Warframe Update 18.11.0 is here!

By Michelle-Louise Janion, 1 year ago
The Stradavar is here!

Tear through your enemies with the heavy-hitting Stradavar machine gun; a high-capacity, high-damage enforcer.

Get this new in-game addition by visiting the Market today!


The following Augments are available as Syndicate Offerings:

> Ash : Fatal Teleport: Teleport Augment - Teleport will perform a finisher on the target, dealing 200% extra damage. 50% of energy cost is refunded on a kill.

> Banshee : Resonating Quake: Sound Quake Augment - Increase damage by 100, range by 1m and energy cost by 1, for every second this ability is active.

> Oberon : Phoenix Renewal: Renewal Augment - Taking fatal damage while under the effects of Renewal will instead heal you or allies to 50% health. This effect triggers only once for each ally every 90s.

> Chroma : Everlasting Ward: Elemental Ward Augment - Allies that leave the radius will retain the effect for 100% of the remaining duration.

For the complete update notes, see our forums.
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