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Snow Way

Try to cover up the DrillZero site

Snow Way-16.2
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23 Nov 2022 23 Nov 2022
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A slightly more detailed guide than the already posted one, as that one was not working for me (maybe due to some update)

- Start a Cure game, select Frozen Virus on Casual
- Pick Russia as starting country
- Buy Investigate Outbreaks and Deploy Field Operatives in Operations right at the start
- Now let the game run, keep an eye for a sequence of three events
"Experts warn permafrost mining in Russia may release pathogens"
"DrillZero announces expansion of permafrost mining in Russia"
"DrillZero begins permafrost mining in Russia"
(I have seen this last message may not be presented as a pop-up, expand the ticker and keep an eye to see if it comes up in the history. If it shows a country different than Russia, restart the game as the population in other countries may die before triggering the third event)
- At this point buy Vaccine research, Authority 1 and Censorship in Operations.
(it should not be needed, but in case the censorship runs out, you can buy "Fake News")
- Wait for some time, you'll have the DrillZero shut down event and after a bit the Military Takeover event will be shown together with the achievement unlock.