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Gain at least 12 positions in any Multiplayer race

Locked 19 Nov 2023
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So as the description says. You need to finish the race 12 positions higher than where you started. If you qualify in the top 12, this achievement is already impossible to obtain.

The easiest way to get the achievement is to simply spend your time practicing and skipping quali completely. This means that in a normal race you will start around p20. Then stay clear of the chaos and with a bit of luck and skill you should be able to finish p8 or better quite easily. Took me 3 races to get this achievement done this way.
Rocky7upTiny correction, you need to GAIN 13 spots, I twice finished 12 places better, didn't pop. Haven't managed to gain 13 spots yet, but everywhere on the TrueAchievements site people say you need to gain 13, not 12.
Posted by Rocky7up On 01 Dec at 13:14
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