Dead Rising 2 Achievements

Here is the full list of all 50 Dead Rising 2 achievements.

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  • Tough Guy

    Collected all combo cards from psychopaths. Pried from their cold, dead fingers.

  • Half Deck

    Collected 25 combo cards. So many combinations, so little time.

  • Full Deck

    Collected all combo cards. All 49. Seems odd, doesn't it?

  • Data Miner

    Filled all entries in the notebook and made some friends along the way.

  • Smashy

    Smashed 100 zombies using the Smash skill move. Brains everywhere!

  • Stick 'em up

    Covered a zombie in objects. That sure was funny!

  • The Skill to Survive

    Tamed Snowflake. Keep some steak handy, just in case.

  • Tape It or DIE!

    Discovered the secret combo card. Did you cheat by checking online?

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