Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Walkthrough

11. Chapter 1: Revenge (Mission Tasks)

Mission Tasks are separate from S Ranks but are similar in that they're only specific to Main Ops. You should really only try to complete these tasks after earning an S Rank, because some of them will be completed through the methods involved in earning those S Ranks. While you can complete a number of Mission Tasks without knowing what they are (some are mandatory), you'll be able to see all of them in your iDroid after finishing the mission once. Many can be done at the same time; however, others are completely exclusive from the other and require multiple playthroughs. For example, you cannot extract someone and kill them from at least 100m with a sniper rifle in the same run of a mission. However, you can quit out of a mission after fulfilling a Mission Task, but only after triggering a checkpoint save by entering or leaving an area.

The methods used below assume that you've already beaten every Main Ops at least once before and have gone through the entire story, so if you're going at some of these Mission Tasks earlier than that, you may have to think of other things to use if something mentioned here isn't available to you just yet. You are allowed to use items such as the Infinity Bandana and other items that would prevent you from earning an S Rank, because the rank is not the objective. Mission Tasks in italics are automatically completed throughout the mission's natural objectives.

Main Ops 00: Awakening

  • Completed the mission without triggering Reflex Mode
  • Completed the mission without allowing the Man on Fire to attack even once after meeting up with Ocelot

First, you should know that the second objective is worded wrong; it should say, "Completed the mission without allowing the Man on Fire to attack you even once after meeting up with Ocelot.

To complete the first objective, just turn off Reflex Mode in the pause menu and finish the mission. As for the Man on Fire, you'll want to make sure you only use ammo to keep him at a safe distance and to disrupt his attacks. You'll know when he's about to attack when he moves his arms into a different position, and you can tell when you get hit with a hit counter that appears in the bottom left. The Man on Fire will also light up a bit when an attack is ready. To prevent the man on fire from hitting you with a column of flames in front of the horse, keep him on your tail the entire time. If you're hit (you'll hear Big Boss grunt), restart the checkpoint; either of these attacks will void the Mission Task.

It's possible that the second objective is bugged. To remedy this, you may have to trigger reflex mode in the hospital or not skip the cutscene after you fend off the Man on Fire.

Main Ops 01: Phantom Limbs

  • Pinpointed Kazuhira Miller's whereabouts
  • Extracted Kazuhira Miller
  • Extracted the commander from Wakh Sind Barracks
  • Completed the mission without being discovered by the Skulls
  • Secured the rough diamonds hidden in Spugmay Keep
  • Extracted the transport truck driver

When you start the mission, get off D-Horse and look for a crack in the wall shown on your map. It should be directly east of where you start. Either scale the crack or run along the slop to the side and get to a hidden rough diamond; pick it up, and then head to Da Wialo Kallai. Ride around to the west road entrance and try to tranquilize the soldier taking a break by his truck. This is the transport truck driver that you need to extract. When he's secured and headed to base, look in the main building nearby and get the intel on Miller's exact position if you haven't done this in a previous run of the mission.

Next, ride/drive to the Wakh Sind Barracks and either interrogate the soldiers posted here to find the commander, or dig into the highest area of the barracks and find him yourself. he'll be wearing a red beret.

Finish the mission by changing the chopper's LZ to near Da Ghwandai Khar, which requires you to blow up the anti-air radar. This will remove the Skulls as a threat, finishing the final Mission Task.

Main Ops 02: Diamond Dogs

  • Completed the Fulton extraction training
  • Extracted staff, raising your R&D Team's level
  • Developed the cardboard box, and completed basic training
  • Completed restrain training
  • Completed strike training

If you followed Ocelot's instructions when playing through this mission the first time, then you should have already completed all five Mission Tasks. The first three are given to you for doing the bare minimum to complete the Main Ops, but the other two are done after you've developed the cardboard box. Talk to Ocelot and have him walk you through a bit more training on how you can render enemies ready for extraction until you've finished the two remaining objectives, then call in Mother Base's chopper and head out.

Main Ops 03: A Hero's Way

  • Eliminated the Spetsnaz commander
  • Neutralized the Spetsnaz commander from long distance (100m or more)
  • Extracted the Spetsnaz commander
  • Picked a haoma in the desert between Shago Village and Spugmay Keep
  • Secured the processed materials hidden in Shago Village

Bring D-Dog with you and head southeast of Shago Village into some sand dunes. Keep an eye on your map whenever D-Dog spots medicinal plants, because you'll want to pick the haoma in the dunes. After you obtain it, reach the village and look underneath a bridge west of it for a hidden material box, completing the fifth Mission Task. Finally, knock the Spetsnaz commander out and Fulton him to Mother Base to finish the third passive objective. This is the only material box in the outpost that you need to collect in order to finish the related Mission Task.

If you need to kill him from over 100m away, play the mission again and tag him so you know how far you are from him. Then get to a safe distance and use a sniper rifle to perform a headshot. After that, run out of the mission area to finish the mission quickly.

