Brazilian Leaderboard

For brazilian players.
This leaderboard is based on gamers' TrueSteamAchievement
Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 Maluno Maluno 570,271 CH: Upgrade the industry in Le Landeron to level 3 in LOGistICAL: Switzerland
2 Pri Pri 524,919 Struck A Pose in It Takes Two
3 RodLima RodLima 308,242 First time? in Loop Hero
4 TheHunter1942 TheHunter1942Just your average gamer. 284,516 Rick Grimes 4 Life in POSTAL 2
5 StrikerAH StrikerAH 234,087 Master Commander in Nuclear Dawn
6 RPS RPSPlaying playing playing 198,571 Good Thoughts in Blake: The Visual Novel
7 patetico pateticoCan we please get a better point system now? 197,438 Spells and Swords in Rogue Legacy 2
8 Kacyqui Kacyqui 182,813 Don't mess with the gravity too much. in ShipLord
9 Roni Godoy Roni Godoy 173,745 All Grown Up in Faerie Solitaire
10 Lewa Lewa~ 170,070 Sow the Seed in Killing Floor 2
11 _Gustavo _Gustavo 157,567 Mysterious Spirit Gems in Neptunia x SENRAN KAGURA: Ninja Wars
12 Arandis25 Arandis25 154,228 Watch for Cars in Yakuza 5 Remastered
13 Esparza EsparzaRecon Company Commander who can't get enough of the Army and fiddles with ARMA while off duty. 148,429 Happy Feet in Deep Rock Galactic
14 TheFreenzer TheFreenzer 133,338 VI - Sarabande of Healing in Vampire Survivors
15 Dass Dass 122,214 Labyrinthine Mind in Dishonored 2
16 Loeher Loeher 121,766 ''A little short for a Stormtrooper...'' in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga
17 Janeleiro Janeleiro=P 107,766 No Brainer in Mad Max
18 Schiavini SchiaviniLet's get that backlog up to the top! I said TO THE TOP! 103,269 Poise and Poisons in Rogue Legacy 2
19 RCCruz RCCruz 87,407 Zen Archer in Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Enhanced Edition
20 DJJohnDouglas DJJohnDouglasGRIND 81,581 Dexterous Dastard in Mount & Blade: Warband
21 DarkFenixRS DarkFenixRS 68,856 Coffin: Dairy Plant in Vampire Survivors
22 creepflyer creepflyerTanto faz 66,207 Leaf Portals in Leaf Blower Revolution - Idle Game
23 Lordminato LordminatoLet's do this Texas style 63,576 Naval Constructor in World of Warships
24 Pedroso Pedroso 58,627 It's a Healthy Baby Boy! in NieR:Automata
25 Superfuso10 Superfuso10 55,852 Endangered Species in Grand Theft Auto IV
26 leomoty leomoty 49,154 Spells and Swords in Rogue Legacy 2
27 bostengaable bostengaable 41,631 Bird Brain in Dino Run DX
28 kamiizumii kamiizumiiThere are a lot of Floweys out there. 41,041 Traces of Tragedy in Resident Evil Revelations
29 natsukı natsukı 40,627 On the Seventh Day in Kingdom Two Crowns
30 akirarobert akirarobertSearching for a definition of TIME... 39,387 Psych Sampler in MONARK
31 diegoarent diegoarent 36,928 K in Zup! XS
32 IntensoFOX IntensoFOXComplementando os jogos de PC da Microsoft. Obrigado Steam! 36,917 The Rest of Our Lives in The Rest of Our Lives
33 emcanedo emcanedo 35,526 Bully Bully in Academia : School Simulator
34 Cerjo Cerjodaew 34,103 The Gazala Gallop in Sniper Elite 3
35 MrLightSite MrLightSite 30,805 Spinning tree in Tree Simulator 2023
36 Dantefold Dantefold 30,234 In Storybook Endings in Batman: Arkham Knight
