Paladins Open Beta 44 Patch Notes | February 17th

By Michelle-Louise Janion, 1 year ago
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Legends of the Realm
Open Beta 44 Patch Notes | February 17th
Beta Expectations


Take your first steps into a new realm with powerful Legendary Cards. Season 1 brings about new ways to customize your play style, a brand new game mode that is not for the faint of heart, along with an overhaul to card crafting and looting.


Legendary cards are now available for all Champions. These cards are not placed inside of a loadout, but instead are selected at the start of the match and bring powerful benefits to each champion.

  • Players now select one of their Legendary cards along with their loadout to further customize their play experience.
  • Just like loadouts, once selected the Legendary card is locked in for the duration of the match.
  • Legendary cards do not have any ranks.
  • Champions each have 3 Legendary cards to choose from.
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  • Radiant Chests are now purchasable for the cost of 3,000 Gold.
  • Radiant Chests no longer drop Gold or provide Gold for duplicate items.
  • A brand new type of currency called Essence will be given for duplicate items in the Radiant Chest.
  • All loadout cards and Legendary cards are now unlocked using Essence.
  • Loadout cards now have a rarity - ranging between Common, Rare, and Epic.
  • Example: Onslaught I, Onslaught II, Onslaught III, and Onslaught IV are the RANKS of the card "Onslaught". Onslaught (and all ranks of it) is an Epic card, where Epic is its RARITY. As before, when a card is unlocked it also unlocks all ranks of the card.
  • The Loadout screen has been updated to show previews of loadout points spent.


  • The in-match scoreboard has been updated to show each champion’s selected Legendary card.
  • A new “Overview” section has been added to the scoreboard that shows a loadout summary for each player that shows the amount of loadout points placed into each category.


Team up with your friends to see who can survive the longest in the newest game mode, Survival. Survival is a permanent death five on five round based mode where death fog creeps in from the edge of the map, forcing teams to engage until one team is left standing.

  • Survival is played on smaller maps in a best of 5 round based format.
  • A short delay after each round begins, deathly fog will set in from the edges of the map as it closes in on the Epicenter.
  • Once the death fog reaches the Epicenter, it will pause for 60s creating a final fight to the death.
  • Death fog deals a percentage of a champion’s maximum health, and travels through all shields and damage reduction. The death fog is unbiased - it will kill all champions at the same rate and stops for no one.
  • If a player dies during the round, they will not respawn until the next round.
  • Survival is available on two maps: Primal Court, Snowfall Junction
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  • Crosshair type may now be edited in the Gameplay section of the Settings Menu. This is a global override and will apply to all champions. Extended champion specific features are planned to be added in a future patch.


  • Fixed an issue where Drogoz lose 30% of his Ultimate charge at round end.
  • Fixed Reticle Color option to now show the correct option while in game.


Dreadhunter Drogoz
  • Head: Dreadhunter’s Crest
  • Body: Dreadhunter
  • Weapon: Dreadhunter’s Maw
  • Voice Pack: Dreadhunter
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  • Survival maps: Primal Court, Snowfall Junction
  • Test Map Queue: The Test Queue now has two new maps available. Frog Isle REDO (Siege). Forward - a test Payload Mode map


  • Ice Mines - The outer railing by the capture point Ice Mines no longer slides players off.
  • Frozen Guard - Fixed a tree exploit along the payload route.


  • Defiance - Increase accuracy from 75% to 82%
  • Cards - Patience: Reworked + renamed to Elusive. Gain 10/20/30/40% Movement Speed for 2s after using Nether Step.
  • Legendary Cards - Heads Will Roll: Deal 50% more Headshot damage.
  • Godslayer: Reversal deals a minimum of 800 damage.
  • Dark Stalker: Nether Step now has 3 separate charges and is no longer linked.
  • Blunderbuss - No longer provides bonus damage to targets marked by your Turret. Reduced fall-off from 80 to 85. Reduced minimum damage at maximum fall-off range from 10 to 50%.
  • Another Man’s Treasure - Renamed to One Man’s Treasure
  • Legendary Cards - Architectonics: Improve the potency of Turrets. Tinkerin’: Improve the potency of Blunderbuss. Barricade: Barricade gains 4000 Health.