Main Ops 04: C2W

  • Identified the comms equipment at the Eastern Communications Post
  • Destroyed the comms equipment at the Eastern Communications Post
  • Secured the rough diamonds hidden near the Eastern Communications Post
  • Destroyed the transmitter at the Eastern Communications Post
  • Extracted 2 prisoners being held at Wialo Village
  • Extracted the materials container from the Eastern Communications Post

You should start this run by heading directly to Wialo Village. The two prisoners held here are on the west side of the village; if you have a hard time finding them without using D-Dog as a buddy, try interrogating some soldiers until you can learn their positions and extract them. After that, look on the map for a crack that you can climb just south of the Eastern Communications Outpost. The crack will take you to a high path leading northwest that may be protected by two wolves; just let them pounce on you so you can whack them away and extract them.

Right before a cliffside that allows you to look over the entire outpost is a slanted rock slope, which is hiding a large rough diamond on top of it. Grab this gem and you'll finish another Mission Task. The bulk of what's left to do relates simply to the comms equipment. Identify the three antennas by using your binoculars and then, if you want to remain hidden, work on Fultoning absolutely everyone out of the area very carefully. Remember that you can leave the area to trigger a checkpoint, which will save your progress on removing the soldiers. When the coast is clear, look inside one of the buildings to find the outpost's transmitter, which you should destroy for the related Mission Task, then destroy the three radars to finish the main objective. After that, Fulton the material container in the middle of the base, finishing the final Mission Task. You should be able to find another container on the road a bit north of here that you can use to return to the ACC.

Main Ops 05: Over the Fence

  • Extracted the captive engineer
  • Fulton extracted the engineer through the hole in the facility's basement ceiling
  • Extracted the prisoner plotting to escape from Wakh Sind Barracks
  • Extracted the four-wheel drive patrolling between outposts
  • Secured the blueprint at Wakh Sind Barracks

This can be done in one run. Use the LZ south of the Wakh Sind Barracks and extract as many soldiers you deem necessary in order to reach the prisoner. A four-wheel drive should pass through the area for a little bit, assuming you're booking it from the LZ to the barracks, and you should be able to stop the driver before he gets away to fulfill the fourth Mission Task.

Look on the map for a crack in the wall that you can use to bypass the main entrance to the higher region of the barracks. With D-Dog accompanying you, you should be able to find a prisoner high up on the rocks. Extract him, then look into the portable buildings in the main section of the barracks for some blueprints to pick up. Now all that's left to do is to Fulton the engineer inside the building; when you find him, carry him to the hole in the roof of the building he's in and Fulton him out from underneath the hole. This can be done with even the Fulton Wormhole to fulfill the related Mission Task.

With the final objective out of the way, use a material container to lift yourself back up to the ACC.

Main Ops 06: Where Do the Bees Sleep?

  • Secured the Honey Bee
  • Eliminated the Skulls
  • Secured the Honey Bee with its ammunition intact
  • Extracted the prisoner who cannot speak
  • Extracted 2 snipers at the Mountain Relay Base
  • Eliminated the gunship

You should be able to finish all six objectives in one go. Pack a strong missile launcher and air shotgun, and wear the infinity bandana if you have it to make things run a little more smoothly. Run on over to the Mountain Relay Base and wipe the place out so you can extract the pair of snipers and the prisoner here. After you do this, run towards Smasei Fort and use your rocket launcher of choice to take the chopper down.

The last bit of objectives you need to take care of occur after you find the Honey Bee. When the Skulls show up, you'll want to use your air shotgun to defeat them all. This is going to take a while, but at least you'll have the Honey Bee intact. When the Skulls have all been defeated, Fulton them back to base and call a chopper on your position so you can return to base.

Main Ops 07: Red Brass

  • Eliminated the commander of the company stationed at Wialo Village
  • Eliminated the commander of the platoon stationed at Shago Village
  • Eliminated the commander of the platoon stationed at Wakh Sind Barracks
  • Extracted the commander and the soldiers riding in his vehicle (4 total)
  • Extracted the 3 commanders
  • Listened to the end of the 3 commanders' conversation
  • Extracted 2 prisoners being held at Ghwandai Town

If you followed the S Rank suggestions, you should have already completed the first five Mission Tasks, not to mention the first three are mandatory objectives. For the final Mission Tasks, use the LZ near Ghwandai Town and try to locate and extract the two prisoners as soon as you can. Then deliver yourself back to Wialo Village and stay hidden as the three commanders have their conversation. When the Mission Task marks itself as complete, extract the commanders once more and finish the mission (or trigger a checkpoint and abort).

Main Ops 08: Occupation Forces

  • Secured the deployment plans
  • Eliminated the colonel
  • Eliminated all tanks
  • Extracted the colonel
  • Eliminated the colonel and all tanks before they reached Smasei Fort
  • Extracted the prisoner being held at Sakhra Ee Village
  • Extracted all tanks

If you've gotten the S Rank with the strategy provided for both the story and S Rank pages, then the only two remaining Mission Tasks should be to secure the deployment plans and to extract the prisoner at Sakhra Ee Village. Since you can quit out of a mission after triggering a checkpoint, this cleanup will be much less painful than it might have otherwise been.