37 jediknightbr jediknightbrI am a game collector... 28,737 80s Adult in Retrowave
38 ASAnaparada ASAnaparada 28,491 From Beyond the Stars in Grand Theft Auto V
39 xIgorCRJx xIgorCRJx 27,527 Questor in Torchlight
40 Fedora Fedora 27,376 Need more Buffs! in CrossCode
41 DOGUINHO_90 DOGUINHO_90 25,619 Olympian in Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe
42 metalder metalderStep into the capsule, X. 23,022 Not All Who Wander Are Lost in Lost Ark
43 hellhoundsin hellhoundsin 22,209 Começando com o pé direito in Zueirama
44 OvelhaOP OvelhaOP 22,173 Refrain of Resistance in We Were Here Forever
45 Revanche Revanche 21,829 4998 Clicks! in Achievement Clicker
46 Suneko Suneko 21,714 Driver Exceptionnel in Euro Truck Simulator 2
47 Guthor Guthor 20,798 Perfect in Slay the Spire
48 liriuscat liriuscatRequest update doesn't work anymore? cry 19,495 Wish Granted in Finding Paradise
49 djzero669 djzero669 18,658 Butterfly and Squall in GUILTY GEAR XX ACCENT CORE PLUS R
50 LeoAldrighi LeoAldrighi 17,380 Ultimate Fighter in Sleeping Dogs
51 clorophilla clorophilla 16,899 Together Again in Mighty No. 9
52 Thirock Thirock 15,797 Sleeping with the Fishes in Turbo Pug DX
53 oshiouy oshiouy 15,509 Welcome to Elver in Unturned
54 irreal1979 irreal1979 15,385 Assignment 1 in Atelier Rorona ~The Alchemist of Arland~ DX
55 Mysteron Mysteron 14,554 Good Job in SEGA Mega Drive and Genesis Classics
56 Anonymo25 Anonymo25 14,448 Do You Even Gift? in Halo Infinite
57 Kaster Lingorn Kaster Lingorn 13,926 Level 30 in QuestRun
58 Exatos Lee Exatos LeeGamer Ultra Mega Newbee ! 13,313 Maximum Dinosaur in ARK: Survival Evolved
59 fredericoa7x fredericoa7xXbox M1T0 !!! (Brothers to the end) 13,111 Welcome to the Masquerade in Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt
60 h1d4n h1d4n 12,375 Running On Empty (Normal) in DEVOUR
61 diegomamelli7 diegomamelli7 12,100 My own rules in Progressbar95
62 ThiagoBFiorenza ThiagoBFiorenza 11,154 Club Icon in FIFA 22
63 neyjohn neyjohn 10,660 MAC-10 Expert in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
64 LeoCosAffo LeoCosAffoReady for action! 10,305 Insanity in Cyrano Story
65 Werebox Werebox 8,960 Re-Entering in Motorsport Manager
66 fernandogaebler fernandogaeblerObrigado Steam!!! 8,611 kiko in 18+
67 Edson Mota Edson Mota 6,893 Perfect Penmanship in Eternal Card Game
68 SrTonn SrTonn 6,515 Benched in Terraria
69 Randoman Randoman 6,378 Bottomless Pit in Battle for Enlor
70 HimikoMasa HimikoMasa 5,694 The REAL Letter in The Letter - Horror Visual Novel
71 rsyn rsynNew here 4,694 The Immovable Object in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
72 Kiragamer Kiragamer 3,531 Welcome to MASTER DUEL in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel
73 DarkVitor DarkVitorXbox is Life 2,843 I did not want to resort to violence, but I did not have a choice in Broforce
74 sznmedina sznmedinaClick Click Click! XD 2,320 Talent Show in Portal 2
75 DunkelGotik DunkelGotik 1,894 Risky's Revenge in Shantae: Half-Genie Hero
76 WilliamRSPOA WilliamRSPOA 1,583 First Win in Bloons TD 6
77 adrianomm17 adrianomm17 1,452 A RIDE DENIED in Left 4 Dead 2
78 cooorpse cooorpse 20 Hey, Listen! in The Plan