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Age of Empires IV Campaign

Complete the Age of Empires IV campaigns

Age of Empires IV Campaign-0.7
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22 Jun 2022 22 Jun 2022
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In order to unlock the achievement, you need to complete the 4 campaigns of the game which are The Normans, The Rise Of Moscow, The Hundred Years War and The Mongol Empire. I included videos for every mission of every campaign on hard difficulty to give you an idea how to beat them quickly and effectively.

Campaigns (Longplay):

The Normans:

The Rise Of Moscow:

The Hundred Years War:

The Mongol Empire:

The Normans Campaign:

1066: The Battle Of Hastings:

1069: North To York:

1105: The Fall Of Bayeux:

1106: The Battle Of Tinchebray:

1119: The Battle Of Brémule:

1141: First Battle Of Lincoln:

1153: The Siege Of Wallingford:

1216: The Siege Of Dover:

1215: The Siege Of Rochester:

1217: Second Battle Of Lincoln:

The Rise Of Moscow Campaign:

1238: Rebuilding Moscow:

1375: Tribute:

1380: The Battle Of Kulikovo:

1382: Hold Against The Horde:

1478: Fall Of The Novgorod Republic:

1480: Great Stand On The Ugra River:

1514: Moscow Versus Lithuania:

1552: The Siege Of Kazan:

The Hundred Years War Campaign:

1351: The Combat Of The Thirty:

1360: The Siege Of Paris:

1364: France In Chaos:

1370: The Battle Of Pontvallain:

1429: The Siege Of Orléans:

1429: The Battle Of Patay:

1448: Retake Normandy:

1450: The Battle Of Formigny:

The Mongol Empire Campaign:

1223: The Battle Of The Kalka River:

1213: The Great Wall:

1215: The Battle Of Zhongdu:

1240: The Siege Of Kiev:

1241: The Battle Of Liegnitz:

1241: The Battle Of Mohi:

1267: The Song Fortress:

1268: Blockade At Lumen Shan:

1273: The Fall Of Xiangyang: