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Marksmen Achievements

The Marksmen Add-on for Arma 3 has 7 achievements.

  • Virtual Shooter

    Completed all official VR Weapon Handling courses.

  • Bad Omens

    Discovered the secret room in Showcase Firing From Vehicles.

  • Dodge This

    Completed Showcase Marksmen without injury.

  • Carrier

    Became the Carrier in official End Game multiplayer for the first time.

  • Hip Shooter

    Finished any official Marksmen Firing Drill without resting or deploying your weapon (competitive rules).

  • Conservative Sharpshooter

    Finished any official Firing Drill by hitting all targets and spending no more than a single round per target.

  • Marksmen Weapon Master

    Tried all 7 Marksmen DLC weapons.