PAYDAY 2 - The Search for Kento

By Michelle-Louise Janion, 1 year ago
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Winter is finally dying away, and the sun peeks out from behind the clouds.

That means that it’s time for a PAYDAY 2 Spring Break again.

And this spring comes with something extra. Especially for Jiro who’s finding a clue to to the whereabouts of his son, Kento. A small and maybe insignificant clue, but still. By pressuring Bain, the PAYDAY gang manages to get him to devise a plan. A plan for getting Kento back. But as per usual, it’s not gonna be easy.

“The Search for Kento” is live from April 3rd until April 12th. During that time we’ll treat all players will lots of freebies, new features, some surprises and stuff that goes “BOOM”!

You should also check the newest members of the crew the Paper gang!

A nice suprise for all you handy heisters out there.

We’re also making PAYDAY 2 free-to-play during this time, and more or less all DLC and the base game is 75% off on Steam this starts at 19:00 +1 GMT today.

So join the search party, as we’re setting out for a bit different Spring Break - one where family is worth killing for, this time The search for Kento!

PAYDAY 2 image

We have also prepared some good Community challenges for you, check them out in game. the more you play the more xp you gain.



  • Removed John Wick heists trailer (Game should now show original trailer)
  • Diamond Store - Issue with occluders on the back door
  • Twitch sits in the van in the safehouse
  • Updated strings for the h3h3 beanies
  • Updated desc for body exp basic and ace
  • Nerfed Body Expertise to 20% and Ace 60%
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