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Pickups Laboratory 1!

Find all pickups in Laboratory 1!

Pickups Laboratory 1!+0.5
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12 Jan 2022 12 Jan 2022
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The Pick Up achievement is NOT from picking up literal items in the level but from walking over the little blue orbs that can be found throughout a level. There are 3 in each level and for some you will have to be a specific height to reach them. This guide is less about HOW to get the orbs are more about where the orbs are located as there are many ways one could easily REACH the orbs.

1) Crouch and go under the table that the microwave is on, the orb is behind it
2) This orb is under the desk below the chalkboard.
3) This orb is located on top of the cabinet under the camera. This is also a good time to get the destroy the camera achievement if you don't have it. Do a custom level and max out your jumping stats. If you wait till you are short enough to fit under the camera and jump a few times you will break the camera.