There is a fairly dense population of soldiers here and a high amount of them to cover the whole base. Both a music tape and the delivery point are on the east side of the camp, while the anti-air radar is to the west. You can find several resource containers here; be sure to take as many as you can find before you leave.

Mission Unlocks
Music Tape: Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division)East Side of Base
Emblem Part [Word: Arsenal]Clear Outpost
Delivery PointEast Side of Base
Anti-Air RadarWest Side of Base

Da Ghwandai Khar

Da Ghwandai Khar can be difficult to approach if you go straight into it instead of from the sides. The eastern side is usually a good way to get in. There's a music tape on the eastern side, and blueprints aren't too far away either. The surplus of buildings makes it easy to get through undetected.

Mission Unlocks
Music Tape: Koi no Yokushiryoku/Love Deterrence (Nana Mizuki)Radio
Blueprint: PB ShieldEastern Side
Emblem Part [Word: Moses]Clear Outpost

Smasei Fort (Da Smasei Laman)

Approach this fort from the western flank and scope out as many enemies as you can. As you slink around, interrogate them to find out where some of their important goodies are. There's a radio with a music tape underneath a tent near the cave system entrance, and a blueprint is right next to it. There's also a pretty rough-sounding tape near the locked toilet by the same tent with the blueprints underneath it.

When coming here outside of Main Ops 06, there won't be any soldiers inside the caves. That makes clearing the place out much faster.

Mission Unlocks
Cassette Tape: Recorded in the ToiletBuilding Near Cave Entrance
Music Tape: Take the D.W. (Soundtrack)Radio
Blueprint: PB ShieldTent Near Cave Entrance
Emblem Part [Word: Queen]Clear Outpost
Delivery PointMiddle of Area
Anti-Air RadarMiddle of Area

Eastern Communications Outpost

This outpost is small, but has a fair amount of soldiers patrolling it. Head to the outpost from the southern road you can pick up the delivery invoice, then slowly Fulton enemies inside to clear the place out. Don't forget to grab a music tape inside, and blow up the anti-air radar. There are two resource containers that you can use to get back to the ACC when you're done here.

Mission Unlocks
Music Tape: Only Time Will Tell (Asia)Radio
Emblem Part [Word: Vamp]Clear Outpost
Delivery PointSouthern Road
Anti-Air RadarMiddle of Outpost

Lamar Khaate Palace

There are several enemies outside and inside the ruins of the palace. You can easily get by the outer forces by just traveling south into the building, allowing yourself to clear the place out from the inside and work outwards. The delivery point is just outside the main entrance to the palace, and the anti-air radar is on the northern side of it. Try to save the raw material container for last so you can Fulton it while on top; holding the same key/button while doing this should allow you to quickly reach the ACC again. The music tape and blueprints here are on the upper floors of the palace, and are right next to each other.

Mission Unlocks
Music Tape: Maneater (Hall & Oates)Radio
Blueprint: Bambetov SVNext to Radio
Emblem Part [Word: King]Clear Outpost
Delivery PointOutside Entrance
Anti-Air RadarNorthern Wall

Mountain Relay Base

Your first time coming here is probably going to be during Main Ops 06. When you have the time to clear the place out properly, get the shipping invoice from the delivery point on the left side of the road coming in from the west. Scope out the rest of the base from here and then work your way through the place. There are lots of resource containers for you to steal here as well. There's a music tape under a tent just before you cross the large bridge eastward.

There's another cassette tape near a toilet on the other side of the bridge; you may have to interrogate a soldier to find its exact position, but it's a pretty good tape. There doesn't seem to be an anti-air radar here.

Mission Unlocks
Cassette Tape: Recorded on the ToiletToilet
Music Tape: Rebel Yell (Billy Idol)Radio
Emblem Part [Word: Fortune]Clear Outpost
Delivery PointSouthern Road

OKB Zero

You won't be able to come here until Main Ops 30, and you shouldn't have to come back until one of the Side Ops brings you here. You'll find it very hard to sneak into the base's front door, as there are well-placed spotlights to deter any nighttime sneaking, but there are far few Russians patrolling the place as there were XOF soldiers in the main story. There are quite a few large material containers placed around the base; Fulton them out if you need them. There are no anti-air radars or delivery points here, so making return trips will always be a hassle.

Mission Unlocks
Emblem Part [Word: Shadow]Clear Outpost

Sakhra Ee Village (Qarya Sakhra Ee)

It's hard to attack this place from the west; there's a gun emplacement on the end of a long strip of road that can really blast you if you're spotted, but the west side is where the delivery point is. The anti-air radar is on the east side of the village, and you can find The Final Countdown near the southern tip of the village (make a marker on your map until you can hear the song playing).

