Cards And Castles Expansion Announcement: Monster Island!

By Austin Phoenix, 7 months ago
Hey everyone! We are excited to announce the next expansion for Cards and Castles: "Return to Monster Island"! Here are the details:

-"Monster Island" is due to release mid-July.

-The expansion will introduce many new mechanics such as Rally, Flying, and True Stealth, featuring at least 100 new cards!

-With the release of "Monster Island", many cards from sets before "Age of Dragons" will be rotated out of Ranked play. This will allow us to balance new cards correctly and design a compelling meta-game without being hamstrung by interactions from legacy cards, and this way we will not have to constantly nerf or change older cards to fit with new designs.

-Replays are being added for high ranked matches! There will be a place to go in-game for everybody to watch battles between the top players in the game. Watch and learn top strategies from the best, OR work your way to the top and show off in front of the entire C&C community!

There will be an ongoing discussion on the C&C News Forums for anyone looking for more details.

See you on the battlefield!
Austin Phoenix
Written by Austin Phoenix
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