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Enough Coin to Disappear

Survive The Brigmore Witches in low chaos with 10,000 coins

Enough Coin to Disappear0
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21 Jul 2021 21 Jul 2021
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You can earn the achievement by loading a high chaos save from KoD and finishing in high chaos.

The easiest way to do this without having to thoroughly search every area is to first do a Knife of Dunwall run on any chaos level while saving all of the coins and importing that save in the Brigmore Witches. If done correctly, you can finish The Knife of Dunwall with just shy of 7,500 coins with the remaining amount easy to acquire if you want to do this on a no kill/no alert playthrough. A breakdown of the total coins you can get is as follows:

The Knife of Dunwall
Starting Money: 2,000
A Captain of Industry: 1,553 (2,053 If you help Abigail Ames; If you hide bodies correctly can still be accomplished on a no kill play through)
Additionally, salvaging butcher equipment can net you between 200-260 coins
Eminent Domain: 3,169
The Surge: 0
Total: ~7,400

The Brigmore Witches
Choosing Your Mark: 500
A Stay of Execution for Lizzy: 1,655
The Dead Eels: 3,520
Delilah's Masterwork: 2,030
Total: ~7,700

Total: ~15,100

With this, you can buy a few favors or upgrades to help out your play style. This breakdown can give you an idea of if you need to search a level a little bit more or move on to the next.

For my play through, I did a high chaos run through the Knife of Dunwall killing anyone and anything. I then ran through the Brigmore Witches dlc without killing anyone while still buying the boot upgrades to help with stealth to give me a low chaos ending. On the way I only grabbed money I ran into finishing with just shy of 11,000 coins.