Crusader Kings III Achievements

Full list of all 127 Crusader Kings III achievements.

The base game contains 56 achievements, and there are 5 DLC packs containing 71 achievements.


Northern Lords

88 (16%)
Northern Lords
  • Far from Home

    As a Norse-Asatru ruler, have your capital on any island in the Indian Ocean

  • Miklagarðaríki

    As an Asatru, hold all of the original Thessalonika, and any empire title other than Byzantium

  • Canute the Greater

    As an unreformed tribal, form the North Sea Empire

  • King of all the Isles

    As a North Germanic Asatru, control all islands in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, whilst keeping your realm size below a certain threshold

  • Faster than the Fox

    As a Norse tribal, control the entirety of Sicily

  • Völva

    Form a coven as a female Asatru witch

  • Saga in Stone

    As any one dynasty, commission a hundred rune stones

  • First of the Crusader Kings

    As a Christian North Germanic, participate in the very first crusade from the start

  • Vladimir's Second Choice

    As a North Germanic or Asatru ruler, convert to Islam & convert all of Russia

  • A Dangerous Business

    As a dwarf, win a Varangian Adventurer war anywhere outside of Europe


Royal Court

56 (3%)
Royal Court
  • Patronage

    Fund an Inspired character's Project, and recieve the end result

  • Converging Paths

    Create a Hybrid Culture

  • Changing Course

    Create a Divergent Culture

  • Hoarder

    Have an artifact in every slot in the Inventory and Court

  • Crème de la Crème

    Reach the maximum amount of Court Grandeur

  • Polyglot

    Personally know 10 languages

  • Inspirational

    Sponsor 30 successful inspirations in one game

  • One of a Kind

    Obtain a mythological rarity artifact from an Adventurer Inspiration

  • True Tolerance

    Rule a realm containing at least 10 cultures with 95% or more acceptance of your culture

  • Delusions of Grandeur

    Be at least 6 levels above your expected Court Grandeur

  • Bod Chen Po

    As a member of the Pugyel Dynasty, re-create the Empire of Tibet

  • Turkish Eagle

    As the Seljuk Count in Samosata, form Rum and create a Hybrid Culture between Oghuz and Greek

  • Rise of the Ghurids

    Starting as the Duke of Ghur in 867 or 1066, conquer the borders of the historical Ghurid Empire

  • Brave and Bold

    As the Piasts in 867, rule a Feudal Poland and own a Famed+ regalia, crown, weapon, and armor

  • Lingua Franca

    Have every Royal Court speak your Court Language

  • Beta Israel

    Starting and staying as a Jewish ruler in East Africa, rule a Kingdom and diverge your culture

  • They Belong in a Museum

    Appoint a character with a completed Adventure inspiration as your Antiquarian

  • I Made This

    Loot an artifact you do not have a claim on and pass it down to your heir

  • Nobody Comes to Fika

    With the County of Fika as your primary title, diverge your culture and spread it to 30 Counties

  • The True Royal Court

    As a vassal king to an emperor, have a higher court grandeur than they do


Fate of Iberia

61 (12%)
Fate of Iberia

Tours & Tournaments

20 (4%)
Tours & Tournaments

Legacy of Persia

15 (13%)
Legacy of Persia
  • Royal Flush

    As a character of a faith with the Fadaeyeen Doctrine, dispose of a Lowborn, a King and an Emperor

  • Fiscal Responsibility

    Fill Five Tax Collector slots with excellent Aptitude characters

  • Iranian Revival

    Take the Iranian Resurgence ending in the Iranian Intermezzo Struggle

  • The Abbasid Restoration

    Take the Strenghten the Caliphate ending in the Iranian Intermezzo Struggle

  • Darius' Revenge

    As a character of Iranian Heritage, hold the Empire of Persia, Kingdom of Thessalonika, and Kingdom of Hellas

  • Mulct Them Dry

    Loot four Illustrious-Tier Vizier Extravagance Modifiers from your Vizier

  • Rich in Diversity

    Have 10 vassals of a different faith than yours under Jizya Law

  • The Ummayad Strikes Back

    Starting as a member of the Umayyad Dynasty, hold the Empire of Arabia and the Sunni Caliphate

  • Shia Reborn

    Take the 'Found a New Caliphate' foundation as part of the Abbassid Humiliation ending in the Iranian Intermezzo Struggle

  • All Your Caliphate Are Belong To Us

    Take the 'Dominate the Caliph' foundation as part of the Abbasid Humiliation ending in the Iranian Intermezzo Struggle

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