PAYDAY 2: Beta is live now

By Michelle-Louise Janion, 1 year ago


After we released the difficulty update during Hoxton Housewarming Party we have received a lot of feedback and a lot of different opinions about it which have all been really helpful to us!

Because of this we are now opening up a new beta where we are going to tweak the difficulty bit by bit, starting with a reduction to the health pool of enemies on Mayhem.

Right now the general opinion is that it's not too much of a difference between Death Wish and Mayhem. The leap between OVERKILL and Mayhem is almost as big as the original leap between OVERKILL and Death Wish. We want Mayhem to feel like it's in the middle of OVERKILL and Death Wish.

To download the Beta:

  1. Go to your steam library and right click PAYDAY 2 and choose properties.
  2. Press the Betas Tab
  3. Choose Open_beta
  4. Press ok
We will continue working on this beta until further notice.
For feedback and to participate in the discussions here is the link to the forum feedback thread.

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