Mission Unlocks
Cassette Tape: Enemy EliminatedEast Buildings
Music Tape: The Final Countdown (Europe)Radio
Emblem Part [Word: Decoy]Clear Outpost
Delivery PointWest Side on Road
Anti-Air RadarEast Side

Serak Power Plant

The first thing here for you to do is grab the invoice on the delivery point, which is a little ways behind the soldier that may be posted near a spotlight at the entrance to the power plant. The large anti-air radar should be easy to spot as you continue northeast to the back of the area. Aside from this, there aren't a whole lot of supplies to take out of the plant, but there is a music tape in one of the buildings in the back left corner.

Mission Unlocks
Music Tape: Nitrogen (Soundtrack)Back Rooms (West)
Emblem Part [Word: Ray]Clear Outpost
Delivery PointPast First Spotlight
Anti-Air RadarNear Back of Plant

Shago Village (Da Shago Kallai)

The village is fairly large, so try to come here at night. Try to clear the outskirts of the village first before moving in towards the main building, as this will remove any exterior threats when you're at the main building itself. There's a music tape in the main building alongside a bunch of materials, and an anti-air radar is positioned nearby as well. Debatably more important is the delivery point northeast of the main building.

Mission Unlocks
Music Tape: Kids in America (Kim Wilde)Radio
Emblem Part [Word: Man]Clear Outpost
Delivery PointNortheast of Main Building
Anti-Air RadarNorthwest of Main Building

Wakh Sind Barracks

This place is very large. You'll want to start from the bottom of the area and secure some large resource containers and the delivery point, which are right next to each other. The anti-air radar here is near a bunch of material containers. The song here can be found in the barracks on the eastern side, inside one of the metal portable buildings.

Mission Unlocks
Cassette Tape: A Phantom Pain (Soundtrack)Radio
Emblem Part [Word: Vulcan]Clear Outpost
Delivery PointSouthern Half of Barracks
Anti-Air RadarMain Barracks

Wialo Village (Da Wialo Kallai)

There's a lot of stuff here to take for yourself, but there are a lot of Soviet soldiers to protect it as well. The devilry point is near the southern entrance to the village, on the right side of the road. There are also two different sets of blueprints here. Just interrogate soldiers to find out where they are.

Mission Unlocks
Music Tape: Behind the Drapery (Soundtrack)Radio
Blueprint: PB ShieldEast of Main Building
Blueprint: Riot SMGSide Ops 005
Emblem Part [Word: Sons Of]Clear Outpost

Yakho Oboo Supply Outpost

This outpost is very large, and the best way to infiltrate it is to slowly seep into the western side. That way, you'll be able to get to the delivery point without having to backtrack. You can also find a music tape and some blueprints in the main area of the outpost.

Mission Unlocks
Music Tape: Take On Me (A-Ha)Radio
Blueprint: UN-ARCMain Building
Emblem Part [Word: Philanthropy]Clear Outpost
Delivery PointWest of Main Building Entrance
Anti-Air RadarMain Building

01 Afghanistan Central Base Camp, East Guard Post

There are only three soldiers posted here. It's well worth coming here, as there are several resource containers to Fulton back to base. You may want to use one to get back to the ACC quickly.

Mission Unlocks
Emblem Part [Word: Shoot]Clear Outpost

02 Afgh. Central Base Game, South Guard Post

There are only three soldiers here, just like the next guard post, which you'll likely be visiting shortly after you're done here.

Mission Unlocks
Emblem Part [Word: Machinegun]Clear Outpost

03 Serak Power Plant, NW Guard Post

There are only three soldiers at this guard post. It's easy to take over.

Mission Unlocks
Emblem Part [Word: Gunner]Clear Outpost

04 Aabe Shifap Ruins, East Guard Post

This guard post has five soldiers at it. Since you're likely going into this place from the west, you'll probably have to tranquilize most enemies instead of hold them up, as it's hard to get around them at night. There are some blueprints inside one of the buildings here, but it's nothing special.

Mission Unlocks
Blueprint: PB ShieldInside Building
Emblem Part [Word: Kid]Clear Outpost

05 Yakho Oboo Supply Outpost, NE Guard Post

You get to take on five soldiers here as opposed to the usual three or four. Just tranquilize one and do the same to the others as they're distracted.

Mission Unlocks
Emblem Part [Word: Fire]Clear Outpost

06 Wakh Sind Barracks, NE Guard Post

You can find only four soldiers here. It's really easy to knock them all out or get behind them, and there's not much else to do aside from clear them out.

Mission Unlocks
Emblem Part [Word: Trooper]Clear Outpost

07 Sakhra Ee Village, NW Guard Post

There's barely anyone here. Like many outposts, you won't find any challenge in neutralizing all the enemies here.

