Enter the Gungeon Patch 1.0.10 BETA

By Michelle-Louise Janion, 10 months ago
EDIT (11:02 AM EST): False Start! We need to do one more round of builds, should be up in an hour... sorry for the mixup!
EDIT 2 (11:32 AM EST): It's live!

We are pushing a new version of Enter the Gungeon 1.0.10b to the public beta branch!

If you would like to test the new version of Gungeon, you can access the beta branch by right clicking Enter the Gungeon in Steam, selecting Properties, going to the Betas tab, and finally selecting the public beta branch from the dropdown.

Please report any problems to [email protected], especially if:
(1) You can run the normal branch fine, but the beta version does not work, or
(2) You experience compatibility problems with the normal branch, but the beta version works.
(2a) Especially Linux users with audio problems!

Depending on how things go, this beta will be up (and perhaps updated) over the next few days. When everything looks stable, we'll push it live to everyone.

A note: we have been a little quiet of late because we are hard at work on a content update! The save-and-continue-later feature is very close to completion and should be pushed to the beta branch soon, assuming no critical bugs pop up. This update was also a little long in the making because of some core systems we've been updating behind the scenes to improve compatibility across the board.

Now, patch notes:


  • Upgraded Unity (game engine) and Wwise (sound engine) in an effort to increase compatibility
  • Improved VRAM usage (should prevent some crash bugs)


  • Added a more reliable way to encounter Brother Albern and his Lies
  • Brother Albern's chest can no longer spawn as a Mimic or have a fuse
  • Flying players can now access the maintenance room (for unlocking shortcuts)
  • Revamped the Duct Tape item; the item now must be activated twice to be used (once on each gun to combine), and the UI properly reflects taped guns' status
  • Improved the Yari's damage output to bosses
  • You can now quick reload with the Cog of Battle by simply clicking the "Fire" button
  • Corpses will no longer vanish on low quality settings if the player has the Melted Rock
  • Players can no longer take fire damage while in a conversation
  • Improved the Big Boy item
  • Greatly improved the Flame Hand
  • The Gunboots' shots will no longer be blocked by orbitals
  • Added a failsafe to the Gun That Can Kill The Past--if mouse clicks are not registering, it can now be fired by holding the interact key.
  • Forge Hammers and the Ammoconda's turrets are now affected by the Aged Bell
  • The iBomb Companion App should now destroy all enemy exploding projectiles when activated
  • Flipping tables near barrels will no longer destroy the barrel (this was especially annoying for the water barrel on the first floor)
  • Made bouncing bullets more consistent; all bullets that reflect off walls should have a consistent visual trail, which disappears when no bounces remain
  • Pressing Left Alt no longer makes the game blurry (... lol)
  • Bouncing/spawning projectiles that hit player orbitals will no longer bounce/explode (this was causing some unfair damage)
  • The Bullet Bore can now kill Lead Maidens
  • Gave the RC rockets a very small delay before tracking to reduce rocket overlap
  • Button presses that close the pause menu are no longer registered in game as well (which could cause players to accidentally purchase shop items, etc.)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed multiple situations where chests could drop items into pits
  • Fixed a bug where killing Mimics in hallways could cause all kinds of strange behavior
  • Fixed a bug which was preventing the Enraging Photo and Battery Bullets from dropping once unlocked
  • Fixed the Zilla Shotgun's ammo usage
  • Fixed a crash during dungeon generation caused by the Sense of Direction
  • Fixed a bug which could cause secondary merchants to have fewer (or no) items for sale
  • Fixed an issue where the secret characters had 1 less i-frame during their dodge roll
  • Fixed a bug where falling into a pit with the Super Hot Watch resulted in a very long delay
  • Fixed an issue where followers wouldn't shoot mimics if they left their initial room
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent players from saving
  • Fixed several issues caused by certain items combined with the Polaris
  • The Metronome is no longer broken by gun swaps in Blessed Gun runs
  • Fixed an issue where the Gun Cultists had several unintended i-frames
  • Fixed a bug where picking up the Bloodied Scarf while dodgerolling would break the game
  • Fixed several issues with the [REDACTED] fight (final final final boss)
- Phase 1/2: Fixed a freeze caused by having a dead player in co-op
- Phase 2: Fixed a freeze caused by falling into the pit during the transition
- Phase 3: Fixed a bug where the boss could hit players with a seemingly invisible bullet
- Phase 3: Fixed a bug where the circular attack could be entirely removed with a few small explosions
  • Fixed a bug where dying in the mine cart with a gun soul caused control issues
  • Fixed (another) issue where players could become stuck while talking to the dying cop
  • Fixed a visual issue with jammed bullets while using Fast Scaling mode
  • Fixed a bug caused by blowing up the mirror chest
  • Fixed an audio bug caused by chests with fuses
  • Fixed several bugs involving the transition to the second secret level
  • Fixed a UI bug where picking and dropping guns with infinite ammo would cause the ammo count to drift to the left
  • Fixed an issue where the Lost Adventurer dialogue could be interrupted in co-op
  • Fixed a bug caused by spamming the Use key with the Air Strike item
  • Fixed an issue where the Revolvenant's arm bullets could be stuck in an attack
  • Fixed a bug where the Kill Pillars could be killed from outside the boss room with certain weapons
  • Fixed a bug where minecarts would move forever if the enemy in them was killed by being frozen
  • Fixed misleading UI when resetting the save progress for Slot D
  • Fixed a bug where Mimics would drop double loot when pushed into a pit
  • Fixed a strange issue where using an ice weapon with Exploding Bullets would cause all future explosions to freeze
  • Fixed a UI bug caused by items that increase the player's ammo capacity
  • Fixed a bug where teleporters could spawn outside of room bounds
  • Fixed an issue where the Frifle hunt achievement would unlock one step early
  • Fixed a bug where getting the Mimic Tooth Necklace could cause visual glitches on chests that have already been destroyed
  • Fixed an issue where RPG missiles would travel directly through a certain secret wall on the first floor
  • Fixed a minor visual bug in the Sorceress's room
  • Fixed a bug which could prevent Mimic's from animating (while still hidden)
Quite possibly a few more that we've missed... we've tried to include everything in these notes though.
Michelle-Louise Janion
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