Call of Duty: WWII Celebrates St. Patrick's Day

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
Most people celebrate St. Patrick's Day by drinking a lot of alcohol. That's not an option in Call of Duty: WWII, so Sledgehammer Games has decided to celebrate with a special event. Operation: Shamrock & Awe is running from now until April 3rd, bringing along a new map, a special playlist, new weapons and equipment, and a major content update.

Operation Shamrock

Players will soon see a re-imagined map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4. The small close-quarters combat map Shipment has been given an era-specific makeover. Now known as Shipment 1944, Season Pass owners can currently gain early access to the map, although it will be available to all players from Friday, March 16th.

There will be new gear with a St. Patrick’s Day theme, only available during the event. This includes uniforms, helmets, and weapon camos. There will also be two new weapons: the M-38 Submachine Gun and the MG 81 Light Machine Gun. The weapons will each have variants with a St. Patrick's Day theme that are only available during the event, but other variants of the two weapons will be available in the game after the event finishes. You can see samples of some of the limited edition content below.

The new limited-time featured playlist is the Leprechaun Hunt Moshpit. The playlist includes Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint, Kill Confirmed and Domination with a bit of a twist. On each map, players can hunt down a zombie leprechaun. Those who manage to kill the leprechaun will be rewarded with all of their equipped scorestreaks ready to use. This playlist will also offer double XP from 17:00 pm GMT on March 16th to 17:00 pm GMT on March 19th. You can view all of the above content in the trailer below.

Finally, there's an update for the title featuring tweaks to multiplayer and zombies. You can find the full details below.


Gun Game and Prop Hunt

Good news! We heard your excitement about these modes loud and clear and we added them to the mode rotation last week. You can find them in our new Party Games playlist tab. Also, many of you have been inquiring about Prop Hunt on the new DLC maps. This will be happening starting tomorrow!

The Quartermaster & Supply Drops

Let’s talk about ‘em! First off, we wanted to thank everyone for their feedback. We have taken it to heart and have been working to improve our system to make the experience better for you. With the launch of Operation: Shamrock and Awe tomorrow, which includes some festive St. Patrick’s-themed gear, we felt this was the best opportunity to recalibrate and improve the loot experience. We evaluated the entire system and your feedback, with the sole focus of improving the overall quality of item drops and delivery. Below are the major updates to the system coming to the game starting tomorrow:
  • Increased Number of Weapons & Premium Content per Update – We’re adding new ranged weapons, more cosmetic weapon variants, and themed uniforms with a commitment to double-down on these categories moving forward so you’ll be able to get more of the content you want.
  • More Ways to Earn Weapons – We are offering a variety of paths to obtain the most-wanted weapons and weapon variants in-game as more will be made available via Orders and Contracts, in addition to existing Weapon Collections and Supply Drops.
  • Lowered Duplicate Rates – We are reducing the frequency of duplicates you’ll receive within Supply Drops to deliver more new content in every drop.
  • Rebalanced Category Reward Rates – This will ensure you are getting a wider variety of content categories within every drop, which will make the unboxing experience more satisfying (we heard you on what it feels like to get triple duplicate pistol grips).
  • New Special Orders - We heard your feedback on certain weapons being available only via Common Supply Drops and how hard they are to get. We are moving these into Special Orders so that they are easier to access.
  • New Categories of Items – You will have more ways to customize your solider and loadout with the introduction of weapon charms, camos, and reticles.
  • Content Changes – We are removing gold foil calling cards, and won’t be adding new pistol grips to the loot pool.
  • Armory Drops – We are adding a new Supply Drop type “Armory Drops” which will function a lot like Bribes but can be obtained for Armory Credits to provide yet another way to get the content you’re after.

Nazi Zombies

UI Issues

We have fixes coming tomorrow that address the issues with Reichsrevolver and Enfield No. 2 appearing twice in menus, the Enfield No. 2 name not displaying correctly, and the ability to customize attachments on weapons that players had not yet unlocked.
Both the event and the update are available in-game now.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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