Warframe - New Syndicate Weapons are available now

By Michelle-Louise Janion, 1 year ago
These weapons have stat changes and a unique passive, but there is no Syndicate burst associated with them. You must be in melee mode to benefit from the bonus.


Telos Boltace - Push the limits of Tenno lethality with violent spinning attacks that damage all enemies in range.


Synoid Heliocor - This intelligent hammer takes an enemy killed by a channelled attack and recomposes them as an ally. Any fatal strike with this weapon also performs a codex scan.


Sancti Magistar - Each charged attack turns the enemy’s pain into a healing pulse that washes over allies. Also, creates resistance to status effects when held.


Secura Lecta - Whip the enemy out of their ill-gotten gains; double credit drops on kills.


Rakta Dark Dagger - Infiltrate undetected; reduced visibility when held. Then strike with confidence; hits to irradiated targets restores shields and creates overshields.


Vaykor Sydon - Justice blinds. Each blocked hit charges a Radial Blind that is unleashed when the block is dropped.


Obtain these Weapons through Syndicate Offerings. You must reach the top Syndicate Standing to purchase the pertaining Weapon.
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