Just infiltrate the village from the east, preferably at night, and interrogate a guard to get the location of either the prisoner or the intel (or both). Continue to interrogate them until they spill the beans on both, then grab both and leave so you can trigger a checkpoint. After that, just abort the mission.

Main Ops 09: Backup, Back Down

  • Eliminated an armored vehicle
  • Eliminated multiple fighting vehicles or gunships
  • Eliminated all armored vehicles without receiving a resupply or fire support
  • Secured the weapon the transport truck was carrying
  • Extracted an armored vehicle
  • Extracted 4 soldiers searching for the escaped prisoner
  • Extracted 6 prisoners
  • Extracted 3 tanks

There are a minimum of two separate Mission Task runs, which you can do in whichever order you feel like. The first focuses on prisoners and the weapon being transported, and the other is for eliminating all vehicles. You should bring D-Dog for the prisoners and D-Horse for the vehicles. EMN mines are also a huge help for the vehicle run.

Land at the southwest LZ. When looking for prisoners, you should look for one in the mountain path west of Guard Post 15; this is one of two time-sensitive prisoners, and you'll want to get to him as soon as possible.m You'll want to extract all four soldiers looking for this (1/6) Prisoner, then extract the prisoner himself. After this, return to the approximate location of the southwest LZ and head north into some sand dunes for the second (2/6) Prisoner. From there, run to Lamar Khaate Palace, where you'll be able to find another (3/6) Prisoner held in a cell. From here, go north and look around the river for the fourth (4/6) Prisoner, then go to the Wakh Sind Barracks for the last standard (5/6) Prisoner. The last (6/6) Prisoner will be taken around in a four-wheel drive, so once you have the first few prisoners or so, focus on bringing this guy back as soon as you can. You should also aim to extract the weapon being carried by one of the trucks in this run if you can, but you can always replay the mission later for this exact Mission Task. Stop the truck with an EMN mine, D-Horse, or some other means so you can secure the weapon intact. You must pick up the weapon yourself, you cannot extract the truck with the weapon inside for it to count. You can also do this in the vehicle attack run.

Note: Use of the Infinity Bandana will resolve the third Mission Task without any extra effort. Use it to make quick work of things.

When you're ready to wipe out all seven enemy vehicles, start the mission at the northern LZ and sit by the rock you were at for the S Rank tactics (if you don't know this place, just hide anywhere), and use either D-Horse or EMN mines to disable tanks so you can extract them. This is going to consist of a lot of waiting around, so you may also want to consider simply running around and blowing the vehicles up instead. There are seven vehicles that you need to defeat/extract; the four-wheel drive carrying a prisoner and the vehicle carrying a special weapon do not count, but the latter will be passing into this point from the north if you haven't already obtained the weapon. If you find that you have some downtime, there should be a vehicle parked inside Yakho Oboo Supply Outpost if you want to Fulton it early. The two last vehicles will likely not be fast enough to reach your hiding spot before time runs out, so you'll want to approach them yourself and get rid of them before the clock runs down. You can blow these last two up if you want to, since you only need to eliminate them for the Mission Task. Once you've stopped all seven vehicles, three tanks and a chopper should appear; the tanks are involved in the last of a chain of related Mission Tasks. These only appear after defeating all other vehicles, and you must extract all three to complete the final task. Leave via chopper extraction to finish the mission after eliminating all four vehicles.

Main Ops 10: Angel With Broken Wings

  • Extracted the Mujahideen prisoner called Malak
  • Extracted the escort vehicle (armored vehicle)
  • Extracted 3 prisoners being held at Lamar Khaate Palace
  • Extracted 2 prisoners being held at Yakho Oboo Supply Outpost
  • Listened to the last conversation between the transport truck driver and Malak

After following the S Rank tips, you should have already extracted the armored vehicle and the three prisoners at Lamar Khaate Palace. The most important thing to do now is listen to the conversation between the truck driver and Malak, which requires you to be at Yakho Oboo Outpost. When you start the mission, run straight to Yakho Oboo and try not to interact with any soldiers whatsoever; keep the place as intact as possible. Malak will eventually arrive and will be escorted inside a building. Use your binoculars' microphone while overlooking the place from the northwest corner to hear the last conversation (if any rise in alert takes place, the conversation will not happen), then rescue the two other prisoners held here if you haven't done so before. Either finish the mission or trigger a checkpoint and abort to the ACC to make the Mission Tasks save.

Main Ops 11: Cloaked in Silence

  • Eliminated Quiet
  • Determined what to do with Quiet
  • Neutralized Quiet without hitting her with lethal weapons
  • Neutralized Quiet with non-firearm attacks

You should have already completed all of these Mission Tasks by beating Quiet in the story with the information provided then. If not, replay the mission and defeat Quiet by marking her and dropping supply drops on her head. Doing this twice will fulfill all four objectives.

