Hero Siege + Season 2 is here!

By Michelle-Louise Janion, 1 year ago
Season 2 is now LIVE!

We also released a new skin for Pirate, so if you want to support the further development of this game, here is a link where you can get it.


  • A Christmas themed quest chain
  • Xmas season update rewards for people who complete the quest chain!
  • Season 2 has started and Season 1 Portrait rewards has been handed to the players!


  • The Town of Inoya has been re-built.
  • Added a lag removal for the crater objects that explosions leave behind.
  • Boosted all attribute scaling on spells +50%
  • Increased max life per hit to 16% and mana per hit to 12%
  • You can now delete quests by right clicking on the list.
  • Quests now have mouse over descriptions.
  • Chat tooltips now match the item tooltips 1:1
  • Most classes now have their own attack sounds and impact sounds
  • Guild description can now be edited.
  • Fixed a bug in the loot text when picking up an item.
  • Chat linked item tooltips updated, now shows colors right and ilevel
  • Re-made bosses Gurag & Anubis
  • Addex Toxic Difficulty to the game which scales with your personal highest WH level and
  • gives better loot than wormholes.
  • Wormhole Keys now cost 250k
  • Mystery Chests now cost 3.5k rubies.
  • You can now sell all items from current chosen slot pressing 1 button in shop
  • Items are now sorted by iLevel (highest shown first)
  • Rubies are now reset due to past inhumane drop rates.
  • Tab now shows the whole map.
  • Mystery hat drops fixed


  • Attack speed factor has been halved from what it was.
  • Increased all talents + singular talents scaling
  • Mystery Boxes no longer drop Satanic and only drop the current WH level mythic gear
  • Satanic item spawn rate decreased and these can now only be obtained on wormholes or
  • toxic difficulty
  • Items can now upgrade to Warforged which increases iLevel by 10% or Titanforged which increases iLevel by 25%
  • Mystery chest in town now always drops according to destruction, even if difficulty is set to normal
  • Mystery chests no longer stack but adds up and increases size of existing chest, removes lag
  • You can now see iLevel besides level requirement in inventory (should make browsing easier)
  • There is now more range in attack speed for weapons.


  • Wormhole balance has been changed, you can now see the % on damage and HP buff
  • Max wormhole levels awarded now 5 instead of 10.
  • Wormhole bosses now drop mystery chests, but loot drop is lower % than in everywhere else.
  • Leviathan Orb health decreased from 5 x playercount to 3 x playercount
  • Gabriel pillars now explode into a frost nova, freezing and damaging players nearby.
  • Hazards now start at level 20 to 100.
  • Fixed 150's being able to join wh with a glitch
  • 4. rarity enemies no longer have instant reflection, but a 20% chance to get it
  • Bosses can no longer be enhanced in order to keep a smooth balance.
  • Boss arena's now have a few variations



  • Viking Shockwave is now instant and projectile scale increased
  • Viking Talent 2 now has a flat % chance and increases critical damage by levels
  • Viking Bash now has a flat % chance to happen and increases damage dealt per level


  • Pyromancer Armageddon synergy scaling increased by 5 times.
  • Pyromancer Fire Nova synergy scaling increased by 4 times.
  • Pyromancer Armageddon and Hydra cooldowns reduced.


  • Paladin Holy Hammer life increased about 170%
  • Paladin Holy Hammer distance speed decreased by 50%
  • Paladin Synergy "Holy Shield" has been changed into "Blessed Shields" to remove confusion
  • between rotating shields and divine shield.
  • Fixed a bug in Paladin's Chain Lightning
  • Paladin Holy Hammer synergy scaling tripled
  • Paladin's Divine Shield cooldown increased and scaling decreased + synergy changed.
  • Paladin's Divine Shield Synergy now instead of prolonging the durability, spawns chain lightning 2 times per second when its active.


  • Pirate X marks the spot synergy scaling increased from 4 to 6x.
  • Pirate Rapid Fire buffed and re-worked, now increases attack speed by 1250 + 10 per talent point.
  • Pirate Anchor now lands an aoe smash on point of impact and is scaled 5x with synergy
  • Pirate Rapid Fire now lasts 10 seconds.
  • While having rapid fire on, pirate's aim gets worse due to recoil.
  • Pirate Bomb Barrage no longer grows in range after each pulse
  • Pirate X Marks the spot now stuns enemies for 1 second.


  • Shaman totems, removed strength scaling from everything else except the earth totem.
  • Shaman Storm Totem nerfed, scaling lowered by 50%.
  • Shaman's Elemental blast synergy decreased by 50%


  • Demonspawn lowered manacalypse damage by 25%
  • Demonspawn fixed a bug that boosted damage too much with synergy
  • Demonspawn Blood Surge synergy damage decreased from 300% to 200%


  • Marksman Multishot now fixed to 5 arrows, only damage scales now.
  • Marksman Rocket and Grenade now have 300% increased synergy damage

Demon Slayer

  • Demon Slayer shredder now explodes 4 seconds faster and works correctly upon explosion


  • Amazon spearnage synergy scaling buffed from 2.5x to 4x
  • Amazon Thunder Spear now has energy synergy
  • Amazon Envenom now has strength synergy
  • Amazon Thunder Spear now always procs Tropical Thunder
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