  • Net Shot - No longer grants bonus damage after hitting net shot.
  • Speed Loader - Renamed to Street Sweeper
  • Legendary Cards - Ensnare: Net Shot grants 40% bonus damage for 3s after hitting a target. Bounce House: Heroic Leap now has 2 charges. Bulk Up: Recovery heals for 600 more.
Bomb King
  • Detonate - No longer grants bonus damage for hitting the same target with multiple detonated sticky bombs.
  • Grumpy Bomb - No longer deals bonus damage to shields.
  • Cards - Accelerant: Reworked + renamed to Explosive Entrance. Detonating Poppy Bomb Heals you for 50/100/150/200. Doomsday: Reworked. Activating Grumpy Bomb heals you for 50/100/150/200. Royal Decree: Fixed an issue where rank 3 of this card was not increasing Reload Speed.
  • Legendary Cards - Chain Reaction: When hitting an enemy with multiple bombs, each bomb after the first will deal 30% more damage. Accelerant: Increase the self Knockback of Poppy Bomb by 60%. Demolition: Grumpy Bomb destroys all shields when it explodes.
  • Dodge Roll - No longer grants bonus damage for your next shot.
  • Disengage - No longer grants bonus damage for your next hit after Disengage.
  • Legendary Cards - Exaction: Deal 40% bonus damage for your next shot after Dodge Roll. Big Game: Your first shot against an aerial target hit by disengage will deal bonus damage equal to 30% of their Max Health. Impulse: Increase the damage of Blast Shot by 300.
  • Rocket Launcher - Damage reduced from 950 to 850.
  • Thrust - No longer grants bonus damage after using Thrust.
  • Cards - W.Y.R.M. Jets: Reworked + renamed to Apex Predator. Gain 7/14/21/28% Crowd Control Reduction. Spitfire: Decreased Cooldown Reduction from .5/1/1.5/2 to .25/.5/.75/1s for every shot hit. Reciprocate: Renamed to Altitude
  • Legendary Cards - W.Y.R.M Jets: Increase the Flight Speed of Booster by 65%. Combustible: Fire Spit now knocks back and deals an additional 30% of its damage to targets hit over 2s. Fusillade: Direct shots deal 50% more damage.
  • Ice Block - No longer provides bonus damage to marked targets. No longer applies a slowing field to targets nearby upon ending.
  • Cards - Over The Moon: Reworked + renamed to Cantrip. Gain 1/2/3/4 ammo when you activate Soar. Wormhole: Reworked + renamed to Riftwalk. Gain 8/16/24/32% Movement Speed for 2s after using Blink. Reprieve: Reworked + renamed to Howling Gale. Gain 10/20/30/40% Movement Speed for 4s after Ice Block ends. Frigid Field: Reworked. Gain 5/10/15/20% Damage Reduction for 2s after Ice Block ends.
  • Legendary Cards - Reprieve: Heal 600 health per second during Ice Block. Wormhole: Blink may be used a second time within 4s to return to the initial casting location. Over the Moon: Reduce the Cooldown of Soar by 5s.
  • Fireball - No longer grants bonus damage for hitting multiple targets with Fireball.
  • Evolve - Renamed to Cavalier
  • Cards - Dire Need: Reworked. Gain 5/10/15/20% Movement Speed during Shield.
  • Legendary Cards - Formidable: Regenerate 40% of your maximum health over 3s when you fall below 15% of your max HP. Scorch: Fireball deals 30% more damage and 30% more for each additional target hit. Aegis: Your Shield has an infinite Duration and the Cooldown is reduced to 8s.
  • Shock Pulse - Bounce damage increased from 75 to 125.
  • Legendary Cards - Maelstrom: When your inhand deals damage reduce cooldown of shockpulse by 0.1s and Shock Pulse bounces 4 more times. Totemic Ward: Allies healed by Healing Totem receive CC Immunity for 2s and Healing Totem heals for 20% more. Wraith: If you would have died, ghost walk instead and heal for 15%.
  • Cards - Pick Up: Reworked. Hitting an enemy with Crippling Throw will reduce the cooldown of Vine by 1/2/3/4s. Over Growth: Reworked. Dropping below 15/30/45/60% of your max health will reduce the cooldown of Vine by 100%.
  • Legendary Cards - Ferocity: Increase your damage scaling over distance by 30%. Deep Roots: Crippling Throw now also Roots. Rampant Blooming: Healing allies with Blossoms will heal them for an additional 160 Health per second for 4s.
  • Sniper Rifle - No longer deals bonus damage for a fully charged shot. Increased maximum damage from 1000 to 1200.
  • Legendary Cards - Eagle Eye: Deal 50% increased damage with Headshots. Steady [email protected] Hitting a fully charged shot will cause your next fully charged shot within 5s to deal 30% more damage. [email protected] Multiple Oppressor Mines can now affect the same target and Oppressor Mines now slow for an additional 20%.
  • General - Reduced Movement Speed from 400 to 385.
