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Christmas Crisis Corrected

Completely clean Santa's Workshop without breaking any Christmas items and clock off

Christmas Crisis Corrected0
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08 Jun 2021 08 Jun 2021
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Items to Keep
- Stools and Chairs
- Presents
- Ballistic Weapon Toys
- Rooks Keep Figurines
- Candy Canes
- Santa Hats
- Sack Dolls
- Baubles
- Machetes
- Santas Shotgun
- Candles
- 'Funk Ninja' Radio
- Toy Darts
- Wooden Barrels
- Rudolf Nose
- USBs
- Lanterns
- Your Blue Chest
- Floor Borders

Items to Burn
- Bottles of Eggnog
- Broken bottles
- Body parts (Including Antlers)
- Slush-O-Matic Buckets
- What A Load Bins
- Shotgun shells
- TNT/Dynamite
- Stone from the broken wall
- Wooden from the broken wall
- Molotovs
- Letters

The TNT Problem
The real task of this achievement isn't burning the right or wrong items. The real challenge is not accidently blowing them up with TNT. We need to dispose of the TNT from the office without causing any damage to items. To do this we simply empty everything from the office except for the TNT. We can then use this room for controlled explosions that will not damage the items we must keep.
Take one stick of TNT and light it in the fire, immediately throw it into the office.
The Slush-O-Matic also has a chance of spawning active/ lit TNT, be ready to quickly grab and throw it in to the room.

I also recommend saving a lot, just incase something goes wrong.