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20 Nov 2020 20 Nov 2020
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NOTE: I have not played the Steam version of this game, but I'll go ahead and post the solution I put on TrueAchievements for your convenience. For clarification, I played the Windows 10 version of this game on Xbox and I'm sure it isn't too different from the steam version.

In order to unlock this achievement, you need to download a program called Professor Helper. I recommend going for this achievement after completing first two cases of the game.

If you search for "software" in Hypnospace Explorer you should find a webpage called "Professor Helper for HypnOS". Simply click on the link and then click "Click here to download and install Professor Helper for HypnOS". it will download a file called professorhelper. Double click on the file in your download manger and the program will install. After it installs the achievement should unlock.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

As time goes on, I found Professor Helper to be more and more annoying than helpful. Unfortunately, it's not easy to uninstall. if you try to drag the professor icon to the recycle bin it will tell you that it needs an uninstall program in order to remove a program from your desktop. At this point, launch Hypnospace Explorer, and search for "uninstall". You should see one link pop up called "Professor Helper Uninstall". Click on it, and you will need to pay 33 hypnocoins in order to remove him. Once the fee has been paid, the professor is gone, until you choose to install him again.