Black Mesa Surface Tension Update - Patch 1

By Austin Phoenix, 1 year ago
Note: This update does not contain Xen. We are working on Xen! This is a small hotfix patch to resolve some of the issues with the Surface Tension Update.


- CSM should now be functional and working correctly on AMD cards.
- French translation/captions are added and fixed in the main menu.
- Fixed a bug where disabling CSM would cause it to set to “very low” when you next start the game.
- Potentially fixed the “CSM ghosting” bug where a weird overlay would appear on the screen if you enabled CSM.
- Fixed a bug where the godrays option would reset when the game is restarted.
- cl_autoweaponswitch cvar added to disable automatic weapon switching, if needed.

Level Design

C2A5G (Surface Tension Uncut)

- Fixed a bug where if you backpedal through the door that leads to the car park at the beginning of the map, it would close and could not be reopened again.
- Fixed invulnerable AGrunt at the helipad if the player tries to save the Osprey.
- Fixed alternate vent route Headcrabs from clipping with the player and being invisible if they the player jumps over the vent gap.
- Fixed various conditions that allowed the player to exit via the bomb trap room and get into the TOW courtyard that way.
- Add player clips to prevent exploitation of the map.

C2A5H (Surface Tension Uncut)

- Fixed a bug where the hangar Guard choreography would get broken if you went to the hangar door exit before reaching the part of the level where you actually meet the Guard.
- Corrected hanger security door to use the correct sounds like the rest of the doors in the map.
- Player clipped the dumpster by the jump pad to prevent the player from getting stuck.
- Removed the fence behind the guard shack to prevent the player getting stuck.
- Ladders on the fire escape now work in case the player decides to use the jump pad to get on them.
- Fixed 50Cal getting tank projectiles stuck in it.
- Add player clips to prevent exploitation of the map.


- Fixed a bug where sv_ranked would crash servers on startup.
- Generated loading screens for dm_crossfire, dm_rail, dm_power and dm_chopper. All official maps should now have proper loading screens at all resolutions.
- Added some graphical detail to a few areas in dm_rail as well as a playerclipping pass to make projectiles get caught less on silly obstacles.
- Fixed c2a5h and c2a5i showing up on the multiplayer map list.


- Several big community mods have been broken with the last update. If you see missing textures or any strange behaviour, those are likely the cause. On a Rail Uncut is also broken and will cause texture errors in a few places in the game, particularly On a Rail. The author is working on fixing these issues.
Austin Phoenix
Written by Austin Phoenix
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