Paladins Open Beta 45 Patch Notes | March 3rd, 2017

By Michelle-Louise Janion, 1 year ago
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The Stone Warden
Open Beta 45 Patch Notes | March 3rd
Beta Expectations

NEW CHAMPION: Inara, the Stone Warden

  • [LMB] Stone Spear - Fire a burst of 3 projectiles dealing 225 damage each over 0.4 seconds, every 1 second.
  • [RMB] Earthen Guard - Enter a defensive state that lasts 5s where you and your deployables take 30% reduced damage.
  • [Q] Impasse - Deploy a wall that grows out of the ground and lasts 5s.
  • [E] Seismic Crash - Throw your spear, passing through shields and stunning any enemies within 40 units of its impact for 2s.
  • [F] Warder’s Field - Place a stone obelisk that pulses which slow enemies for 60% and deals 150 damage per second.
  • Legendary - Mother’s Grace [Default] - Earthen Guard gains 20% increased damage reduction.
  • Legendary - Treacherous Ground - Warder’s Field now cripples.
  • Legendary - Tremors - Reduce the Cooldown of Impasse by 7s.
  • Geomancer - Reduce the cooldown of Earthen Guard by .5/1/1.5/2s.
  • Sacred Ground - Standing in Warder’s Field grants you 5/10/15/20% Damage Reduction.
  • Summit - Activating Impasse underneath you knocks you up by 600/700/800/900 units.
  • Living Stone - Reload 10/20/30/40% faster during Earthen Guard.
  • Plateau - Increase the duration of Impasse by .5/1/1.5/2s.
  • Standing Stones - Reduce the Cooldown of Warder’s Field by 1/2/3/4s.
  • Stone Bulwark - Heal for 20/40/60/80 Health per second during Earthen Guard.
  • Whetstone - Eliminations grant you 10/20/30/40% Reload Speed for 5s.
  • Caretaker - Standing in Warder’s Field heals you for 20/40/60/80 Health per second.
  • Cloudbreaker - Impasse gains 500/1000/1500/2000 Health.
  • Crag - Impasse gains 10/20/30/40% more Damage Reduction from Earthen Guard.
  • Insurmountable - Gain 8/16/24/32% Crowd Control reduction.
  • Lodestone - Activating Warder’s Field generates 1/2/3/4 ammo.
  • Rolling Stone - You cannot be slowed by more than 60/50/40/30%.
  • Shear - Activating Earthen Guard generates 1/2/3/4 ammo.
  • Steadfast - Gain 150/300/450/600 maximum Health.
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  • All Achievements now reward 1000 Essence. Players that already earned achievements will be retroactively refunded Essence.
  • Added an alert to items that have been recently earned.
  • The home screen now supports additional images.


  • Fixed an issue with duplicate customizations received from Radiant Chests not granting Essence. We’re working on a solution for players affected by this during OB44 release.
  • Fixed the First Win of the Day Gold received at end of match lobby displaying the incorrect value.


  • Head: Garnet Blossom
  • Body: Garnet
  • Weapon: Garnet Spear
  • Head: Amethyst Blossom
  • Body: Amethyst
  • Weapon: Amethyst Spear
  • Head: Celestine Blossom
  • Body: Celestine
  • Weapon: Celestine Spear
  • Voice Pack: Inara
  • Emote: Paramount
  • MVP: Zenith
Baroness Tyra
  • Head: Baroness Tress
  • Body: Baroness
  • Weapon: Baroness Stinger
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Exalted Androxus
  • Head: Exalted Arch
  • Body: Exalted
  • Weapon: Exalted Pistol (existing weapon that goes with collection)
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  • Mid Life Crisis - Tyra, Buck, Makoa, Maeve, and Sha Lin in a 5v5 Survival encounter. When any of them reach 50% health they activate their ultimate permanently until they are killed.
Test Queue rotation:
  • Added Grotto V2, Dark Crossing, and Arid


  • Architectonics - Fixed a bug where this card was not properly reducing the Cooldown of Turret by 3s. Updated card description.
  • Tinkerin - Updated card description.
Bomb King
  • Poppy Bomb - Fixed a bug where Poppy Bomb would knock back for more if it was detonated before hitting a surface.
  • Bounce House - Now increases the Cooldown of Heroic Leap by 2s.
  • Combustible - Fixed a bug where Combustible’s Damage over Time effect was dealing True damage.
  • Fire Spit - Fixed a bug where sometimes fire spit would appear to hit a target on the client, but not hit them on the server.
  • Ice Block - Now grants immunity to all debuffs
  • Shock Pulse - Will now only slow each target once per cast.
  • Totemic Ward - Updated card description to indicate that this card increases the healing of Healing Totem by 20%.
  • Deep Roots - Fixed a bug where the minimum duration of the root was 1s instead of 0.5s.
  • Fixed a condition where Reconfigure card was incorrectly granting ammo.
  • Nine Lives - No longer heals Maeve by default.
  • Pounce - Reduced damage from 600 to 500. Range reduced from 70 to 50. Fixed an issue with Maeve able to cast twice.
  • Prowl - Reduced Movement Speed from 80 to 65%. Increased Cooldown from 9 to 12s.
  • Artful Dodger - Nine lives now also heals Maeve for 500 in addition to cleansing debuffs.
  • Patch Up - Description updated to indicate that Nine Lives no longer heals by default.
  • Healing Potion - Reduced projectile size by 50% to allow it to travel through spaces easier.
  • Reduced Shield Health from 6000 to 5000
  • Fixed an issue with Torvald's Arcanist skin not playing animations
  • Fire Bomb - Fixed a bug where Fire Bomb’s damage over time effect would not last its full duration.
  • First Blood - Lifesteal increased from 20% to 30%.
  • Lifelike - Now reduces healing of Illusions by 30%.
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