Walkthroughs Update - September 2017

By Tim S, 1 year ago
Welcome to the first monthly update for TrueSteamAchievement's Walkthroughs. These updates will showcase the past months walkthrough contributions.

As this is the first update, let's start from the beginning: we decided to start walkthroughs on TSA due to sister site TrueAchievements success with their walkthroughs (currently they boast a staggering 1,751 as per time of publication), with the hope of replicating said success on TA's PC equivalent site.

On 17th May 2017, the first TSA walkthrough was published; a rather well-written one as well if I do say so myself! Since then, another 30 walkthroughs have been published by the community with a further six currently in-progress.

Last month alone we managed to publish 14 walkthroughs, which are (in order of time of publication):

- AIRIS Walkthrough written by transyo
- Batman: Arkham VR Walkthrough written by tintmylf
- Echoes of the Fey Episode 0: The Immolation Walkthrough written by transyo
- Connected Hearts - Visual novel Walkthrough written by transyo
- Lost in Secular Love Demo Walkthrough written by transyo
- Elsewhere High: Chapter 1 - A Visual Novel Walkthrough written by transyo
- Sonic Mania Walkthrough written by IronInfidel47
- Late Shift Walkthrough written by Davem300490
- Mirt. Tales of the Cold Land. Chapter one Walkthrough written by transyo
- Narcissu 1st & 2nd Walkthrough written by transyo
- Once Upon an All Hallows Eve Walkthrough written by transyo
- One Manga Day Walkthrough written by transyo
- Paranormal Teens Walkthrough written by transyo

This is a fantastic start. but with TSA currently tracking 9,912 games with achievements, we've some way to go. A huge thanks to Davem300490, IronInfidel47, tintmylf and transyo for contributing this month and to those leaving feedback either by giving these walktroughs a 'thumbs up' or via the forums.

If you'd like to see your name up in lights here next month, let us know you're interested by either leaving a comment on this thread, or by dropping me a PM.
Tim S
Written by Tim S
Resident TSA busy-body.