Main Ops 12: Hellbound

  • Made contact with Dr. Emmerich
  • Extracted Dr. Emmerich
  • Extracted 3 Walker Gears from Central Base Camp
  • Extracted Dr. Emmerich without him taking damage
  • Secured the Glamor Model (Vertical) poster at Central Base Camp
  • Secured the blueprint at Central Base Camp

Extracting three Walker Gears and keeping Emmerich fully healthy are Mission Tasks that speak for themselves. Since there is no time limit, you have all the time in the world to extract the Walker Gears. Keeping Emmerich safe just requires you to be aware of your surrounding more.

This leaves the final two Mission Tasks. Assuming you're using delivery points to reach the central base camp faster, you should be able to find one of the large structures (similar to Emmerich's lab) numbered 01. The blueprints you're looking for are on a shelf in there. The vertical poster is inside the small garage-like building's southern entrance. This building, when you look on your map, is north of the middle of three central structures. The middle one you're looking for is the partially broken-down one. With these two items secured, reach Emmerich to trigger a checkpoint, then abort to the ACC to save yourself the hassle of finishing the mission.

Main Ops 13: Pitch Dark

  • Shut down the oil transfer pump
  • Destroyed the oily water separator tank
  • Extracted 4 child soldiers being trained at Masa Village
  • Exfiltrated the hot zone before Mfinda Oilfield was sealed off
  • Extracted the lappet-faced vulture that wandered into the burned-down village
  • Extracted 4 Walker Gears sealing off Mfinda Oilfield

These Mission Tasks require two runs. For the first, start the mission at night (which you should already be doing), and bring a stun arm. The infinity bandana wouldn't hurt either.

D-Dog can very easily find the children in Masa Village sleeping in the same building together; use the stun arm's overcharged blast to stun them all, allowing you to Fulton them without using tranquilizer rounds. From the village, you can use the delivery point to get to Mfinda Oilfield quickly. Once inside, start working on Fultoning everyone out and shooting all the lights, triggering checkpoints by running out of the base so you don't have to re-Fulton the soldiers again. Clear the entire place out, then run past the south exit with D-Dog to locate a lappet-faced vulture, which you need to extract. To leave the hotzone before four Walker Gears seal the place off, you need to blow the tank while near a resource container, then get onto one ASAP and extract yourself before they arrive. On a second run, just Fulton the Walker Gears before you finish the mission.

Main Ops 14: Lingua Franca

  • Identified the Afrikaans interpreter
  • Identified the Viscount
  • Extracted the Viscount
  • Pinpointed the locations of the 4 prisoners from an intel file
  • Extracted 3 prisoners being held at Kiziba Camp
  • Extracted a materials container at Kiziba Camp
  • Listened to all 4 prisoners' interrogations

This will require two runs, since you need to save the prisoners and listen to their interrogations.

Land at the southern safe LZ and approach the camp to reach the interpreter and the first prisoner. Knock out all surrounding enemies and extract the prisoner (you can extract the others if you want, but that costs time), then run straight north to find another prisoner. The third prisoner is held in the main area of Kiziba Camp, by the anti-air radar and inside one of the cages by a pit. The central building here (if you can call it a central building) contains the intel for the prisoner locations, which you'll need to scan regardless of your knowledge of their positions for the related Mission Task. The Mission Task related to rescuing the prisoners may only register after extracting the final prisoner, the Viscount.

On your second run, you'll just want to use your Int-Scope to listen to the prisoners' interrogations. The best LZ to start with is the southern one, just like before. When the first prisoner and the interpreter split up, don't get confused and accidentally follow the wrong guy; follow the interpreter to another prisoner and listen with your Int-Scope at a distance. When his (1/3) Interrogation is over, reach the female prisoner - the third you rescued before - by the cages, pit, and anti-air radar. The first prisoner will be interrogated with her. After the second (2/3) Interrogation, the prisoners will be killed, which may cause the poor AI to trigger an alarm, even though they were the ones to kill the prisoner. If this happens, restart a checkpoint. If not, then check to see if the interpreter and the commander are making their way towards the Viscount. If so, run over to the Viscount's location and wait for them to arrive; if not, then the soldier guarding the Viscount will slowly push him along all the way to a different meeting point. In the second scenario, you may as well continue following the interpreter. Make sure you stay at a safe distance so neither party is aware of your position. The two parties will eventually converge for the final (3/3) Interrogation, and once it's over, secure the Viscount and finish the mission.

Main Ops 15: Footprints of Phantoms

  • Eliminated all Walker Gears
  • Extracted 2 prisoners being held at Ditadi Abandoned Village
  • Extracted all Walker Gears
  • Picked a digitalis (lutea) at Ditadi Abandoned Village
  • Extracted a truck at Ditadi Abandoned Village

When starting this mission, head towards the fork in the road at the southern edge of the village, where you'll find the truck that you need to extract. Since two of your other Mission Tasks are focused on extracting, you'll really want to just make it a main priority to Fulton everyone and everything out of here, including the two prisoners and the set of Walker Gears when it's safe to do so. D-Dog will be able to identify the location of the digitalis (lutea) for your map, but you can also just find it at the top of the rock structure in the middle of the area. If you've neutralized everyone in the base, you can call the chopper in to the LZ here, which is conveniently right on top of this rock structure.

