Hydroid Revisited is Available in Warframe

By Austin Phoenix, 11 months ago
The sea has long been a bastion of life but she also gives rise to death. Channel the powers of the deep — Hydroid Revisited is available now!

Hydroid's complete Ability overhaul includes:

Tempest Barrage – Calls down a barrage of liquid fury

This power can now be cast while in Undertow and can be charged for longer duration, sacrificing more energy for greater damage and explosions. The explosions will also hit enemies in Undertow.

Tidal Surge - Crash through enemies in a ferocious wall of water

Undertow can now be cast while surging to cancel out and enter the puddle or you can cast this power while in Undertow. When used in the latter way, enemies will be dragged along for the ride and sucked into Undertow.

Undertow - Become a water trap and drown unsuspecting enemies

At the cost of energy you can now move while using Undertow. By clicking on enemies you can pull them in with tentacles and damage over time will increase every second that an enemy is inside. Using dodge or jump will allow you to leave Undertow quickly and get back into the action.

Tentacle Swarm - Summon a creature from the deep to wreak havoc

Can now be charged to create more tentacles over a larger area at the cost of more energy. While in Undertow you can use it to have tentacles emerge from the puddle and all tentacles are more intelligent and seek out their nearest victims.

These changes are available now for all players who own Hydroid. Check out his reworked Abilities today, Tenno!

- Wintermaker
Austin Phoenix
Written by Austin Phoenix
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