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Hotel Renovator

Hotel Renovator Achievements

Here is the full list of all 27 Hotel Renovator achievements.

  • Memento

    You found a bellboy uniform. It looks like it belonged to grandpa Roy.

  • No pressure

    Found a letter from grandpa. Let's make him proud and restore the hotel.

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  • Love is in the air

    You found a picture of grandpa Roy and his love interest.

  • Big fortune

    Found a newspaper clipping on how grandpa Roy came about his fortune. Guess, sometimes all you need is a bit of luck.

  • Island boy

    Found a postcard from a tropical island. Could this be where grandpa Roy is?

  • Broken heart

    Found a golden ring at the bottom of the pool. It looks like somebody got dumped here.

  • Aesop's fable

    Found all golden eggs!

  • Good start

    When you're at the bottom, the only way is up. You got your first star!

  • Moving up

    You've unlocked the second star! Keep up the good work.

  • Still more work ahead

    You're making a name for yourself. You unlocked the third star.

  • Nearly there

    There's no stopping you, is there? The fourth star unlocked!

  • You're a star

    Fith star unlocked! How does it feel to own a 5-star hotel?

  • Humble beginnings

    You've rented your first five rooms, congrats!

  • King of hospitality

    Occupancy limit reached! You've rented every room in your hotel.

  • Roll with it

    Wow, you've beaten the hen in a game of dice. What an achievement.

  • Unstoppable

    You've unlocked every skill, almighty one.

  • I think you dropped this

    You've returned the wallet. Glad to know that getting rich from someone's misfortune is not your style.

  • Fine, I'll do it myself

    Did you fix it all by yourself? It's better not to pay for something you can do yourself.

  • Hotel sleuthing

    You found all the lost instruments. Maybe the band will write a song in your name?

  • Let there be light

    You brought the power back to your hotel.

  • No need to call anyone

    You busted the ghost! Is there anything that you can't do?

  • Soulmate?

    They say that it's not a coincidence when you keep running into someone.

  • Reunited

    Nothing can stand in the way of true love! You've finished the main story quest.

  • Top spot in town

    Your hotel is now the talk of the town! You've finished the Splendor and Glory quest.

  • Kaboom

    You've used the dynamite for the first time. Don't try this at home

  • And so it begins

    You've picked a name for your hotel

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