Terraria Achievements

Full list of all 104 Terraria achievements. It takes around 200 hours to unlock all of the achievements in the base game on Windows.

The base game contains 88 achievements, and there are 2 DLC packs containing 16 achievements.

  • Timber!!

    Chop down your first tree.

  • No Hobo

    Build a house suitable enough for your first town NPC, such as the guide, to move into.

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  • Stop! Hammer Time!

    Obtain your first hammer via crafting or otherwise.

  • Ooo! Shiny!

    Mine your first nugget of ore with a pickaxe.

  • Heart Breaker

    Discover and smash your first heart crystal underground.

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  • Heavy Metal

    Obtain an anvil made from iron or lead.

  • I Am Loot!

    Discover a golden chest underground and take a peek at its contents.

  • Star Power

    Craft a mana crystal out of fallen stars, and consume it.

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  • Hold on Tight!

    Equip your first grappling hook.

  • Eye on You

    Defeat the Eye of Cthulhu, an ocular menace who only appears at night.

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Journey's End

9,349 (100%)
0-1 h
Journey's End
  • Benched

    Craft your first work bench.

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1,107 (21%)
3-4 h
  • Fae Flayer

    Defeat the Empress of Light, responsible for all those flashy lights and glitter.

  • Just Desserts

    Defeat Queen Slime, giving the coup-de-grace to the sovereign of all that jiggles.

  • Don't Dread on Me

    Defeat the Dreadnautilus, murderous mollusk lurking beneath the surface of the sanguine seas.

  • Hero of Etheria

    Repel the strongest forces the Old One's Army can muster.

  • Infinity +1 Sword

    Obtain the Zenith, the culmination of a journey forged into the ultimate sword.

  • Boots of the Hero

    Obtain the Terraspark Boots, forged from the finest boots of fire and ice.

  • A Rather Blustery Day

    Fly a kite on a windy day.

  • Quiet Neighborhood

    Enter a misty graveyard filled with the surly dead.

  • Hot Reels!

    Drop a lure in a pool of lava for a pre-fried haul!

  • Heliophobia

    Trick a gnome into turning into stone!

  • Leading Landlord

    Meet with a tenant who's as happy as they possibly can be!

  • Feeling Petty

    Deliver headpats to the town pet.

  • Hey! Listen!

    Encounter a fairy.

  • Jolly Jamboree

    What you're celebrating doesn't matter, just throw a party already!

  • Dead Men Tell No Tales

    You were so preoccupied with whether or not you could open the chest that you didn't stop to think if you should.