Warframe Double Affinity Weekend Begins Today

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
Warframe players who still need to rank up their Warframes and weapons will be interested in the event running this weekend. Once the development stream has finished today, January 26th, a Double Affinity weekend will begin. All you need to do is to complete missions. The event will run until 9 PM ET on January 28th.

Today also sees the release of the Mesa Presidio Skin Collection. The collection includes the Mesa Presidio Skin, Perla Pistol Skin, and the Constella Syandana. Her conquests also carry bounties, one of which is a variety of new Warframe Augments:

Titania - Razorwing Augment
Casting Abilities while in Razorwing increases flight speed by 25% and fire rate by 25% for 8 seconds, stacks up to four times.

Harrow - Covenant Augment
Headshot kills increase Duration of Critical Chance Buff by 3 seconds.

Nidus - Ravenous Augment
By re-casting Ravenous, the Maggots burst, dealing 500 Viral AOE damage around it. Enemies trapped within the blast are knocked down and suffer a guaranteed Viral proc.
Mesa Presidio

Mesa Presidio

Finally, those devoted players who have been playing the game since the very beginning will soon be reaching an 800 day login bonus. The Day 800 Login Reward is the Lodestar Syandana, inspired by a compass.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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