Operation Big Sur Begins in American Truck Simulator

By Rebecca Smith, 8 months ago
A new event has begun in American Truck Simulator, offering rewards for players who take part. In the Operation Big Sur event, players are tasked with helping to clear the Big Sur Landslide so that the Camel-San Simeon Highway can be re-opened in the game.

The Big Sur Landslide happened over a year ago but had such a devastating effect on the Camel-San Simeon Highway, part of California State Route 1, that the road is still unpassable and will likely not be reopened until September. The impact of the event was reflected in the game, where the corresponding road was immediately closed to players. However, if players want to reopen the road early, they can do so by helping to shift the remaining 2 million cubic foot of dirt, rocks and sand.

To open the road up, players will need to make a cumulative total of 500,000 deliveries of material and equipment either to or from the site of the landslide. Community progress can be tracked on the front page of the World of Trucks website. Players who individually complete 15 deliveries will receive the "Plush Excavator" cabin toy and "Juggernaut" paint job.

Operation Big Sur

Everybody who complete at least five deliveries will get the memorial paint job "Operation Big Sur" too.

Operation Big Sur

All of the rewards will be tradable and marketable Steam Inventory items. Will you be taking part?
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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