Main Ops 16: Traitors' Caravan

  • Identified escort unit (armored vehicle)
  • Identified transport truck
  • Extracted transport truck
  • Eliminated the Skulls
  • Extracted the transport truck driver
  • Pinpointed escort unit's estimated route from an intel file
  • Listened to all conversations between transport truck driver and outpost/guard post soldiers
  • Extracted 3 Zero Risk Security soldiers

To make things easy when fighting the Skulls, bring your best sleep grenades with you. The infinity bandana wouldn't hurt if you don't have remarkable sleep grenades. Everything can be done in one run, if done correctly.

The escort unit's route can be determined by intel found in a tent at Guard Post 14; just stop by for a spell and do what you have to in order to reach the intel. Next (or first, if you've already found this intel before), go to Nova Braga Airport and try to overlook the place when the escort unit appears. Try to identify the transport truck and the escort unit, which is not only a Mission Task, but is useful for keeping track of the vehicle, and then try to mark the transport truck driver. You'll then want to stay around the western wall by a small platform to safely hear a (1/3) Conversation between the truck driver and nearby soldiers. The next destination is Guard Post 12; you can head there right away as soon as the first conversation has ended, if you want. At around the same time the convoy reaches the guard post, a four-wheel drive with some Zero Risk Security soldiers will appear, which you can identify with your Int-Scope. Mark them when you can, then turn your attention to the truck driver and use the microphone on the scope to hear the second (2/3) Conversation. As soon as this conversation ends, quickly get to the northern entrance of Kiziba Camp and wait for the convoy to arrive here.

The final (3/3) Conversation will occur west of some resource containers. Try to hide somewhere in the vicinity of them until you hear the end of this conversation, then crawl along the ground behind some wooden containers, which should give you enough distance to cause the Skulls to appear. With your cover in play, you should be able to toss sleep grenades at them until they're all conked out. Try to extract them if you can, then go for the transport truck driver and the target vehicle. All that should remain now are the ZRS soldiers, which are easily located if you marked them earlier. If not, they should be stunned on the ground a bit down the road south of here; D-Dog should be able to find them easily. That'll be the last thing you have to do, so leave the mission area however you please and be done with the mission for good.

Main Ops 17: Rescue the Intel Agents

  • Extracted Intel Team member escaping through the first north of the camp
  • Extracted Intel Team member being held at Kiziba Camp
  • Extracted 2 CFA officials
  • Extracted prisoner being held at Kiziba Camp
  • Extracted 4 search team reinforcements
  • Extracted the transport truck driver

Use the northern LZ to get the drop on the search team reinforcements, who will be traveling from here southward. All four members of the reinforcement team will be traveling together in a jeep, so you need to be quick about stopping them. If only three get in the jeep, then one of the other members of the guard post will be the fourth member, and you need to extract him as well. After a minute or two of being at Guard Post 01, even if you're not done with the reinforcement team, a transport truck will pass through. This is the truck driver that you need to extract. Stop him however you please and send him back to base. D-Dog can easily find the prisoner held at Kiziba Camp; he should be between the two intel agents in a building. The CFA officials, if they're not already by the prisoner, will travel together on a jeep after you extract one of the intel agents, and should be around the northern edge of the camp. Both of them will be wearing balaclavas. There aren't many checkpoints in this mission, so you may want to just play it safe and finish it all the way through.

Main Ops 18: Blood Runs Deep

  • Eliminated the former rebel Mbele soldier
  • Eliminated 5 prisoners being held at Kungenga Mine
  • Extracted child prisoner
  • Extracted the former rebel Mbele soldier
  • Completed the mission by extracting 5 child soldiers without the enemy discovering their escape
  • Eliminated the gunship
  • Extracted 5 snipers from areas near Kungenga Mine, NE and SW Guard Posts
  • Extracted 3 armored vehicles

Bring a lethal weapon for lights and to stop armored vehicles, a missile launcher for the gunship, and the infinity bandana.

Assuming you've gotten the S Rank done with using the methods given in the walkthrough, then you should only have to eliminate the gunship (if your chopper didn't do so for you in the story), extract five snipers, and extract three armored vehicles. Start by going to the Bampeve Plantation and waiting for one of the armored vehicles to park itself in front of a building, which is where the former rebel soldier usually is. The second armored vehicle generally patrols the road between Guard Post 04 and Guard Post 05. Feel free to destroy the gunship at any time past this point.