Mission Unlocks
Emblem Part [Word: Coward]Clear Outpost

08 Yakho Oboo Supply Outpost, SE Guard Post

There are only four soldiers here, but the guard post is very tightly secured, making it potentially difficult to approach without attacking first.

Mission Unlocks
Emblem Part [Word: Duck]Clear Outpost

09 Wakh Sind Barracks, East Guard Post

You might find about three guards here. They're all easy to take care of, so this place will be cleared in a minute or so.

Mission Unlocks
Emblem Part [Word: Blaster]Clear Outpost

10 Sakhra Ee Village, East Guard Post

There's barely anything here. Just four soldiers or so are walking around one side of the guard post, and they're not protecting a whole lot of useful material.

Mission Unlocks
Emblem Part [Word: White]Clear Outpost

11 Ghwandai Town, NW Guard Post

There aren't many soldiers here. One of them may even be asleep if you come here at night.

Mission Unlocks
Emblem Part [Word: Black]Clear Outpost

12 Lamar Khaate Palace, North Guard Post

The soldiers here tend to stick in pairs. It's a good idea to just knock out one soldier and do the same to the rest as they try to wake up their friend. There's a radio under the tent here that has a song playing in it.

Mission Unlocks
Music Tape: Ride a White Horse (Soundtrack)Radio
Emblem Part [Word: Color]Clear Outpost

13 Sakhra Ee Village, South Guard Post

A guard post held together by about four soldiers. One is in a guard tower that's actually in a good position, so you may want to tranquilize him first before moving on to the others.

Mission Unlocks
Music Tape: Planet Scape (Soundtrack)Radio
Emblem Part [Word: Running]Clear Outpost

14 Smasei Fort, West Guard Post

A really small guard post. It doesn't take long to clear the place out.

Mission Unlocks
Music Tape: Dormant Stream (Soundtrack)Radio
Emblem Part [Word: Red]Clear Outpost

15 Wialo Village, NW Guard Post

There are only three soldiers here. One should be in the guard tower, which makes him an easy target, and the other two will be walking around very unprotected.

Mission Unlocks
Emblem Part [Word: Cell]Clear Outpost

16 Ghwandai Town, SE Guard Post

Just four soldiers patrol this guard post. It's very easy to take over.

Mission Unlocks
Emblem Part [Word: Ultra]Clear Outpost

17 Smasei Fort, SW Guard Post

Due to the layout of this post, you're going to have a hard time not being spotted if you approach from the south. That's not much of a problem, though, because there are just about five soldiers here.

Mission Unlocks
Emblem Part [Word: Box]Clear Outpost

18 Wialo Village, NE Guard Post

This is one of the rare guard posts that actually has a real song hidden within it. Fortunately, there are only about four soldiers here, so you'll be able to get to it quickly.

Mission Unlocks
Music Tape: She Blinded Me With Science (Thomas Dolby)Radio
Emblem Part [Word: Predator]Clear Outpost

19 Eastern Comm. Post, West Guard Post

This guard post is very loosely protected. You can easily sneak up on any of the four soldiers here to learn more about the area and get the place cleared out.

Mission Unlocks
Emblem Part [Word: Night]Clear Outpost

20 Mountain Relay Base, West Guard Post

A fairly populated guard post. This place is pretty far out of reach, so you should really only bother coming here when you have Side Ops 002.

Mission Unlocks
Emblem Part [Word: Sight]Clear Outpost

21 Mountain Relay Base, SE Guard Post

There are only four soldiers here. There is very little to this place, which makes it both easy to see the enemies and easy for the enemies to see you.

Mission Unlocks
Emblem Part [Word: Die]Clear Outpost

22 Shago Village, North Guard Post

There are only three soldiers or so walking around. Two of them might be talking to each other, but that's not going to be an issue. There's nothing else here save for a few mortars.

Mission Unlocks
Emblem Part [Word: Island]Clear Outpost

23 Wialo Village, SE Guard Post

Despite this post's larger size, there are only four soldiers here. One is in the guard tower, and you should save him for last. He'll come down the ladder if he sees or hears anything out of the ordinary, giving you the perfect opportunity to hold him up.

Mission Unlocks
Emblem Part [Word: Fat]Clear Outpost

24 Spugmay Keep, East Guard Post

There are only three soldiers here. It's very easy to take this place over, especially since you can shoot at the Soviets from the ledge behind the guard post.

Mission Unlocks
Emblem Part [Word: Liberty]Clear Outpost

25 Shago Village, East Guard Post

This post is really tiny, and it should only have about three soldiers walking around here. It's entirely possible to sneak behind every single one and Fulton them without being seen, but since there are so few soldiers it'd probably be faster to just tranquilize them and get it over with.

Mission Unlocks
Music Tape: The Tangerine (Soundtrack)Radio
Emblem Part [Word: Dead]Clear Outpost
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