  • Pounce - Increased Cooldown from 8 to 10s.
  • Cards - Scamper: Maeve now gains Movement speed when activating Pounce, and the duration has been increased to 3s. Sixth Sense: Reworked. Now grants 5/10/15/20% Damage Reduction after using Pounce.
  • Legendary Cards - Artful Dodger: Activating Nine Lives cleanses all Crowd Control and Damage over Time effects. Cat Burglar: You can jump while airborne a third time. Rogue’s Gambit: Eliminations reset the Cooldown of Pounce.
  • Dredge Anchor - No longer grants bonus damage to your next shot after hitting an enemy with Dredge Anchor.
  • Cards - Leviathan: Reworked + renamed to Ebb and Flow. Upon reaching 40% Health the cooldown of Shell Spin is reduced by 25/50/75/100%.
  • Legendary Cards - Leviathan: Gain 1500 health. Pluck: Gain 80% bonus damage on your first shot after hitting an enemy with Dredge Anchor. Half Shell: Shell Shield is now placed on the ground and is not channeled.
Mal Damba
  • Dread Serpent - No longer causes enemies to take 20% increased damage.
  • Legendary Cards - Wekono’s Wrath: Dread serpent causes enemies to take 20% increased damage. Spirit’s Chosen: Healing a target already affected by Mending Spirit’s HoT heals for a flat 300. Ripened Gourd: Gourd now slows enemies in the area for 40%.
  • Explosive Flask - No longer grants bonus damage after hitting an enemy with Explosive Flask.
  • Healing Potion - Re-activating Healing Potion in flight detonates it. Cooldown now starts when the potion is detonated or hits a surface.
  • Cards - Renamed to Smithereens
  • Legendary Cards - Catalyst: Targets hit with Explosive Flask are marked for 3s and take 40% damage from your weapon shots. Mega Potion: Healing potion heals for twice as much, but has double the cooldown. Acrobatics: You can now double jump during Weightless.
  • Repulsor Field - Damage Reduction reduced from 50% to 30%. Can now be used when not standing on the objective.
  • Cards - Extended Magazine: Fixed a bug where this card was restoring less ammo than intended. Heat Diffuser: Renamed to Refraction. Alternator: Renamed to Opulence
  • Legendary Cards - Recycler: Gain 100 ammo. Flux Generator: When used on the objective, Repulsor Field is twice as powerful. Aerial Assault: Advance gains a 3rd charge. Standing still causes Ruckus to jet upwards.
Sha Lin
  • Legendary Cards - Recurve: Draw your bow 15% faster. Shifting Sands: Gain 100% Lifesteal during Heat Haze. Desert Shadow: Increase the Stealth duration of Withdraw by 3s.
  • Poison Bolts - No longer grants bonus weapon damage when hitting enemies with Poison Bolts.
  • Smoke Screen - Increased radius from 15 to 25ft.
  • Cards - Preparation: Reworked + renamed to Subtlety. Gain 7/14/21/28% Crowd Control Reduction. Pollute: Renamed to Poisoner. Smother: Reworked + renamed to Healing Vapors. Now grants 100/200/300/400 Health over 4s when entering Smoke Screen.
  • Legendary Cards - Preparation: Reduce all cooldowns by 100% when getting a kill or elimination. Debilitate: Deal 20% more damage to targets hit by Poison Bolts. Surprise Attack: Deal 300 bonus damage on your first shot out of Hidden.
  • Recharge - Fixed an issue where Recharge would draw from Androxus’ Reversal.
  • Legendary Cards - Field Study: Allies affected by Protection gain +40% damage while it is active. Alternating Current: Increase Recharge's duration by 1.5s. Direct Current: Increase the duration of Runic Blast by 1s.
  • Legendary Cards - First Blood: Gain 20% Lifesteal. - Mercy Kill: Nade Launcher deals up to 100% additional damage based on the target's missing health. Hunting Party: Hunter's Mark's damage increase now also benefits allies.
  • Assault Rifle - Updated description to indicate that Viktor deals 40 bonus damage per shot on his first 4 shots instead of 50.
  • Legendary Cards - Gunnery: Gain 20% bonus damage while using Iron Sights. Firefight: Gain 40% bonus damage while Hip Firing. Cardio: Heal for 250 health per second during Hustle.
  • Illusory Mirror - No longer deals bonus damage when hitting all 5 shots on the same target.
  • Shatter - No longer increases the damage of subsequent shatters.
  • Cards - Fracture: No longer requires illusions to be in line of sight.
  • Legendary Cards - Focusing Lens: Deal 200 extra damage if you hit all 5 shots on the same target. Resonance: If an illusion is killed or despawned when a new illusion is spawned, it triggers a Shatter explosion dealing 500 damage. Lifelike: Illusions now heal a second target, but the secondary target cannot be Ying.
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