You should then go all the way to Guard Post 13. Two of the target snipers are by the mouth of the crevice leading to the Ngumba Industrial Zone; extract them, then move upwards from here directly into Kungenga Mine; this should be an inverse of the path you take in the story, and should be a direct south-to-north path. Try to completely clear out the mine if you have the patience, then leave the northern exit and look around for the final armored vehicle. It'll be traveling on the long road extending north and west around the mine. Since you're out of the mine, move to Guard Post 02 and go west so you can reach a small pocket of a forest. The remaining three snipers are in this forest. Once you've extracted them, you'll be able to trigger a checkpoint by returning to Guard Post 02, which means you can quit out if that was your last Mission Task.

Main Ops 19: On the Trail

  • Identified subordinatie of the PF commander, the Major
  • Identified the PF commander, the Major
  • Eliminated the PF commander, the Major
  • Extracted the PF commander, the Major
  • Extracted the subordinate of the PF commander, the Major
  • Extracted prisoner being held at Munoko ya Nioka Station, NE Guard post
  • Listened to the conversation between the PF commander (the Major) and his subordinate

Sleep grenades can be useful to knock The Major's men out all at once.

This is a really easy set of Mission Tasks to accomplish. When you start the mission, run straight to Guard Post 16 and quickly rescue the prisoner being held there. Then go to the Viscount, who will be at the mouth of the crevice leading to the Ngumba Industrial Zone. When the subordinate arrives, wait for them to have their conversation before knocking the whole team out. Before you extract The Major and his subordinate, identify them with your Int-Scope. Fulton them and leave the hotzone to finish this short mission.

Main Ops 20: Voices

  • Extracted Shibani
  • Successfully hit the floating boy with an attack
  • Fought off the Man on Fire
  • Pinpointed route to Ngumba Industrial Zone, West Guard Post from an intel file
  • Extracted an African wild dog near Ngumba Industrial Zone, West Guard Post
  • Listened to the conversation about the "bodies at Munoko ya Nioka Station"

Start the mission off with the tranq pistol so you can reach the Man on Fire more easily, then call in the water pistol when you're done listening to the conversation about the bodies. The infinity bandana helps very much for this mission, and the stealth camo would make things easier for you when sneaking. For listening to the conversation, you must not alert anyone or tamper with anyone, so let all soldiers be and prevent anyone from being stunned or put to sleep. Bring a shotgun of some type as your primary weapon, preferably a silenced air shotgun just in case you really have to stun someone. It'll also be useful later regardless.

The first task you can complete is finding a wild dog, which should easily be possible as you move from the LZ to Munoko ya Nioka Station. Just extract one, then get to Guard Post 20 to find an intel file that you need to scan. The last miscellaneous Mission Task that you can do before reaching the Man on Fire is to listen to the conversation about the bodies; the man who starts the conversation will be arriving by truck to Guard Post 20 very shortly. Stand by and wait for him to arrive (if his truck isn't already there) and get into the truck bed. The conversation you need to listen to is the very last one. Sit in the truck bed until the driver takes you near Guard Post 17, then wait for him to get a decent distance away and follow him on foot to the tent outside the tunnel, where the conversation will take place. Any sort of awareness of an enemy presence will prevent him from ever starting the conversation, so you'll very likely have to restart or reload your checkpoint. You cannot simply go straight to the tent either, as he just won't show up if you don't encounter him earlier. Call in your water pistol and a shotgun of some kind if you don't already have them equipped.

When you start to fight the Man on Fire, continuously shoot your water pistol at him until he collapses. There are two strategies you can go with for hitting the boy, but the latter is suggested if you have the infinity bandana. Many try to call in a supply drop directly onto the Man on Fire when he's downed, but this may not hit the floating boy, or it may not arrive in time before he disappears again. You can alternatively keep shooting the boy with your shotgun until one of the blasts hits him; this, however, may take a few cycles of stunning the Man on Fire, but it's not like that's going to be hard. The Man on Fire cannot attack and will barely move if you're constantly shooting water at him. When the boy has been shot, try extracting the Man on Fire to defeat him. He won't be successfully brought back to base, but it will count as a defeat, finishing the third Mission Task.

Main Ops 21: The War Economy

  • Identified the arms dealer
  • Identified the CFA official
  • Eliminated the CFA official
  • Extracted the CFA official
  • Extracted the arms dealer
  • Listened to all conversations between the arms dealer and the CFA official
  • Secured the blueprint the gunship was carrying
  • Extracted the materials container inside the Nova Braga Airport hangar

If you went through the S Rank suggestions provided for this mission, you should have the first five Mission Tasks taken care of already. Now all you have to focus on is the chopper and, more annoyingly, listening to four conversations between the official and the arms dealer. If you haven't done the first five tasks in the S Rank run, you can easily overlap them after doing the sixth Mission Task, so there's no worry of doing things out of order. Make sure you bring C4 for this mission and have the Wormhole Fulton unlocked. The stun arm would help drastically as well.

There's an easy way of listening to all four conversations without having to follow the pair of targets around, being in their truck, or anything like that. You'll want to pick the lock on the gate south of the east entrance to the airport, then locate the two sets of buildings in this area that run north to south. The set you'll want to be on top of is the one furthest to the west, which has a gas tank on the ground to the left of it. There'll be a ladder at the north end that you can climb to the roof, and this is where you'll spend a lot of your time. Park yourself on the southern end of this first building, then wait for the gunship to arrive (remember where it hovers above the building for later) and focus your binoculars into the window of the main building so you can hear the first (1/4) Conversation.

