Arma 3 Achievements

Full list of all 104 Arma 3 achievements.

The base game contains 46 achievements, and there are 7 DLC packs containing 58 achievements.

  • Tactical Withdrawal

    Episode Survive completed. You have survived the AAF attack and escaped Stratis.

  • Guerilla Warfare

    Episode Adapt completed. You have gained the trust of the FIA movement and prepared the way for a NATO invasion.

  • Hero's Journey

    Placed any objective for players as Zeus.

  • Deity for a Day

    Played as Zeus for a total of 24 hours.

  • Godly Creations

    Placed a total of 200 objects as Zeus across all scenarios.

  • Worshiper

    Pinged your Zeus.

  • Merciful God

    Reacted to 5 player pings as a Zeus by using the control shortcut.

  • This is War

    Started your first Arma 3 scenario - welcome!

  • Scapegoat

    Killed by a player while remotely controlling a unit as Zeus.

  • First Deployment

    Completed the Bootcamp campaign. Get ready for your next deployment!

  • K.I.A.

    Died in any Bootcamp campaign scenario. If you see the flash, it's already too late ...

  • Drill Instructor

    Guided your recruits through all Bootcamp Zeus training stages.

  • Ready for Duty

    Passed all Bootcamp Zeus training stages as a recruit.

  • Star Recruit

    Completed all Bootcamp Zeus training stages without hurting yourself or others.

  • Virtual Reality

    Booted up the VR simulation for the first time.

  • Virtual Command

    Completed all official VR commanding courses.

  • Real Virtuality

    Completed all official VR training courses.

  • Lock and Load

    Saved a custom load-out in VR Arsenal.

  • Contributor

    Published a scenario to Steam Workshop.

  • Subscriber

    Subscribed to a scenario on Steam Workshop.

  • Perfectionist

    Updated an existing Steam Workshop scenario to a newer version.

  • Relentless Creator

    Spent over 100 hours creating and testing in the scenario editor.

  • Showtime

    Tried any 5 official showcases.

  • Meet and Greet

    Visited all official Faction Showcases to check out their weapons and vehicles on display.

  • Showcasing

    Completed all official Showcases.

  • Hacker

    Downloaded Intel 5 times in official End Game multiplayer.

  • Virtual Vehicle Inspection

    Visited the Garage in VR Arsenal for the first time.

  • Mass Virtual Destruction

    Disabled all target vehicles in VR Arsenal at the same time.

  • Rock Stable

    Deployed any weapon for the first time.

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  • Model Student

    Completed all Eden Editor tutorials.

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  • Puppeteer

    Played a scenario as a non-player character in the Eden Editor.

  • Dressing Doll

    Configured a character loadout using the Arsenal in the Eden Editor.

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  • New Dimension

    Imported a 2D scenario into the Eden Editor.

  • Bomberman

    Destroyed a ground target with a bomb in Showcase Fighter Jets.

  • Deadstick Landing

    Landed your damaged aircraft for repairs in Showcase Fighter Jets.

  • Get Arrested

    Successfully completed your first carrier landing without using the autopilot.

  • Armed and Dangerous

    Customized any compatible vehicle's dynamic loadout in Eden Editor.

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  • Punch Out

    Safely ejected from any compatible jet using an ejection seat.

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Add-on: Karts


051457 (11%)
  • Start Your Engines

    Finished any official Time Trial.

  • Aspiring Kart Racer

    Earned the bronze medal in all official Karts Time Trials.

  • Formula Kart

    Earned the gold medal in all official Karts Time Trials.

  • Clean Race

    Finished any official Karts Time Trial without damage.

  • Speed Demon

    Finished any official Karts Time Trial with an average speed of 85 kmph or more.

Add-on: Helicopters


020122 (11%)
  • Virtual Pilot

    Completed all official VR helicopter courses.

  • Advanced Virtual Pilot

    Completed all official VR helicopter courses while using the Advanced Flight Model.

