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The Universim

The Universim

The Universim
Universe Expansion

Colonize 5 planets

Universe Expansion0
Locked 12 Feb 2024 12 Feb 2024
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Couple Of Things About This:
- Moons Count.
- It Doesn't Have To Be A Thriving Civilization, Just Landing On The Planet Counts.
- Starting Planet Doesn't Count.

If You Want It As Fast As Possible In One Playthrough:
- Go To The Moon, Terraform It.
The UniversimBarren BeautyThe Barren Beauty achievement in The Universim worth 124 pointsTerraform a Moon

- Go To Rock Planet, Grab Cracker Piece, Build Observatory.
- Go To Ice Planet, Terraform It, Grab Cracker Piece.
The UniversimFrosty TransformationThe Frosty Transformation achievement in The Universim worth 67 pointsTerraform an Ice Planet

- Go To Lava Planet, Terraform It.
The UniversimMolten MetamorphosisThe Molten Metamorphosis achievement in The Universim worth 147 pointsTerraform a Lava Planet

After You've Done The Above, You Can Use An Observatory On Your First Planet And On Rock World To See A Total Of 10 Planets.
- This Is Excluding Your First, And Including The Ones You've Already Visited

Achievement Unlocks As 5 Total Planets Are Visited.

Save Your Game.
- Send 5 Nuggets And 40 Food To Another Planet And The Achievement Is Yours! Or You Can Send Them To The Rest Of The Observable Planets For The Achievement Below.
The UniversimThe Secret Achievement achievement in The Universim worth 104 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

Afterwards Reload To The Previous Saved Game So You Dont Have 1-6 Failing Colonies. (You Can Also Go For Endings From This Point Too)

Good Luck!
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