When the first conversation ends, head to the northern edge of this roof and look for a blue hangar with a truck inside. They'll be getting in this truck soon, but you have time to Fulton any nearby enemies if they pose some kind of threat. After they reach the truck, they'll have another (2/4) Conversation and be on their way to another hangar. When they start to get into their truck, run south to the other rooftop and jump (the same key/button for climbing) as you sprint towards it so you can make it across. If you'd like to get your objectives done in one run, then sprint towards the hangar that they're headed towards (there are some red material containers inside) so you can prep to take out any Walker Gears that approach the hangar. Listen outside as they have their next (3/4) Conversation and remember this place, because these material containers are required for the final Mission Task.

When they're done talking, rush to the main building, take out as many enemies as you can, and try to get to the roof where the chopper dropped the arms dealer off before. You'll want to plant C4 on the spot that the chopper will drop down onto when it tries to pick the arms dealer up. As for the final (4/4) Conversation, standing on the roof should suffice for hearing it. Take care of the enemies with a Fulton extraction, or blow the C4 when the chopper is hanging directly above it with the targets inside and grab the blueprints that fall out. To finish the mission off for good, return to the hangar where the third conversation took place and Fulton yourself out with the final container you extract.

Main Ops 22: Retake the Platform

  • Eliminated the enemy commander

By finishing this mission, you'll complete the only Mission Task. You don't have to replay this.

Main Ops 23: The White Mamba

  • Extracted the White Mamba
  • Extracted the prisoner being held at Masa Village
  • Extracted the White Mamba without giving him the opportunity to resist
  • Secured the rough diamonds hidden near Masa Village
  • Extracted 20 child soldiers

Make sure to bring D-Dog (as usual) and the best stun arm you've got. When you land in Africa, go to Guard Post 06 and interrogate the child soldiers here to find some diamonds hidden at the post in a tent. Then Fulton all eight children here, as there are only 12 at Masa Village, and you'll need 20 for the final Mission Task. The two remaining tasks are at Masa Village; a prisoner can be found in one of the houses around the northern border, which should easily be located with D-Dog. Then stay undetected and extract the remaining 12 children (not Eli) to finish the final Mission Task off. With nobody around except Eli, charge your stun arm to full power while Eli is within 50m of you to knock him unconscious immediately. Then just carry him to the chopper to end the mission.

Main Ops 24: Close Contact

  • Extracted the male engineer
  • Extracted the female engineer
  • Extracted 6 nubians near Ngumba Industrial Zone, SW Guard Post
  • Extracted 2 four-wheel drives
  • Extracted 4 materials containers from Munoko ya Nioka Station, NE Guard Post
  • Picked an African peach near Munoko ya Nioka Station
  • Extracted a martial eagle near Munoko ya Nioka Station

The first destination is Guard Post 16, where you'll be able to find the four material containers you need to extract. You then want to reach the northern entrance of Munoko ya Nioka Station and have D-Dog locate a large martial eagle. Extract it, then enter the station and get through to the other side to find the African peach that you need to pick.

Now go to Guard Post 20 and Fulton one of the four-wheel drives, if it's already here, and wait for the second one to come by from the north. Extract that one as well, then look east into the wilderness for six nubian goats. Fulton all of these to finish what should be your final Mission Task, then extract the prisoners and use a nearby material container to get back to the ACC.

Main Ops 25: Aim True, Ye Vengeful

  • Extract the militants' XO
  • Extracted the child soldiers' commander
  • Extracted the prisoner who escaped from Munoko ya Nioka Station, NE Guard Post
  • Extracted 12 child soldiers
  • Used a vehicle to extract the child soldiers' commander and the militants' XO simultaneously
  • Picked a digitalis (purpurea) at Munoko ya Nioka Station, NE Guard Post

Since you need to extract the commander and the XO at the same time, you'll want to use the northern LZ again so you can reach them as fast as possible. Knock out and extract all child soldiers EXCEPT for the commander, who you want to hold up and keep on the ground or place into the vehicle nearby. Then run south and try to get to the escaped prisoner before the wild dogs can kill him (if you fail, just restart the checkpoint).

Look all around for a total of 11 other child soldiers to extract. Then, with the commander still on the ground or in the vehicle, look on the map in the west for a weird, lumpy-looking structure. Get on top of it by finding a path around the little nub sticking out of the northeast corner of it, then pick one of the flowers on top to satisfy the last Mission Task.

You should now only have to extract the 12th child soldier (the commander) and the prisoner out of the mission area by vehicle. That will fulfill the last two tasks.

