Hero Siege

By Austin Phoenix, 1 year ago
Moar Balances!

- Old ilevel and mysterybox scaling reverted back, we will change it for S2.
- Removed MS Scaling from enemies in wormhole vs rangeds.

- Demonspawn Demonic Presence calculation changed into diminishing with a low cap
^ Every point diminishes with a factor of 0.9975 to a minimum of 0.0025 per point.
- Blood Surge synergy scale back to 300% from 55%
- Blood Surge Energy scaling tripled
- Demonspawn Increased both Impale and Blood Surge cooldown from 4 seconds to 7 seconds.
- Demonspawn Gutspread no longer heals or gains mana, since its not a projectile
- Impale Energy scaling is now 2x bigger.
- Impale base damage fixed
Austin Phoenix
Written by Austin Phoenix
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