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Round 5 Cleared

Clear round 5!

Round 5 Cleared-0.2
Luan the RapperLuan the Rapper6,993
Locked 19 Nov 2023
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As the name suggests, you need to clear the fifth maze of the game, can be a bit tricky depending on your skills on Pac-Man, just eat all the Pac-Dots while avoiding getting caught by the ghosts, once you eat all the Pac-Dots, a small intermission cutscene will play and you'll get the achievement.

Also, make sure to eat the Cherry, Strawberry, Orange and Apples after eating a few Pac-Dots in Round 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 respectively for a few achievements.

I also recommend avoiding eating ghosts so you can have some extra time to eat the Pac-Dots, 'cause if you eat them, they will regenerate and become dangerous again, only do it if they surround you.
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