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Posted on 16 March 17 at 00:22, Edited on 16 March 17 at 00:25
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What if I told you that you can win 695 achievement in 695 seconds? Would you believe me?
Because that's it, one achievement per second, less than 15 minutes.
The game reward you for idling it. Isn't it awesome?! Yes, it is!

-It's just a cheap game made with RPG Maker.
-No map.
-Lots of bugs.
-It doesn't worth the money if you aren’t an achievement hunter.

-Perfect for the achievement hunter.
-The achievements are nice.
-It is a low requirement game.
-You only need 15 minutes or less.
-It has trading cards.

Psst, just an advice. If the game stops unlocking achievements just close it and open it again.
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