Hero Siege Happy Halloween! Patch

By Michelle-Louise Janion, 1 year ago
Hero Siege screenshot

Halloween Update is now live!

A new journey awaits every adventurer to demolish the Pumpkin King!

Patch Notes:

- New original Halloween themed soundtrack by Antti Martikainen
- A Quest Chain to kill the Pumpkin King!
- Spooky assets and halloween mood!
- Seasonal Rewards and achievement that can only be completed during Halloween!

- New quest log system added into the game. You can now have multiple quests on at the same time!
- Added a system that displays debuff timers on top of your player such as "Frozen", "Slowed", "Poisoned", "Burning", "Stunned" Etc.
- Damien and Grim Reaper bosses re-worked!
- Damien's Throne + Act 3 ending changed into "Damien's Nightmare".

- Wormhole levels and Hero Levels compressed down to 10% of its original value in order to improve the difficulty curve of Wormholes and improve the item vs difficulty curve
- iLevel compressed to 60% from what it was in order to improve the difficulty curve of Wormholes and improve the item vs difficulty curve
- Fixed a crash with WH Parasectoid Boss.
- Wormholes now add up to 5 hazards 1 per 100 levels.
Hazard 1 (Berserk):
- Enemies belowe 25% HP gain 150% Damage, 150% Increased movement speed, grow slightly in size and turning red.
Hazard 2 (Volcanic Eruption):
- When in Combat small craters spawn on the feet of players that erupt after a second causing massive damage + burning debuff
Hazard 3 (Corrosive Pools):
- When an enemy Dies, it leaves behind a pool of corrosive blood that heals enemies and damages the player
Hazard 4 (Molten Heart):
- When an enemy Dies, it also leaves behind a ball of lava that explodes and deals AOE damage + causes burning debuff.
Hazard 5 (Reaping):
- Every time you kill an enemy you gain few seconds of bleeding that stacks per enemy death. Every stack ticks for a % of your Max Health. The debuff wont stack in time and fades off after seconds.

- Fixed skins and awkward HUD in local coop.
- Fixed stash losing items in singleplayer.
- Fixed act 4-3 portal not working.
- Burning Damage now applied from burning sources and now deals 5% max hp per second.
- Fixed Clients taking damage 2 times more frequently from spells and enemy abilities
- Fixed health and mana bar being glitchy as F on player and enemies.
- Fixed Life per hit and Mana per hit for clients
- Fixed Anubis Icon bug
- Fixed getting kicked from WH
- Code optimization to make the game run a bit smoother.

- Demonspawn Manacalypse now scales Talent Number X mana and has a 5x Energy Synergy
- Shaman Totem STR scaling lowered from 0.00005% per point to 0.00002% per point
- Paladin Holy Shock aura now scales with Energy
- Pirate parrot damage increased from 100 + (talent X 100) to 1500 + (talent X 1500) damage
and synergy scaling increased from 3x to 5x.
- Pirate Bomb Barrage damage increased from 100 + (talent X 100) to 1000 + (talent X 1000) damage
and synergy scaling increased from 3x to 5x.
- Pyromancer fireswarm damage increased from 30 + (talent X 30) to 100 + (talent X 100) damage
and synergy scaling increased from 1x to 5x.
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