Hero Siege Next Patch Thursday Night!

By Michelle-Louise Janion, 1 year ago

So we have been working hard on our new patch for Hero Siege which is kinda huuuuuge. We will be testing further tomorrow and thursday before patching. So well yeah, get ready for all this:


- Wormhole area's remade completely with new themes
- Wormhole packs are no longer randomized but pre-placed
- Wormhole bosses now have their own throne which appears after clearing the enemies.
- iLevel cap in wormholes removed completely.
- all talents and singular talents now scale for a possibility of 1 per 100 ilevel.
- Ranking system reset and re-done, groups now have their own ladders (2,3,4) + solo
- Guilds now have reputation that grants perks.
- Added Stash into the town where you can store items.


- Fixed Demonspawn talent names being scrambled.
- Fixed Nomad's Demolishing Tornado damage.
- Fixed Necromancer crash on clients.
- iLevel scaling lowered a bit.
- Enemy damage now scales by +25% per player in group
- Enemy HP now scales by 100% per player in group instead of 75%
- Removed iLevel cap from items Made curve harder.
- Fixed client vs host xp ratio.
- Autoequipping item now updates stats.
- Minimap is now on by default and can be turned off by pressing "M" or Middle Mouse Button
- Promoting a player to admin in a guild now updates the status.
- Fixed hat not shown on Demonspawn.
- All sliders can now be dragged.
- Your portrait now updates as you get more hero levels.
- The pack system in wormholes got a massive re-vamp.
- Fixed minimap for every dungeon, crypt and zone in game.
- Hero Level max experience now multiplies with the actual hero level.
- Life per hit and Mana per hit are now fixed % of players max mana or max hp
- Trading items has been removed.
- Swapped ACT 3 and ACT 4 in order to make the lore better.
- Opened ACT 5, 6, 7 by default in order to not be tied to each other.
- Life per hit and Mana per hit has been re-calculated into your existing weapons with the new system
- Combat text and names etc are now transparent in order to give more visibility.
- Other player's projectiles and effects are now transparent.
- If a HC character dies or you delete a character, its guild spot will remove too.


- Higher Wormholes now give more experience.
- Randomized wormholes removed for good, made pre-made ones with themes.
- Every 10% of the wormhole timer is now 1 level, so if you do it so that you have 90% left you
gain 9 wormhole levels from the upgrade instead of the old 1. 1 is the minimum if you beat it
before the timer runs out.
- If a player under 150 is in a wormhole, the whole group will be kicked to the town.
- Every 20 WH multiplies the enemy HP scaling and armor scaling.
- WH Packs changed a bit, not that many elites now.


- Nomad Wind & Sand proc chance lowered from 20% to 6%
- Shaman Fire totem damage scale with attributes lowered by 65%
- Redneck can now attack during chainsaw massacre.
- Demon Slayer bullets now deal 75% of his damage.
- Demon Slayer melee nerfed from 3x dmg to 1.75x
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