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I'm Invincible!

Resurect yourself 10 times in Rogulike mode playing one character

I'm Invincible!-3.8
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29 Jun 2020 29 Jun 2020
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I recommend doing this achievement as one of the last, and dedicating whole new character to it (rogue seems to be the best for her range).
Every time you die in roguelike mode, you will be charged a resurrect fee. The first death will cots you 1 000 gold and every further death doubles the fee. That means you are going to pay 255 000 gold in total.
BEWARE: you lose ALL your gold on death even if you retrieve your cards from tombstone.

As soon as you save up enough gold to resurrect, just find a place with few enemies and let them kill you. After you resurrect and heal at healer's, retrieve your cards in the dungeon and continue to conserve your money. Then repeat.
Since resurrecting is money-hungry, you should spend your gold only if needed, for example don't unlock all card slots (five to eight slots should be enough to survive), upgrade only essential cards and common rarity only (upgrade cost for magic or legendary cards is way higher). You will want every single coin, so clear all levels and don't rush anything. You should be able to get this achievement slightly before facing the final boss in hell.