Hero Siege - The Void, do you dare enter?

By Michelle-Louise Janion, 1 year ago
Hero Siege screenshot

Hello fellas,

This is a status update for plenty of things:

We have fixed a few more nasty bugs that have been haunting the game for ages! We also have had time to really balance out Wormholes and balance relics out and find exploits etc.

We will be patching the game next week which will mostly be bug fixes and optimization etc. On the same time we update all PHP scripts with better optimization which should improve plenty of things server side.

So what you all prolly wonder, what is "The Void"?

The Void will be a "Raid Dungeon" for a team of 4 players. You can open "The Void" as a group of 4 players and take on some seriously nasty 4 player gimmick bosses with many phases.

We will introduce Double Talents and will slowly start adding tank and healing specs to all classes (well not every class is going to be a tank and a healer :D).

The Void will require 2 DPS, 1 Healer and 1 Tank to be cleared. The bosses drop higher item level loot than Wormholes and are a ton harder and require real coordination between the group.

This is all for now, we have a ton of work to do and that much time that the days offer so..... Keep your pants on for now :)
Michelle-Louise Janion
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