Main Ops 26: Hunting Down

  • Pinpointed the trafficker's escape route from an intel file
  • Eliminated the trafficker
  • Eliminated the trafficker before he reached Kiziba Camp
  • Extracted the trafficker and 5 escort soldiers
  • Extracted 4 prisoners being held at Ditadi Abandoned Village
  • Extracted a side-striped jackal near Kiziba Camp

As before, quickly make your way to the area just north of Guard Post 14 and take out all six of the men in the group. Extract all of them Before moving to Ditadi Abandoned Village, look north of here towards Kiziba Camp for a jackal and extract it to complete the sixth Mission Task. The final Mission Tasks should be both completed at Ditadi Abandoned Village. When you reach the village, locate the four prisoners and extract them, then look around the village for the intel file that shows you the trafficker's route. When you've finished these tasks, put the trafficker down and Fulton him, then use the delivery point in the village to leave the mission area.

Main Ops 27: Root Cause

  • Extracted Intel Team member
  • Extracted Intel Team member before he could have an accident
  • Exfiltrated the hot zone with Intel Team member by land

If you arrive at night, you can tranquilize some of the soldiers on the way up the hill and reach the prisoner before he gets into the truck. Tranquilize him or just get close to him if he starts walking over to it, then put him in the passenger seat and drive away yourself. Going north up the road with the target is a quick way out.

Main Ops 28: Code Talker

  • Made contact with Code Talker
  • Extracted Code Talker
  • Extracted Code Talker without him taking damage
  • Eliminated the Skulls
  • Extracted the Skulls
  • Extracted the armored vehicle sealing off Lufwa Valley

These Mission Tasks are simple, but there's a big source of tedium coming from the initial sniper battle with the Skulls. You'll want to either enter the mission with a tranquilizing rifle or call one in when you get there so you can slowly pick them all down. To do this, hide behind the rock you start out next to when the Skull cutscene plays, then crawl along the ground and fire at the Skulls when you have a good line of sight on them. If spotted, not much different will happen aside from the potential melee attack from one of the Skulls; always keep an eye on your surroundings and walk away from where she'll appear, then try to bop her with your Wu S.Pistol to speed up her demise. When all four Skulls are passed out, Fulton them back to base and reach the mansion.

Do not waste your time by Fultoning everyone away from the mansion before you reach Code Talker, because they'll just respawn when you get to him. Instead, rush into the mansion and get to the basement as soon as you can, and then call a chopper on the northern LZ as soon as you have Code Talker on your back. Sneak out the back door and climb up the slope leading to the LZ, but put Code Talker down behind a rock. You'll want to shoot all soldiers in your way in the legs so they can become tranquilized, then Fulton them so they're out of the mission area. Bring Code Talker a bit forward until you spot a tank; try to get around it if you can, but if you get spotted, bum-rush the tank and try to extract it before it starts moving. If you start the extraction process and the tank moves away afterwards, the process is not disrupted.

With the tank and all future threats out of the way, take the completely unharmed Code Talker to the chopper and finish the mission.

Main Ops 29: Metallic Archaea

  • Eliminated the Skulls
  • Extracted Code Talker
  • Completed the mission without being grabbed by a puppet soldier
  • Extracted the Skulls

Bring your strongest grenade launcher, which is hopefully the Hail MGR-4 at *7, and wear the Battle Dress and bandana like you did to play Main Ops 42 the first time. Have Quiet use the Sinful Butterfly and wait for her to deplete a Skull's armor in one shot. After that, you and Quiet should whittle down that particular Skull's health until he collapses; extract him when he's on the ground, and then continue this process for the other Skulls until they're all defeated and headed to Mother Base. As you do this, make sure to just avoid the puppet soldiers as much as you can so you're not grabbed by one. Any remaining soldiers will pass out after all Skulls have been defeated, so if you feel like extracting them, you can. It shouldn't take too many tries to pull all of this off.

Main Ops 30: Skull Face

  • Made contact with Skull Face
  • Got information from Skull Face
  • Extracted 4 Walker Gears
  • Obtained cassette tape at OKB Zero
  • Extracted 7 red containers from OKB Zero
  • Extracted 3 tanks from OKB Zero

These Mission Tasks are incredibly easy, since all you have to do for most of them is extract things. Just make sure you give the game enough time to replace the red containers if you recently made a return trip and Fultoned some of them. As for the cassette tape, proceed through the mission like usual until you reach the staircase leading up to Skull Face's helipad. Go down the stairs south of the helipad and reach the top of the elevator for the cassette tape.

Main Ops 31: Sahelanthropus

  • Destroyed Sahelanthropus
  • Destroyed Sahelanthropus's head
  • Successfully hit the floating boy with an attack

To do this as fast as possible, wear a Battle Dress and bandana and bring the Hail MGR-4 grenade launcher (*7 or so), the FB MR R-Launcher (*5 or so), and a damaging pistol. These are the weapons suggested for Main Ops 50, so this should be a piece of cake compared to that mission. Just aim for the head until the head is destroyed and then prolong the battle long enough so that the other child appears; shoot him with your pistol before he disappears to finish the third mission task, then defeat Sahelanthropus to successfully complete everything.

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