  • Virtual NOE Flight

    Completed the Low Flight stage in the advanced VR helicopter course under 40 seconds.

  • Aspiring Stunt Pilot

    Earned the bronze medal in all official Helicopter Time Trials.

  • Golden Rotorhead

    Earned the gold medal in all official Helicopter Time Trials.

  • Nap of the Earth

    Flew under an average of 22 meters AGL in any official Helicopters Time Trial.

  • Dust-Off

    Completed 10 medevac tasks in official Support multiplayer.

  • Airbridge

    Transported 10 groups of soldiers into battle without being killed in official Support multiplayer.

Add-on: Marksmen


556326 (5%)
  • Virtual Shooter

    Completed all official VR Weapon Handling courses.

  • Bad Omens

    Discovered the secret room in Showcase Firing From Vehicles.

  • Dodge This

    Completed Showcase Marksmen without injury.

  • Carrier

    Became the Carrier in official End Game multiplayer for the first time.

  • Hip Shooter

    Finished any official Marksmen Firing Drill without resting or deploying your weapon (competitive rules).

  • Conservative Sharpshooter

    Finished any official Firing Drill by hitting all targets and spending no more than a single round per target.

  • Marksmen Weapon Master

    Tried all 7 Marksmen DLC weapons.

Add-on: Apex


2.501,29322 (2%)
Add-on: Laws of War

Laws of War

08514 (16%)
Laws of War
  • Remnants of War

    Cleared all explosives from Oreokastro and completed the Remnants of War campaign.

  • Memories of Oreokastro

    Recalled all memories in Oreokastro during the Remnants of War campaign.

  • Humanitarian

    Faced with difficult decisions in the Remnants of War campaign, you went for the more humane options.

  • Explosive Treasure

    Found and triggered all hidden training mines in the IDAP faction Showcase.

  • Collateral Damage

    Completed the 3 VR simulations in Showcase Laws of War without any collateral damage.

  • Aspiring Aid Supplier

    Earned the bronze medal in all official IDAP Time Trials.

  • Fast Aid

    Earned the gold medal in all official IDAP Time Trials.

Add-on: Tac-Ops Mission Pack

Tac-Ops Mission Pack

06915 (22%)
Tac-Ops Mission Pack
  • Different Perspective

    Completed each role of the Beyond Hope campaign.

  • Forward Observer

    Destroyed all APC's defending Orino by artillery strike in the Beyond Hope campaign.

  • Beyond Hope

    Completed the Beyond Hope campaign

  • Changing Places

    Completed each role of the Stepping Stone campaign.

  • Stepping Stone

    Completed the Stepping Stone campaign.

  • Seasoned Warfighter

    Completed one mission of the Stepping Stone campaign without dying.

  • Steel Pegasus

    Completed the Steel Pegasus campaign.

  • Savior

    Rescued both pilot and medic in the LZ Nowhere mission of the Steel Pegasus campaign.

  • Lifeline

    Transported all injured soldiers to the ERV in the Final Strike mission of the Steel Pegasus campaign.

Add-on: Tanks


05811 (19%)
  • Tank Rally

    Earned the bronze medal in all official Tanks Time Trials.

  • Hammer Time

    Earned the gold medal in all official Tanks Time Trials.

  • No Requiem

  • From Within

    Spend 3 hours of playing in interior of an armored vehicle (interior, optic and turn out are allowed)

  • Easy Money

    Destroy more tanks than Zulu in Showcase Tank Destroyers (destroy or just disable four enemy tanks)

  • Steel Sniper

    Hit moving enemy MBT with an AFPSDS at a distance of at least 3500 meters.

  • Commander

    Spend 3 hours commanding your tank from the commander position

  • Size Doesn't matter

    Spend 3 hours in the Nyx vehicle family.

  • In It Together

    In multiplayer, spend 24 hours in any tank with a full human crew.