Walkthroughs Update - 2017

By Tim S, 1 year ago
In a year that saw 7,672 games released, 2017 was a substantial year for seeing new arrivals on the Steam store. More importantly, 2017 saw the introduction of walkthroughs here on TrueSteamAchievements. I posted an update back in September that detailed how much progress we had made during the initial launch, with 30 walkthroughs having been published.

Overall, we saw 42 walkthroughs published in 2017 since its inception in May. A complete list of all of our published walkthroughs can be found here, but here is a list of ones that have been added to the site since the last update in September:

Looking forward to 2018, we've already had three walkthroughs published so far, so hopefully this good start will continue throughout the year. If you're interested in contributing to this tally by writing your own walkthough for a game, you can sign up using this link.

A huge thank you to those who have already contributed. We don't currently have a walkthroughs leaderboard, but if we did, the top five would look like this:

1. transyo (23 published walkthroughs)
2. IronInfidel47 (9 published walkthroughs)
3. tintmylf (4 published walkthroughs)
4. axisz8008 (3 published walkthroughs)
5. punkyliar (2 published walkthroughs)
= thirtysmooth (2 published walkthroughs)

Honorable mentions go to Davem300490 and Dudeness for their contributions to the walkthroughs in 2017.
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