Deep Rock Galactic Achievements

Full list of all 69 Deep Rock Galactic achievements.

The base game contains 67 achievements, and there is 1 DLC packs containing 2 achievements.

  • Barrel Kicker

    Dat accuracy. You kicked ten barrels into the hoop without a single miss.

  • That's Not How You Play This Game

    Rubbish goes in the bin, not the intricate machinery of the Barrel Hoop!

  • Darwin Award

    Sacrificed yourself to the Barrel Hoop while intoxicated.

  • Happy Feet

    You spent an hour or more shaking your money maker.

  • Big Spender

    What a team player. You've paid for 25 rounds at the Abyss Bar.

  • Party Time!

    You threw a toast to good music while in a full team.

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  • Disc Jockey

    Play 25 songs on the jukebox. (songs must play to the end to count)

  • Barrel Rider

    Ride a barrel in the spacerig for three seconds.


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